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Sunak Humiliated by Everyone for National Service Scheme


Criticizing the Corruption

Rishi Sunak tried his best with the national service scheme, but hellfire critique came raining down all around and from every corner.

In the latest body blow, former Royal Navy chief Admiral Lord West delivered a devastating broadside, eviscerating the “hare-brained” proposal as one that would recklessly endanger Britain’s security.

He is joined by other military experts and Tory ministers in completely dressing down and lambasting Sunak’s insane ideas and policies.

If the Tories cannot even convince their own ministers about slapdash policies like this, they have no hope of convincing an unforgiving electorate desperate for credible leadership.

For all Sunak’s talk about national service creating opportunities, the only opportunity being created is for the British people to see through his shallow leadership.

Sunak is Lambasted By the Military

And as if things couldn’t possibly get any worse that it already has been for Sunak on the road to U.K’s general election day, the policies he came up with in an instant and without a single second thought, just to catch some quick and cheap Tory support and votes, are now being lambasted and criticised by former and current Toy MPs and ministers, alongside ex-military chiefs and generals who see the plan as simply “bonkers”.

But keep in mind that this all started because Sunak couldn’t even bother to double check and test the waters before springing his silly and obnoxious schemes onto the British people, who will have to bear the burden of an incompetent leader. So, no wonder a former head of the Royal Navy, Admiral Lord West thought he had to get out there and call out the corruption and lies as he sees it.

Lord West completely destroyed Sunak’s line of argumentation regarding the safety and stability of the procedure and how it will greatly benefit the armed forces and young people’s experiences equally. Lord West stated that this sham of a program will not only be a complete failure in terms of structure and process, but it may end up severely hurting and damaging the already depleted U.K armed forces.

At the height of massive global threats from all around us, Sunak truly believed the ideas he came up with in the shower would keep the British people safe and secure.

Sunak Believes His Own Lies

It is pretty evident how delusional Sunak might actually be, if you take the time to watch his boring and formulaic PR video announcing the national service policy. You can see and hear how he talks a big game about security and prosperity, while citing the happiness of young people in other European countries when they partake in the national service program their country provides.

Notice how he gives no sources and is basically oblivious to the idea that one culture can and will be different from another. What dictates happiness in Sweden is not what the British people deserve, because they absolutely deserve better.

They deserve better than a prime minister failing to comprehend the “utter nonsense” of expecting thousands upon thousands of untrained conscripts per year, just to plug gaps created by years of military cuts overseen by Sunak himself.

Lord West goes on to state that this illegitimate use of taxpayers money is akin to wasting it all away or burning it like a heap pile in the trash. I mean, we are talking about 2.5 billion pounds in spending, just to get the program started and cover the absolute basics for the untrained civilians.

That is 2.5 billion pounds just to do nothing but add pressure and shake the already destroyed stability of the U.K armed military forces. Instead of investing in the infrastructure, the equipment, the personnel, the training, Sunak chooses the stupidest and least convenient way for him to support the military in a flashy PR style.

In Lord West’s damning but true words, “this ill-thought out conscription scheme will increase pressure on defence and waste money. Rather than enhancing our defence capability, it would further reduce it.”
But what is really damning is how Sunak is still speechless when asked about the way he would implement this program and how he will utilise the gargantuan amount of taxpayer money that he is vowing to use.

Sunak is either keeping silent so as to not shock us about his plans further than we ever had been before with his premiership, or the most convenient answer is that he is simply an ignorant buffoon that doesn’t even have the full plan laid out yet. I personally don’t know which is worse but with Sunak, anything will reach its full corrupt potential.

There is quite a bit of evidence with the plan slowly unfolding in the empty mind of Sunak, as with each day he gives a little more detail and incentive, desperate for any attention and support.

However, if his plan is just slowly unfolding to him as it is to us, then it certainly tracks with the way Sunak usually governs, and even the way he called for this general election. Everything is a rush and dash to a finish line that he may never reach by the end.

Ministers Take the Stand

However, Sunak’s incompetent approach to most things in life and in governing is not slept on by most Tories in power. Because if you thought an ex-military chief was enough of an expert opinion, then prepare for the Northern Ireland minister Steve Baker grilling Sunak for promising the insane and the impossible with the national service program.

In a thinly-veiled critique, senior Tory Steve Baker made clear he and other ministers were kept totally in the dark before the plan was announced.

The chaotic approach has stunned even loyalists like Baker, who said “relevant secretaries of state are taken by surprise” when policies are revealed.

Steve Baker stated how impossible it is for such a policy to be enacted when it is exuding an authoritarian air around it. And given that Sunak is barely going into detail about the level of implementation, it is safe to say that young people are completely dismissive.

However, Baker is not alone in his dismay among the Tories, with defence minister Andrew Murrison having explicitly ruled out national service just one day before Sunak’s shock election pledge.

In a parliamentary answer, Murrison warned conscripts could “damage morale” among professional troops and would be difficult to assign meaningful roles. Kinda funny how it is the exact same thing Lord West has stated.

Sunak has proven time and time again that he incapable of leading a country – let alone leading his own life – but as we have come to unfortunately expect, he is also not capable of understanding the military forces and how they operate, leaving him scrambling for innovative ideas to add to the mix but dropping the ball anyway.

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