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Sunak Government Blew £130 Billion on Scandalous Waste


Report Exposes Tory Waste Spree

Brace yourselves, taxpayers – we’ve got a crisis on our hands. New figures have just exposed Rishi “Delinquent” Sunak ‘s government blew over £130 billion on scandalous waste and crony deals since 2019. 

That’s right – one hundred and thirty billion of your hard-earned cash, frittered away by Sunak and his band of fiscal hypocrites. An absolutely staggering amount that could have fixed the NHS, funded schools, or helped hard-hit families.

But instead, Sunak chose to rob taxpayers blind and funnel billions into his cronies’ pockets. His legacy will go down in infamy as one of the worst abusers of the public purse in political history.

On Sunak’s watch, taxpayer funds were treated like a bottomless piggy bank for ego-boosting vanity projects. Painting private jets, champagne-fueled globetrotting, billion dollar crony contracts…the gravy train ran wild while citizens tightened their belts.

Now the evidence is in – Sunak’s government set new records for wasteful extravagance and self-dealing. Their culture of elite entitlement saw taxes diverted to pamper Conservative insiders. 

Under “Delinquent” Sunak, fiscal responsibility went out the window. He stands exposed as a two-faced hypocrite preaching austerity while enabling eye-watering waste.

Sunak’s £130bn Waste Shame

A jaw-dropping new report shows that Rishi Sunak’s government has wasted over £130 billion on scandalous and unnecessary spending since 2019. That’s a mind-blowing average of £26 billion a year, basically robbing taxpayers to fill the pockets of their cronies instead of doing anything useful for the British people.

With Sunak as Chancellor and now Prime Minister, he’s the one to blame. He’s been a terrible steward of public money, overseeing a ridiculous spree of waste, mismanagement, and pointless vanity projects. His legacy? Blowing through taxpayers’ hard-earned cash.

The campaign group Best for Britain found that in the last two months alone, £6 billion was wasted. This includes a ridiculous £32,000 legal bill after Science Minister Michelle Donelan falsely accused academics of having “extremist views.”

Then there’s the £33 million Sunak wasted by delaying the election for his own benefit. But the biggest joke? £4.7 billion thrown away on useless Brexit checks, which are just red tape and economic self-sabotage.

Since 2019, Sunak’s Government has frittered away enough cash to fund Labour’s six election pledges five times over. Their annual average waste equates to 30 times the cost of Liberal Democrat plans to increase GP appointments. 

This money could have helped struggling British families and fixed collapsing public services like the NHS. Instead, it lined the pockets of Sunak’s cronies and donors.

The Best for Britain report exposes the sheer scale of taxpayer money treated as a personal piggy bank by Sunak’s Conservatives. Their culture of entitlement saw eye-watering sums blown on painting private planes for government VIPs, hiring overpaid consultants to replace civil servants, and commissioning helicopter trips to ferry ministers to lunch appointments. 

One shocking example of such excess is former Prime Minister Liz Truss spending over £15,000 on a single in-flight catering bill for one trip to Australia. British taxpayers were forced to pay more than £1,400 per head to cover luxury dining for Truss and 11 other officials.

The £15,639 catering tab accounted for a lavish 3.4% of the total £454,626 flight cost. When Truss flew to Asia as Foreign Secretary, she racked up another £12,742 airborne dining bill.

Truss’s successor continued this culture of entitlement, with James Cleverly’s flights to Asia costing nearly £15,000 in taxpayer-funded catering alone. The government claims logistical costs bulk up the bills, but this is still an obscene use of public money.

Meanwhile, Truss billed taxpayers £3,000 for a fancy private lunch, overruling advice from officials. And she tried to stick the public with a £12,000 bill for her use of a lavish government-owned country estate.

This abuse of public money for extravagant comforts and indulgence epitomizes the fiscal recklessness rotting Sunak’s government. Conservative Ministers act like they have a bottomless budget for vanity, waste and cronyism.

Sunak’s administration blows millions on painting private jets, helicopter commutes and first-class bar tabs while citizens struggle with buying groceries and paying rent. He oversees a culture where no expenses are spared to pamper Conservative elites.

The brazen culture of elite indulgence fostered by Sunak also extends to naked cronyism, as shown by his government shoveling contracts to Infosys, a company in which his own wife holds a massive financial stake.

Last year alone, the government splurged a whopping £7 million on Infosys – their best year ever! And guess what? Over £250,000 of that came straight from Sunak’s own Government Property Agency, with another £2 million from local councils claiming they’re in “financial distress.” Sounds fishy, doesn’t it?

Infosys snagged these juicy contracts for stuff like “IT consultancy,” all thanks to exclusive bidding setups that most companies can’t even access. And get this: Murty’s stake in Infosys is worth a cool £500 million. 

And it doesn’t stop there. With Sunak calling the shots as Chancellor and now PM, Infosys has bagged over £100 million in government deals since 2012. Coincidence? We think not.

People are asking some serious questions about this cozy arrangement. But Sunak just brushes off any accusations of cronyism like it’s no big deal.

Handing out contracts to his pals like Infosys is basically robbing taxpayers to fill Sunak family’s pockets. It’s like they’re treating the country’s cash as their own personal piggy bank.

Another glaring example of outrageous waste under Sunak is the £849 million squandered on his ill-conceived Eat Out to Help Out scheme. This vanity project actually accelerated COVID’s second wave while dishing out discounts at fancy restaurants.

Sunak’s flagship PR stunt encouraged packed dining rooms just as infections were rising. But despite clear evidence it was spreading COVID, he covered up expert warnings and continued peddling false claims it “helped protect” jobs.

Leaked messages reveal Matt Hancock warned Number 10 the scheme was driving up cases in hotspots. But Sunak kept it “out of the news” to protect his brainchild. His delinquent refusal to listen to public health advice fueled the pandemic’s resurgence.

While Sunak posed for photo ops, scientists stated Eat Out to Help Out caused up to 17% of new COVID cases by incentivizing risky behavior. But as usual, the smug Chancellor knew best – public money spent on PR trumped expert counsel.

The scheme’s final cost of nearly £850 million far exceeded forecasts. Imagine how many nurses could have been hired or ventilators purchased instead of subsidizing posh meals out. It epitomized Sunak’s warped priorities and fiscal recklessness.

Sunak Funnelled Billions to Cronies

Another shocking example of outrageous waste under Sunak is the £15 billion write-off of unusable PPE and other pandemic supplies. This colossal waste from dodgy COVID deals epitomizes the fiscal delinquency that flourished on Sunak’s watch.

The whole procurement process was a hot mess, with billions blown on shady PPE and dodgy testing kits. Auditors found there were basically zero checks and balances, meaning Sunak’s mates could pocket cash while the NHS got left high and dry.

Imagine, £15 billion down the drain on stuff that couldn’t even be used! Sunak’s Treasury was throwing money at PPE without even checking if it worked properly or had a decent place to be stored.

When the PPE market went nuts, Sunak didn’t hesitate to whip out the public wallet and hand over cash to his cronies. Forget about financial controls – it was open season for suppliers with links to Conservative buddies.

The National Audit Office slammed the lack of stock monitoring, leaving officials clueless about what they even had. And get this: they burned through an extra £320 million storing and chucking out expired or dodgy gear.

Now we’re left with mountains of useless PPE and tests while NHS heroes were left without proper gear. Other governments were way smarter about managing cash, even in the middle of a crisis.

Sunak’s money mess put quick headlines above the needs of the NHS and any kind of long-term plan. He basically tossed accountability out the window, throwing billions at panic buys instead of doing what actually made sense.

Sunak’s fiscal delinquency and lack of accountability is precisely why citizens are fed up with a government splurging on vanity while neglecting real needs.

We need leaders who care about our future, not just their own image. Sunak’s wild spending spree is a clear sign he’s totally out of touch.

If we keep letting them throw our money around like confetti, we’ll end up broke. No one in their right mind would give Sunak and his crew another shot after they’ve blown through our hard-earned cash.

We deserve someone who takes our finances seriously, not a prime minister who treats taxes like their personal piggy bank.

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