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Sunak Faces More Complication on the Road to Election Day


Just Like Clockwork, Nothing Changes

Brace yourselves folks, because the disastrous Rishi Sunak Tory leadership is imploding before our eyes in the most spectacular fashion.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for our hapless Prime Minister, the universe has aligned to dump a fresh round of humiliations on Sunak’s already battered campaign.

In a moment of perfect karma, Sunak has suffered the mother of all betrayals as MP Lucy Allan supports a Reform UK candidate right under his nose.

This is not the first case, and will not be the last case of a Tory MP sticking it to Sunak in favour of true conservatism from Reform UK.

Sunak’s credibility vanishes more with each bumbling misstep and Tory defection. He can stubbornly cling to the wreckage of his power, but reality is closing in fast.

The Conservative nightmare is ending in spectacular fashion thanks to Sunak’s chaotic leadership and equally chaotic election campaign.

Sunak Facing Defections and Betrayal

Sunak has been going through an extremely rough couple of early election days. That much can be insinuated and acknowledged with full confidence and conviction. But never in a million years would the British people expect and predict the universe aligning perfectly just to take a huge dump on Sunak and the Tories at their most crucial hours in leadership.

I am of course talking about all the recent reality checks and humiliating moments that Sunak had to go through lately just to campaign for his leadership and for the Tory party in general. Now, I know that we already talked about some of the most embarrassing stuff Sunak had to justifiably suffer through, but bearing the fact that highlighting Sunak’s most shameful moments will always be a delight, the new unexpected happening deserve their own moments to shine as well.

And shine they definitely will, as recent reports reveal the total disarray and chaos the Tory party is currently in after suspending one of their MPs for backing up and supporting a Reform UK candidate. It is like all the greatest hits are playing once again just to punish Sunak during his already faltering campaign.

The Conservative MP in question is one Lucy Allan, who took to her social media platforms to announce her utmost support to her local Reform UK candidate in the upcoming MP contest representing the Telford region.

Lucy Allan’s support for Reform UK’s Alan Admas was met with warm hospitality and immense thanks from the party’s leader Richard Tice, who commended her efforts to shout out the candidate and direct the public to donate to his and the party’s campaign.

Sunak Proves He is Petty

Obviously, Sunak wouldn’t dare take this transgression while laying on his back so he did what he possibly deemed as the only sensible response to the whole debacle, and suspended the Tory MP from any further parliament activities.

That will definitely show her and any one who dares follow in her steps chasing true conservatism from Reform UK. Sunak is definitely not being petty about the whole thing.

Except when Sunak is absolutely not leaving anything to question with his clear messaging that accompanied the suspension announcement. The spokesperson for the failing and corrupt Tory party stated that miss Lucy Allan being suspended from representing Telford as an MP will allow the people of the region to vote for a hardworking Tory candidate that will put the people before themselves, before snidely taking a shot at both opposition parties stating how a vote for Reform UK is a vote for the Labour party.

Now I don’t know about you, but when you bring up your awful political record and blatantly lie to the voters about your hard work ethic because one of your Party members chose to follow the actual conservative party, you are being petty to the highest of degrees.

Sunak is obviously delusional if he thinks his party is more hardworking and honest to their purpose than Reform UK. He knows it; Every Tory MP knows it; and you should definitely know it. So he resorts to comparing them to Labour just to stoke non-existent flames and stroke two opposition birds with one stone. Too bad he is too much of a buffoon with the charisma of a cardboard cutout to actually achieve that goal.

But you know what is even funnier than all of this? When everything backfired right in Sunak’s face even more as Lucy Allan responded to the Tory suspension with the most humiliating retort the tories had to suffer.

She revealed that she already resigned sometime before giving her support to – not only a Reform UK candidate, but a long life friend who she had immense respect and trust for in terms of a better representation for Telford. Because at the end of the day it is better that a conservative is in the seat doing what’s truly best for Telford than a crooked Labour candidate snatching that space.

In one fell swoop and a calm, collected response – Lucy Alan stood by her honest conservative beliefs, proved her retractors wrong, and slapped Sunak with a reality check leaving him with all the responsibility for all the lies he spouted. It is truly impressive how the best Tories always seemingly jump ship to Reform UK sooner rather than later.

Lucy Was Never the First, Nor the Last

Because remember, Lucy was certainly not the first Tory to leave behind Sunak and the corruption and she certainly won’t be the last. Apart from the hundreds of Tories that have recently accepted defeat in the general elections and chose to stand down and give up, let us jog your memory about another fairly recent Tory to Reform UK defection.

Because we ought to never forget the case of Lee Anderson, who just like Lucy Alan wanted only the best for the people and to keep upholding his conservative beliefs without any corrupt business. But all was not too well with Anderson as clashes with the Sunak led Tory party about his strong conservative opinions led to him choosing to jump ship to the only party in England that is honest about its approach and care for the British people.

This has become part of a trend right now; get into a spat with Sunak; wake up to reality; defect to Reform UK. This has happened two times now and we are already seeing more and more spats and increased Sunak criticism by the day.

We see this with a former conservative peer and minister like Zac Goldsmith – who resigned due to his unhappiness with Sunak and his general incompetence – calling out Sunak for being in politics for the money and fame, before wishing he runs away to California after he gets utterly humiliated in the general election, so that the Tories may start focusing on healing and replacing this sorry excuse of a party leader.

A call out that was so devastating that Sunak had to find the time to properly respond and lambast Goldsmith for his comments, declaring that he will – unfortunately for all of us – stay in the U.K and be more active in politics as an MP.

Even loyalists like Northern Ireland minister Steve Baker now openly despair at the aimlessness of Sunak’s campaign by scorning Sunak’s mandatory national service policy as an absurd, hastily concocted idea.

Now you might be wondering how much this level of disdain and disrespect coming from the Tories towards Sunak will affect the election campaign further? And I am pleased and quite delighted to inform you that we are already seeing the signs of trouble with Campaign leaflets and posters being obscured enough and lacking any image or reference to Sunak.

Imagine being hated so badly that your party would rather start over or grab a few winning seats without your direct involvement and reputation tempering with all of that. Must be a sad day – like every day – to be Sunak.

From shambolic announcements in the rain, to Titanic analogies, the electorate sees a prime minister both drowning and captaining a sinking ship. Sunak may cling desperately to power, but his credibility is vanishing by the day.

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