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Sunak Embarrasses Himself on the campaign trail


An Election Full of Gaffes

Rishi Sunak and his nonstop buffoonery threatens to sink the Conservatives’ election chances faster than even the Titanic.

The accident prone prime minister can’t help but be exposed for the complete buffoon he actually is.

This all started due to the recent revelation that Sunak still uses his millionaire donor’s helicopter to take flights that could be covered by car and train with only minutes added to the time.

Even Though Sunak has been warned multiple times about his frequent use of private flights, you can’t take the elitism out of the out of touch elitist.

But this is just a footnote in a long list of embarrassments for Sunak as he moves through the general election season.

These include – but are certainly not limited to – hiring fake tory actors to pretend to be voters, having a speech while being soaked from rainwater, and giving the press ample opportunity to call his leadership a sinking ship.

Sunak clings to the leadership wheel with all his might, but the passengers have seen enough.

Sunak and the Endless Helicopter Rides

Embarrassment seems to never leave Rishi Sunak’s side anytime anywhere. And after the rushed snap general election date reveal, Sunak has been getting exposed left and right and put in increasingly embarrassing situations that vow to spell doom for him and his Tory party sooner rather than later.

In the latest string of shameless and humiliating Sunak news, Reports reveal that Sunak took a helicopter that was owned by a millionaire Tory donor, Richard Harpin, just so that he could travel from North Yorkshire to London for his stops throughout his failure of a campaign.

Don’t you just love when a corrupt individual like Sunak preaches the true conservative values while he lavishes in a mode of transport only resigned to out of touch elitists who feel they are entitled to everything? Don’t you just love how Sunak will go to hell and back to claim that he is in tune with the ordinary voter and the everyday British person, while he takes helicopters and private flights more than any prime minister in history?

But you know what would enrage you even more? Coming to terms with the fact that this flight – among countless others that Sunak took during his time as a prime minister – could have been completely avoided by using the train. And the time wasted would only amount to mere minutes that shouldn’t affect the busy schedule of our dear prime minister.

Sunak has been lambasted and called out for his frequent use of private flights and helicopter rides, with every critic bringing up the faulty logic of resorting to an elitist form of travel when other more convenient mediums of transportation exist at his leisure.

But Sunak is either ignorant or not concerned about his image as a conservative leader, because everytime the issue has been brought to question and Sunak almost got what he deserved, he pulls a switch, avoids all accountability, and then personally makes sure he always gets helicopter privileges no matter the cost.

It is safe to say that this was not the best time to be resorting to your old corrupt habits in the middle of an election campaign. Everyone got their eyes on Sunak and the expected outcome was always going to be lambasting and humiliating.

But Sunak is not even trying to make it hard for all the Tory critics as he fumbles every step on his way to electrons day.

Sunak and the Campaign of Laughs

I mean how could we possibly forget the start of all of this madness being the abysmal announcement of a sooner than later general election through a speech that saw Sunak talking all the bullshit he can muster while drowning in the rain and simultaneously being drowned out by Labour’s 1997 campaign anthem. It was a perfect storm of bad luck and karma that deservedly hit the corrupt prime minister right in the face.

Oh, but it doesn’t just stop right there. It wouldn’t be the normal Sunak that we know and hate, if he didn’t just keep going on the endless train of cringe and embarrassments.

If you don’t believe me, then believe Sunak getting exposed through an unfortunately comical hit piece made by the labour party, where he is accused of using two Tory councillors as actors pretending to be voters just asking the right questions.

Sunak is so afraid of answering the wrong question or getting cornered by objective reality, that he would rather risk further tarnishing his reputation into a slimy conman.

But who can blame him really, when every time you try to campaign without guidance and backup plans, you expose yourself to every voter for the absolute buffoon you absolutely are.

I mean have you ever seen a prime minister book a campaign stop that turns out to be wrong and then actually double down and hold the press conference in the titanic quarter?

Now you might have already guessed how this would end up, and I am more than happy to inform you that it did exactly end in the way you hoped it would. Sunak’s incompetence has officially invited sinking ship comparisons that the media will love to run with during an important general election season for the Tories.

A Sinking Ship with an Incompetent Captain

And a sinking ship it has truly been, as the Tory party witnesses all these incidents and with each passing minute confidence fades away from the conservative party up to the point of breaking a long standing 1997 record in regards to the amount of MPs that are standing down instead of fighting for the Tory party. 121 MPs compared to 117 in 1997. It seems like 2024 is the new 1997 for the failing Tory party.

Every aspect that Sunak hoped to cling to throughout the election season has fallen and proved to be hollow.

Even what Sunak deemed as slightly positive economic prospects to the point of unleashing Jeremy Hunt to inform the British public about it in yet another embarrassing press conference, only to be immediately refuted and called out by the IMF for the glaring hole in your calculations and finances.

Nothing seems to be going Sunak’s or the Tories’ way, and if the universe is trying to tell us anything by repeatedly exposing the prime minister in humiliating situations, then it has to be that his time has been up for a long while now and we are just witnessing the final shameful sprint of one of the worst prime minister’s in U.K history.

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