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Sunak Election Lies are Exposed by Allies and Experts


Wishful Tory Thinking

The air rings with the sound of shattering glass on Rishi Sunak and his house of cards. His desperate attempts to dismiss disastrous election results as a minor setback have fooled no one. The writing is on the wall for the floundering Tories.

As leading pollsters scoff at his delusions, the façade crumbles. Lord Hayward derides the PM’s spin as obvious political posturing. Michela Morizzo clinically dismantles his flawed logic.

Sunak clings to an alternate reality where voters mysteriously return to the Tory fold. But he is not the only delusional Tory in existence.

With MPs like Mel Stride and Penny Mordaunt vouching that the Tory voters will return come the general election, only if the party unites as one.

Their idea of unity and success is different and there is nothing more poetic or ironic than a party that wants to unite but can’t come to an agreement.

The public’s patience has expired. The Tories’ time is up. Their hollow unity pleas fall on deaf ears. And Sunak, captain of a ruined ship, sails blindly on towards obliteration.

Sunak Swimming in Delusion

In the wake of the disastrous and quite humbling beating that Sunak and the Tories were on the receiving end of recently at the hands of none other than their biggest political rival in the Labour party, Sunak is desperate for any thread that is vague or lost so that he could hang on to just to save face for the failing Tory party.

Sunak tried, oh he desperately tried his damndest to mitigate the Troy election crises as just another bump in the road to either a surefire victory or a chaos option where the parliament is hung.

Why would Sunak possibly think that this is even a conceivable option, let alone an option at all? Well, as Sunak not so eloquently puts it, the Tories have done all that they can for the ultimate benefit of the British people, so the Labour party is not actually ahead or anything because when push comes to shove the people will have a hard time picking between the two. And that’s supposedly how you end up with a parliament with no party holding majority seats. A hung parliament.

Dismissing the obvious fact of the matter that Sunak basically declared defeat for the Tory party whether he is conscious of his words or not, because we already covered this lambasting Sunak and his choice of words. We ask once again What exactly did Sunak and the Tories do for the greater and long term benefit of the British people?

Sunak talks about how the Tories are moving forward with their plans fixing every nook and cranny in Britain and aiding the people in need to better their lives.

He talks about investment in NHS, that is already failing under the weight of the Tory corruption, or the Rwandan immigrant scheme that he cooked up half asleep to “Stop the boats”, only for this scheme to be exposed time and time again for all of its corruption manifesting beneath the surface and for its only victory to be a singular willing participant.

You see the pattern here? The pattern of failure that led to the Tories’ demise in the polls and the same pattern of failure and corruption that is somehow convincing Sunak that his party is not far behind Labour due to the false narrative about how relatively close the gap in vote share between Labour and the Conservatives in the local elections actually is.

Sunak is Exposed by Experts

However, leading pollsters have already dismissed Sunak and his flawed analysis surrounding the Tory party’s failure in the local elections.

As Lord Hayward, a Tory peer and a pollster, succinctly and publicly stated, Sunak would obviously say the Tories still have a chance when it is clear that a spin like that from a prime minister will attempt to raise morale among his demoralised MPs and candidates, no matter how stark it is that Sunak is merely just scrambling for support at this point.

Losing almost 500 seats and key contests like the West Midlands mayor race will do this to a man yearning to stay in power even when voters have emphatically rejected Tory rule.

Lord Hayward has stated that Sunak’s prediction of a chaos scenario with a hung parliament can’t be further from the truth and pollster Michela Morizzo, the chief executive of polling firm Techne UK whose weekly tracker has Labour 22 points ahead of the Tories, supported this statement while taking it one step further and explaining the situation at hand.

Michela Morizzo points out that on one hand the local election can’t be a good indicator for the general election due to frequently lower voter turnout and the tendency for the vote to be widespread, meaning much more of a stronger chance for smaller parties with a shiny and inciting platform.

On the other hand however, you can’t completely dismiss the results of the local election, especially when it is this blatant and shocking, because if you do then you miss out on an important trend and as a party you might find yourself facing reality sooner than you have expected. It is always a shame when you are pompous enough to dismiss competition only to find out that if you had paid attention you could have nibbed the popularity in the bud early on.

This seems familiar doesn’t it? A party run by a buffoon that is on the brink of collapse due to its shameless pride in not recognizing the competition.

Allies are Clamoring In As Well

Pollsters and peers are already readying up for a massive wave of change and they are threatening Sunak that his predictions about a hung parliament is nothing more than wishful thinking. But they are not the only ones trying to pump the brakes on this freight train going off rail, as Tory MPs are urging Sunak to unite the Tories once again.

Perhaps it could work this time miraculously, or it could just not.

Or perhaps you end up with delusional voices urging the Tories to unite and set the course straight on the general election like Work and Pensions Secretary Mel Stride, who concedes that the conservatives faced a painful loss in the local elections but that doesn’t mean that they are out of the game yet come the general election season.

Mel Stride wants to portray the usual Tory voter as temporarily disgruntled with Sunak and the overall state of the political party. He doesn’t believe – or should I say doesn’t want to believe – that the people are completely fed up with Sunak and his clown show party’s corruption, greed and ineptitude.

Maybe you just end up with a voice calling for unity but angling it in a way that personally benefits them and only them.

In a speech last night, the Leader of the House of Commons Penny Mordaunt warned that Tory infighting and factionalism is paving the way for a Labour victory.

But she vouched for unity in a way that positions herself at the centre and at the forefront of Tory unification. Mordaunt realises the folly of the Tory party under Sunak and she wants the power all to herself. A bit ironic calling for unity when you can’t even unite under a single leader.

Penny Mordaunt’s speech epitomises just how detached her party has become. She speaks of lofty principles while her own government tramples on people’s lives daily. But this is exactly what you get when you have a fraudulent conservative party in charge.

The tories ravage and damage Britain to its core and then they come back crying trying to preach unity and grace so that their party may hopefully overcome such adversaries.

It may have worked before but I struggle to see how it could possibly work now.

It was always too little too late with Sunak and the Tories.

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