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Sunak Bribes Voters with Funneled Government Funds


The Scandals don’t Sleep with the Tories

Buckle up ladies and gentlemen, Rishi Sunak and his extravagantly wild ride of corruption and incompetence has veered off the tracks once again.

With the latest scandal being Sunak getting caught red-handed misusing government funds to bribe Tory voters.

You’d think a prime minister already under a microscope would be extra careful about ethics. But Sunak threw caution to the wind in his desperation to save the sinking Tory ship.

He secretly channelled up to 20 million pounds to select Conservative towns under the guise of community work, hoping to buy enough votes to cling to power, and maybe some good media attention to combat the first week of embarrassments committed by him.

Too bad the only thing Sunak will get is bad karma, as the British people wake up once again to voice and showcase their disdain in the polls.

So strap in folks, Sunak’s joyride is veering further into chaos. His reckless hunger for power at all costs may finally sink the floundering Tory ship for good.

Sunak Chooses More Corruption

As a prime minister that is already under intense and justified scrutinization, Sunak had two ways to go about the rest of his faltering election campaign, pick himself up and magically turn around all his corrupt policies, promising true conservatism and honesty in the U.K government and towards the people, or continue on this road that he is already on, filled with embarrassing ventures, exposed scandals, and a showcase of stark incompetence. Wanna guess which one Sunak chose?

If you guessed the latter, then congratulations, you have sound logic and are aware of the dire state of the current U.K political scene under the near-ending leadership of Sunak and the Tories.

But the recent criticism stems from one thing and one thing only; and that would have to be Sunak’s abhorrent misuse of governmental funds, and funds from the “Level Up” program to buy favours and votes from select Tory constituencies.

It all started back on Saturday when Sunak went out with his chest puffed, and acting all smug while announcing that 20 million pounds coming from the “Level Up” program grants will be funnelled to 30 more towns.

At first glance, it may seem that Sunak has actually done some decent work to the great benefit of the British people and especially for the ones needing the most help. But delve a little deeper, look a little further, and you will see what Sunak’s endgame is after all. You will see Sunak for what he truly is and what we have always come to expect from him and the Tories.

Sunak – as we have come to shockingly find out – is not doing all of this showboating for absolutely nothing in return. He is granting 20 million pounds in funds to Tory constituencies and towns only, in order to cover his faltering campaign tracks, announce something that gets media attention, and buy corrupt Tory votes in the process. All in one go. Ironic considering the only thing in the news right now is the revelations about his slimy election plans.

How can you be a prime minister that is already under an extensive critical eye, and can’t find a day on the election campaign trail without embarrassing yourself in more ways than one.

Nevermind for a moment – the blatant display of corruption and the level of this scandal, this is – without a shadow of a doubt – an affront to all the struggling and deprived communities that are cruelly overlooked just because they lack electoral value to Sunak and the Tories.

Sunak and the Backfiring Gamble

And that’s why it proved as an ample opportunity for the equally corrupt and morally bankrupt Labour party to use this information against Sunak and the Tories, accusing their political opponents of playing “pork barrel” politics.

What is “pork Barrel” politics, you may ask? Well, it can be defined in detail as the appropriation of government funds that is secured solely for community initiatives and programs, and then directing it to districts and regions where representatives are part of the governing party, or are their close allies.
Sounds familiar, yeah? It is because if I described Sunak’s recent actions with the same exact words, then the meaning would not be lost and the definition would stay intact.

But how do you think Sunak sees it, huh? Prepare to laugh, as Sunak claims only methodology and statistics determined the regions needing the most amount of money and care.

The allocations clearly aim to sway voters, not lift up deprived towns as levelling up pledges. And the funding came alongside abolishing shared prosperity funds, leaving poorer regions worse off.

The Tory Cycle Continues

But the thing is, there is already leaked evidence of Sunak admitting to taking away money from deprived and needy communities, and putting it in the hands of the wealthy to decorate their rich neighbourhoods. And by leaked, I don’t mean a report; I mean actual video evidence of Sunak stupidly and ignorantly boasting about it.

Notice how his drive for such a drastic and uncalled for change was because the Labour had their hands all over it, and that’s why he wants to “fix it” and change it so that it is remembered as part of the few and far between benefits the Tories create for the U.K. Too bad Sunak is incompetent as he is corrupt, and that’s why things always backfire spectacularly in his face.

So as it turns out, this is not a new or novel scenario for Sunak. He talks a big game about stability and prosperity but when push comes to shove, you will find him stealing from the people in need to give to his rich elite friends and allies.

And pathetically enough, Sunak’s response back then echoes his recent response by dismissing any wrongdoing, ignoring the larger issues, and painting himself in a better light with a usual bullshit Tory explanation.

In both cases, Sunak and the Tories faced the wrath of the common and everyday British people as they voiced their deep concerns and general disdain towards the corrupt Tory party by voting in the occasional opinion poll.

At the time Sunak and Tories bared no thought to these polls, as the usual excuse was that the opinions will change once the we are in the midst of the election season and people will have to think about it more.

Well, we are in the middle of the election season; People have thought about it more; And unlucky for Sunak, the people are really angry.

The latest Opinium poll gives Labour a towering 20-point lead over the Tories, highlighting the epic collapse in support for the Conservatives and the blatant backfiring of the recent 20 million pound scandal.

At 45%, Labour enjoys its greatest backing since the Truss debacle. Meanwhile the Tories languish at just 25%, down two points from last week.

This is in direct response to Sunak’s election campaign shenanigans, with 28% of the voters saying their view of Sunak has dwindled further and further than before all the election debacles and announcements. Looks like Sunak’s plan is paying off beautifully.

As Sunak flounders, Labour, unfortunately, capitalises on the ingrained doubts of the British people.

By sacrificing integrity for political profiteering, Sunak shredded the last notions of any ethical Conservatism he may have possessed.

His party now lies in the gutter, waiting for the final election blow to take it out of its misery.

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