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Stewart Unleashes Scathing Takedown of “F**king Old” Biden


Stewart Shreds Biden in Brutal Beatdown

Jon Stewart just dropped a political bomb on Biden that’s getting everyone hyped. At a crazy stand-up show, Stewart ripped into Biden hard with a savage verbal beatdown. 

He totally shredded Biden for being a weak leader and seeming like he’s lost it mentally. Stewart straight up demolished clueless Joe in front of a pumped up crowd. 

Stewart’s takedown of Biden was completely relentless and brutal. He didn’t hold back at all, clowning Biden’s embarrassing gaffes and trash policies.

Pundits are already saying Stewart tearing into Biden was one of the harshest call-outs of a president ever seen. The merciless slamming had the audience mind-blown yet laughing hard at the same time.

No doubt, Stewart’s verbal smackdown could be a turning point against Biden’s failing presidency. By speaking facts, Stewart channeled what so many think – Biden’s leadership sucks. 

The White House has been sketchily silent so far about Stewart’s devastating call-out. But Biden’s loyal fans are freaking out knowing the anti-Biden rant could go viral.

They desperately want to censor footage of Stewart wrecking Biden’s credibility in an epic performance. But once people see Stewart roast crooked Joe into oblivion, Biden’s presidency will be toast.

At Netflix Show, Stewart Blasts Biden as ‘Shouldn’t Be President’

Comedian Jon Stewart just delivered a blistering beatdown of Joe Biden, declaring the president “too f****** old” and unfit for office. Stewart’s scorching critique comes during a comedy set at the Netflix Is A Joke festival, where he ruthlessly mocked Biden’s advanced age and declining mental state.

Jon Stewart didn’t pull any punches when he tore into Joe Biden, and honestly, he’s just saying what we’re all thinking – Biden’s way past his prime for the presidency. 

Stewart’s straight talk confirms what’s plain to see: at 81, Biden’s not exactly firing on all cylinders. He’s more like the guy who’s dozing off in the back of the class.

As Stewart joked, Biden’s constant memory lapses and incoherence are painfully apparent whenever he speaks. His rambling non-sequiturs and inability to recollect basic facts are impossible to ignore, despite the media’s best efforts to downplay them. 

Biden’s diminished mental capacity jeopardizes America’s security and prosperity. Stewart deserves credit for highlighting what Biden’s lapdog media sycophants try desperately to conceal.

Stewart cut through the spin by Democrats feigning outrage at any mention of Biden’s senility. Their fanatical denial of Biden’s obvious cognitive decline demonstrates their dishonesty and lack of true concern for the country. 

As Stewart noted, even liberals know how “f****** old” Biden is and see it with their own eyes whenever he stumbles through speeches filled with gaffes. Yet they demand Americans ignore this “scary” reality.

Stewart aptly concluded Biden has nothing left to offer the nation in his current state. His mushy brain and advanced age prevent him from competently handling the demands of the presidency. 

America needs bold, sharp leadership, not a bumbling figurehead propped up by handlers.

But then, Stewart goes and backpedals faster than a kid caught with their hand in the cookie jar. After catching flak from the woke crowd, he practically tripped over himself to take back what he said. 

It’s like he caved to the pressure of toeing the party line, even though we all know Biden’s running on fumes.

Stewart’s recent comments on Netflix just show that his gut reaction was spot-on. Biden’s like that grandpa who’s nodding off during dinner, except he’s steering the whole country towards disaster. Stewart was just saying what we’re all thinking – Biden’s too old and too out of it to be calling the shots.

He’s voicing what a lot of us are feeling – fed up with the same old faces from the left who should’ve retired ages ago. 

Democrats keep trotting out these relics like Biden, while Trump was out there with a real plan and some guts. It’s time for a change, and Stewart’s not afraid to say it like it is.

Americans deserve better choices than the outdated Biden relic who should be enjoying retirement, not destroying a nation with his incompetence. 

Biden represents the worst impulses of the left – stubbornly clinging to power long past his ability to effectively wield it simply because he will be a compliant puppet for their radical agenda.

It’s crazy that Biden’s still in office even though it’s obvious he’s lost it mentally. It just shows how badly the left wants to hold onto power.

They’ll keep propping up Biden as a lame figurehead even though he can barely string two thoughts together. The guy’s letting our border and economy circle the drain but they don’t care.

Stewart’s searing indictment resonates because it echoes the country’s profound disappointment in Biden’s abysmal leadership. 

Biden pathetically promised competence, normalcy and unity but instead delivered bumbling incoherence, progressive extremism and exploding bitterness.

Biden’s been on a wrecking spree, undoing everything Trump achieved. Economy? Tanked. Border? Total chaos. And don’t get me started on his overseas performances – it’s like watching a bad sitcom. The guy’s a walking disaster, actively working against American interests.

Enough is enough. America needs a leader who is firing on all cylinders, not one who’s hitting snooze on the job. Before Biden steers us off a cliff, we’ve gotta shake things up in the White House. And let’s face it, compared to Biden’s foggy-brained blunders, even Trump starts to look like a genius.

Stewart really hit the nail on the head with his digs at Biden acting like some wise old sage. Let’s face it, Biden’s not exactly the Energizer Bunny who’s gonna bring us all together. He’s more like a relic from the past, not the kind of forward-thinking leader we need.

Seriously, for the good of the country, Biden should take Stewart’s advice and call it quits before he does any more damage. But you know those Democrats, they’ll prop him up no matter how much of a joke he becomes. It just shows how desperate they are to hold onto power, even if it means dragging the country down.

Stewart’s jokes really hit home for a lot of people who are sick of seeing foggy-headed leaders calling the shots. Biden’s got nothing on sharp minds and big ideas, and Stewart didn’t hold back in calling him out for it. 

We deserve leaders who aren’t way past their sell-by date, don’t we?

Biden Cracks Sick Joke About Cutting Trump from 2024 Race

Plus, Biden has made another cringeworthy gaffe, this time an utterly inappropriate “joke” about trying to cut Trump out of the 2024 election. During a Cinco de Mayo event at the White House, Biden cracked himself up saying he had “one really serious idea” for how to cut a candidate – referring to Trump. How is fantasizing about silencing political opponents presidential? 

Biden’s weak attempt at humor only further exposes his failing mental state and paranoid obsession with attacking Trump. His unpresidential “joke” about literally cutting Trump from the 2024 election lays bare the left’s growing desperation to cling to power as Biden’s approval plummets.  

While Biden’s out there chuckling away about shutting up his political opponents, Trump’s all about saving America from Biden’s mess-ups left and right. Trump’s got some solid plans to kickstart the economy and tighten up border security, and they’re a world away from Biden’s wild ranting.

That creepy joke Biden cracked? Just goes to show how little the left cares about playing fair. They’d rather tilt the playing field than actually win square and square. 

And they know deep down that Biden’s no match for Trump’s massive popularity in a fair fight. So, they resort to censorship, like when Big Tech tried to bury the Hunter Biden scandal.

And let’s not kid ourselves, Biden’s latest slip-up is just more evidence that he’s not cut out for the big leagues. Everyone sees it, except maybe the die-hard Democrats. 

He’s stumbling through speeches, can’t seem to put two coherent thoughts together. The guy’s just not up to the job.

Meanwhile, Trump’s still as fired up and sharp as ever. He’s got this unique ability to connect with regular citizens, something those D.C. insiders like Biden can only dream of. Trump’s whole “America First” thing? It’s hitting home with all sorts of people, even some Democrats who’ve had it with Biden’s bumbling.

Come November, mark my words, Americans are gonna give Biden the boot and bring back Trump with a vengeance. Biden’s feeble attempts to smear won’t cut it, not against the force that is Trump. The sad Biden era’s on its way out, and the Trump train’s gearing up for a comeback.

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