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Speaker Fergus is Called to Resign by Poilievre


Resignation is Immediately Needed

Conservatives across Canada are rising up alongside Poilievre to demand Speaker Fergus’s resignation after he expelled Poilievre from the house of commons on Tuesday. Fergus’s credibility lies in tatters, his integrity destroyed by ruthless partisanship.

Liberals tried with all their might to spin this into Poilievre’s fault, but Canadians see through the charade and are demanding some form of accountability for Tuesday’s abhorrent actions.

The current house leader, Steve McKinnon, even went out in full force to paint a partisan picture of Poilievre’s comments as “violent” rhetoric while claiming that the government is functioning properly. Funny how that is the exact opposite of what the former house leader stated when he detailed how the speaker’s actions wreaked of liberal bias.

Yet, and with all this criticism, Fergus defiantly clings to power, refusing to acknowledge wrongdoing.

His arrogance spits in the face of Canadians yearning for accountable government, not liberal dictatorship.

Speaker of the House gets Called Out

On Tuesday Canada as a whole, got to see a glimpse of the insane and undeserving power grip that the liberals and Justin Trudeau held on the parliament.

When the speaker of the house, Greg Fergus, showcased his true partian colours without any form of shame or pull back as he expelled Conservative leader, Pierre Poilievre, for calling Trudeau and his corrupt liberal policies “wacko”, Canadians were a witness to bias and corruption at the highest order and soon after hell broke loose in the house of commons, people started asking questions.

Questions like, why is Trudeau and his government so slow to repeal the drug decriminalisation program even after the NDP has asked them to? Why oh why is Trudeau getting favourable treatment from the speaker of the house when he came just as hard at Poilievre accusing him of being a white nationalist and calling him spineless? Why has the speaker of the house not resigned yet or at least apologised to Poilievre and the conservative for his unparliamentary and shameful behaviour?

Everyday Canadians are asking those questions and waiting for satisfying answers. And they are certainly not the only ones calling for the speaker of the house to resign amid all the chaos emanating from this debacle.

Pierre Poilievre, alongside Conservatives all across Canada, have called for the immediate and justified resignation of Greg Fergus as the speaker of the house.

Speaker of the House has Always Been Bias

Speaker Fergus has proven time and again that he is unable to set aside his own Liberal biases and serve Canadians impartially as Speaker. This latest abuse of power is the final straw.

He has habitually allowed Liberal ministers to dodge questions and speak past their time, while cutting off Conservatives.

No wonder the Speaker has lost the confidence of Conservatives, who represent over a third of the House of Commons.

It doesn’t need to be said time and time again like we are trying to teach liberal children about the importance of being neutral and honest, but the speaker keeps failing to even walk that simple line properly without slipping in and out praising liberals and MPs left and right.

Conservatives echo the call of every righteous Canadian by demanding Speaker Fergus to be held accountable for his misshapes.

His behaviour has degraded the dignity of the House of Commons and eroded the people’s trust in its ability to hold the liberal government accountable.

Canadians deserve better than a Speaker who treats Conservatives as second-class members of Parliament.

Liberals Support the Speaker

The liberals however think the opposite, they want all Canadians to suffer under the partisanship and you see this evident in the way they address the Tuesday debacle as the fault of Pierre Poilievre for defending himself and speaking the truth about Trudeau.

You have Trudeau nonchalantly waving away any potential criticism of his or the speaker’s actions and processes to do the same song and dance of virtue signalling and inserting victims into a story with crime or perpetrator. All just to take a weak swing or two at Poilievre with no pushback.

And then you have government house leader Steve MacKinnon who spoke about the parliament incident with such authority and confidence you would think he actually believes the nonsense that he is spouting onto every Canadian.

MacKinnon expressed his clear disdain for Poilievre’s comments and called it a “violent” and “shameful” rhetoric that is unjustly used against Trudeau. It is ironically hilarious that he appeared to have not seen the same debate as every other Canadian given that this was his exact response to a reporter questioning his biassed judgement of Poilievre’s words and comments.

This is what the liberals want you to believe in the end; that the government is functioning properly and that there is no need for any change or reform or even basic accountability to ensure the Canadians feel that everything is balanced and fair. If you think there is a problem, then the liberals think you are a fool.

Now contrast this abhorrent statement – that is more a slap in the face than an actual addressing of the matter – with the statement from the former house leader, Tom Mulcair, who reminded everyone that he once defended the former partisan acts committed by the house speaker.

You will find a man speaking honestly and diligently condemning the actions of speaker Fergus as an indefensible partisan act against the conservatives and against Pierre Poilievre.

The former house leader judged the situation and came to the same conclusion every conservative and Canadian have already reached; The parliament clearly requires some kind of reform and speaker Fregus should be held accountable and take responsibility for his actions.

Now and after hearing this statement, how are we supposed to take the current house leader’s statement seriously anymore? How are we supposed to brush aside the truth and substitute it with a made up liberal fantasy?

The Calls for Resignation Are Rejected

You would think that after all this noise that speaker Fergus would swallow his pride and apologise or resign. But it seems that he had other plans as his office rejected any notion of resignation whatsoever in the face of extreme conservative criticism.

This defiance proves Fergus feels entitled to abuse his authority in service of the Liberal government, not bound by any duty to represent all Members of Parliament fairly. He has taken the outrageous position that despite shredding his credibility with the Conservatives, he can continue lording over Parliament as if nothing has happened.

Until Fergus resigns, faith in Canada’s parliamentary system will continue deteriorating.

His partisan abuses have embarrassed the office of Speaker and violated the rights of all MPs to freely represent their constituents.

Canada’s Parliament must not be held hostage any longer by his unprecedented overreach.

For the sake of our democracy, and for the sake of every hardworking and honest Canadian.

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