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Speaker Fergus Campaigns for Liberals in Uniform


We are once again witnessing the crumbling pillars of our democracy. Speaker Greg Fergus was caught delivering a partisan speech to the Ontario Liberals while draped in the ceremonial robes of his supposedly nonpartisan office.

This brazen hypocrisy reveals the insidious rot at the core of Justin Trudeau’s government. Trudeau believes he can weaponize the sacred institutions meant to uphold our rights and freedoms to instead grasp power.

Rather than accepting accountability for their ongoing abuses of leadership, the Trudeau Liberals brazenly deflect and place blame onto others. From attacks on dissenting premiers to partisan weaponization of neutral offices, Trudeau’s abuses of power know no bounds. The damage done to Canadians’ trust may take generations to repair.

The shocking optics of Speaker Greg Fergus campaigning for the Ontario Liberals in his official robes raise serious questions. Will there be any real accountability for this blatant misconduct and violation of impartiality? Or will Trudeau and the Liberals protect one of their own from repercussions?

Speaker of the House of Commons Greg Fergus recently delivered a speech to the Ontario Liberal leadership convention from his official parliamentary office while dressed in his ceremonial Speaker’s robes. 

This blatantly partisan action by the supposedly non-partisan Speaker contradicts parliamentary rules requiring the Speaker to remain strictly impartial. 

Fergus’ inappropriate involvement in a provincial Liberal party event reinforces perceptions that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government manipulates supposedly independent offices for political gain.

Fergus’ partisan speech is yet another example of Trudeau’s blatant disregard for democratic norms and abuse of power. Canadians are tired of Trudeau manipulating supposedly independent offices like the Speaker to serve Liberal political interests. 

This undermines the public trust in governmental institutions at a time when faith in government is already at historic lows. Both Fergus and Trudeau are now facing  serious criticism for compromising the Speaker’s independence and making a mockery of the rules meant to ensure impartiality. 

The House of Commons Procedure guidebook states that: “The Speaker must always show, and be seen to show, the impartiality required to maintain the trust and goodwill of the House.” Yet Greg Fergus clearly violated this principle by delivering a speech to the Ontario Liberal Leadership Convention while dressed in his ceremonial robes of office.

The Speaker of the House of Commons is supposed to embody non-partisanship, not behave like a Liberal party hack. Fergus has utterly failed in his sworn duty through this nakedly partisan speech that brought disrepute to his office. Trudeau clearly believes he can get away with manipulating any position to his political advantage. But Canadians deserve better than having our democracy manipulated by an increasingly authoritarian Prime Minister who treats parliamentary offices like his personal playground.

Speaker Fergus’ partisan behavior is just the latest example of the Trudeau government’s blatant disregard for democratic norms and non-partisanship in positions that should be strictly impartial. 

Rather than taking accountability for corroding Canadians’ trust, the Liberals brazenly point fingers at others. Federal Minister Randy Boissonnault’s recent attacks on certain provincial premiers make this hypocrisy clear. 

While the Liberals continue manipulating parliamentary offices for political gain, they accuse premiers trying to address voters’ valid concerns of holding Canada back.

The partisan double-standards are astounding. Trudeau clearly believes he can undermine any independent position to advance his personal interests without consequence.

Boissonnault’s partisan attacks on certain premiers reveal the hypocrisy and division residing in Trudeau’s Liberal government. Boissonnault accused Danielle Smith, Scott Moe, and Blaine Higgs of “standing in the way of Canada’s ambition” for resisting federal environmental policies like the carbon tax. 

However, it is precisely Trudeau’s arrogant, unilateral governing style that is truly holding Canada back. 

Premier Scott Moe is moving to halt carbon tax collection on natural gas in Saskatchewan, arguing the federal exemption for heating oil shows the unjust nature of the policy. 

Premier Higgs has also considered legally blocking the carbon tax in New Brunswick. 

Most significantly, Premier Smith invoked Alberta’s Sovereignty Act to push back on Ottawa’s unrealistic demands to fully green the electric grid by 2035. Smith rightly calls the target impossible for Alberta to meet, accusing Trudeau of refusing to collaborate on a more reasonable goal. 

Yet Boissonnault derisively dismissed the Sovereignty Act as mere distraction and claimed relations with premiers are strong – a tone-deaf claim given the ongoing conflicts. 

Trudeau has shown no willingness for genuine partnership with provinces. 

Meanwhile, his government remains mired in scandal and ethical violations. The Liberals continue to corrode public trust and unity while hypocritically attacking premiers giving voice to voters’ concerns.

Premier Danielle Smith has emerged as one of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s fiercest critics among provincial leaders. 

When passing the Sovereignty Act in 2022, Smith said the act will combat the “increasing and destructive over-reach” of Trudeau. 

A few days ago, Smith triggered the Sovereignty Act for the first time in response to Ottawa’s proposed clean electricity regulations that require net-zero carbon emissions by 2035. 

Smith argues this timeline is unrealistic for Alberta’s natural gas-reliant grid and will lead to blackouts. She contends Trudeau is pushing overly aggressive climate targets to appease environmentalists without properly consulting provinces or caring about consequences.

Beyond electricity, Smith sees many Liberal policies like the carbon tax as deliberately targeting the oil and gas sector that is vital to Alberta’s economy. She believes Trudeau ignores Canadian’s interests. By invoking the Sovereignty Act, Smith is drawing a line against federal overreach and exercising Alberta’s autonomy.

Smith’s decision to invoke the Sovereignty Act represents a provincial leader pushed to her limit by federal overreach. 

Unfortunately, Trudeau seems intent on sowing discord by attacking dissenting premiers and ignoring regional concerns. The brazen hypocrisy and double standards of Trudeau’s Liberal government continue to corrode public trust. 

Trudeau has shown utter disregard for democratic norms, non-partisanship, and provincial rights. His government remains mired in scandal while attacking those trying to defend Canadians’ interests.

Speaker Greg Fergus blatantly violated his duty of impartiality by campaigning for the Ontario Liberals in his official robes. This reveals how Trudeau believes he can manipulate parliamentary offices as political tools. Contrast this with the baseless attacks Minister Boissonnault launched against premiers resisting harmful Liberal policies. The hypocrisy is astounding.

Trudeau’s hostile approach toward Premier Scott Moe for halting the unfair carbon tax on natural gas shows complete refusal to acknowledge valid concerns. His dismissal of Premier Higgs’ objections reveals an arrogant leader who ignores regional impacts. Trudeau’s demonization of Premier Smith for invoking the Sovereignty Act to protect Alberta’s economy exposes his deep intolerance of dissent.

At every turn, Trudeau rejects real give-and-take with provinces. He imposes policies from on high without meaningful consultation then smears leaders defending their citizens as self-interested obstructionists. This severely strains national unity. But Trudeau seems not to care, intent to ram through his ideological agenda regardless of consequences.

This is evident in his push to unilaterally green Alberta’s power grid by 2035, which Premier Smith rightly warns could cripple reliability. Trudeau’s failure to collaborate in good faith on realistic timelines proves he prioritizes politics over people. The same arrogant governing style defined his heavy-handed approach to pandemic lockdowns.

After eight years of ethical breaches and mismanagement, trust in the Trudeau Liberals is badly shattered. Yet they shamelessly cling to power while attacking their critics.

At some point, even lifelong Liberal voters must acknowledge this egregious pattern of self-serving behavior that corrodes Canada’s institutions. 

Trudeau and his Liberal government often talk about the importance of democracy, democratic norms, rights, diversity, inclusion and other democratic ideals when making public statements or speeches. However, in practice, they frequently take actions that contradict or violate these same democratic principles when it is politically useful or convenient for them.

Their hypocritical finger-pointing at provincial leaders tackling real problems is a laughable projection.

Trudeau has made little effort to understand or unify Western provinces with his policies. He seems to view them merely as irritants interfering with his personal ambitions. This short-sighted mindset damages national cohesion. Canada needs a Prime Minister who governs for all citizens, not just progressive elites and lobbyists.

Many Canadians are rightly tired of being lectured and condescended to by an aloof leader whose greatest skill is manipulating optics while failing to deliver tangible results.

In a functioning democracy, the media would hold Trudeau accountable for his transgressions. Instead, most outlets enable his abuses by downplaying or ignoring every scandal. 

For example, the media will likely ignore Speaker Greg Fergus’s inappropriate partisan speech to the Ontario Liberals, since it aligned with Trudeau’s interests. This selective reporting only emboldens Trudeau’s attacks on provincial autonomy and democratic principles. 

Canada’s institutions must be defended from a Prime Minister who sees them as tools to grasp power, not as pillars of good governance. The public must demand better leadership and a media that fairly holds politicians to account regardless of ideology.

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