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Smith Calls for Removal of Extremist Environment Minister


Danielle Smith Courageous Request

A fed-up Danielle Smith has gone nuclear on Justin Trudeau, demanding the PM immediately fire his unhinged eco-bully Steven Guilbeault before the radical minister can unleash more economic destruction.

In a bold move, the brave Alberta Premier exposed Guilbeault as an extremist who keeps taking unconstitutional actions that threaten many Canadians.

Premier Smith courageously confronted Trudeau, urging him to remove Guilbeault before this reckless minister sacrifices key industries in the West to climate change fears. Her plea comes after Guilbeault spent years aggressively targeting the backbone of Canada’s economy.


This groundbreaking call for firing Guilbeault sends shockwaves across the country. Smith is drawing a clear line against continued federal overreach that hurts national unity. She vows to stand as a shield, protecting provincial jurisdiction from excessive climate change alarmism that has spiraled out of control under Guilbeault.

With steady resolve, the fearless Smith lays down the challenge – either Trudeau reins in his out-of-control minister, or she will take down Guilbeault herself.

Smith Wants Trudeau To Fire Guilbeault

In a stunning act of political courage, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith has called out Justin Trudeau’s deranged eco-terrorist environment minister Steven Guilbeault, demanding the PM immediately fire this lunatic or risk him destroying the livelihoods of hardworking Canadians across the country.

This groundbreaking call comes after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a grave mistake this week when he refused to fire Environment Minister Guilbeault despite repeated pleas from Premier Smith and other premiers to remove the controversial eco-extremist minister.

Guilbeault has proven time and time again that he is no friend to Canada or its vital oil and gas industry. His radical environmental policies are threatening the livelihoods of countless Canadians while accomplishing little for the environment.

Smith rightly pointed out that Guilbeault has repeatedly overstepped his constitutional authority and lost in court over legislation like the Impact Assessment Act.

He is an extremist who ignores the rule of law to unilaterally push an anti-oil agenda. Guilbeault’s radical activism as environment minister has poisoned relations between Alberta and Ottawa.

Guilbeault’s record speaks for itself. He is a former activist with Greenpeace and Equiterre whose views are far outside the mainstream. Since becoming environment minister, he has repeatedly attacked Canada’s oil sands and claimed Canada needs to phase them out. He shows no understanding of how critical the industry is to Canada’s economy.

The minister’s latest overreach is the proposed emissions cap for the oil and gas industry. This poorly designed policy would discourage investment in the sector while allowing emissions to increase globally as production shifts to jurisdictions with worse environmental standards than Canada’s.

After the COP28 climate summit, Smith rightly accused the federal minister in December of “continued treachery against our province” and asked the prime minister to replace him.

Guilbeault is also pushing the Clean Electricity Standard which would impose unnecessary costs on Alberta’s electricity grid. He continues to disregard provincial jurisdiction and the realities of Alberta’s economy in favor of impractical targets. His attitude leads to unproductive conflicts rather than practical solutions.

With controversial policies like the plastic ban also facing legal challenges, Guilbeault has become a liability for the Trudeau government.

Premier Smith is rightly calling for a reset of the relationship between Alberta and Ottawa. That cannot happen without removing the tone-deaf Guilbeault from his current position.

Trudeau suggests that those unable to work with Guilbeault should look at their own approach. This blames the victims of the minister’s policies rather than acknowledging valid concerns about his actions. It reflects a closed-mindedness that will only breed more western alienation.

Trudeau said of Guilbeault: ‘If people are having trouble getting along with him, maybe they need to look at their own approach to these big issues.’

And After sitting down with Danielle Smith in Calgary, the prime minister said he supports the high-profile minister, despite requests from Alberta’s premier to turf him from the job.

Premier Smith is also absolutely right to continue sounding the alarm about how the punishing federal carbon tax hurts ordinary Albertans and Canadians in general.

The scheduled April 1 increase of over 20% is completely unaffordable and untenable when Canadians are already struggling with skyrocketing inflation. Smith is speaking truth to power by demanding Prime Minister Trudeau halt this reckless tax hike that will drive fuel, heating and consumer costs through the roof.

Unlike those fancy bigshot politicians in Ottawa, Smith understands the crushing impact the carbon tax has on the finances of real Albertans, especially the most vulnerable. While Trudeau pays lip service to “affordability”, his government flees citizens with ever-increasing carbon taxes under the bogus guise of climate action.

Premier Smith is standing up for Albertans against this federal climate extremism imposed by Trudeau and his ideological environment minister.

And she rightly called out Steven Guilbeault as the primary architect and enforcer of these punishing carbon taxes. Guilbeault is an arrogant, ideological bully who delights in crushing Canada’s economic interests. He imposes carbon taxes with no understanding of how they devastate Canada’s livelihoods.

It seems like Trudeau is on a personal vendetta against premiers who think differently than him. Their only wrongdoing was coming together to say there needs to be a timeout on this tax.

But instead of listening, this resentful PM wants to shut them up and refuses to even consider their reasonable disagreement with his tax bullying. Trudeau is clearly drunk on power and hooked on forcing his will, unable to handle pushback from elected leaders.

Guilbeault and Trudeau have made no effort to find common ground or balance environmental protection with economic realities.

But Smith pledges to keep fighting the carbon tax and defending her province’s jurisdiction. She is supported by like-minded premiers in Ontario, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan. This principled resistance highlights the need for a more practical environment minister.

Sask Rural municipalities Says CO2 is not a pollutant

For example, the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities overwhelmingly passed a resolution declaring carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. They further called on the provincial government to withdraw from all net zero agreements.

Saskatchewan’s opposition raised this issue in the legislature, pressuring the government to stand with the people and recognize CO2 is not pollution. While the government deflected on directly answering, their continued support for carbon capture projects shows internal resistance to radical net zero policies.

Premier Scott Moe’s government notably refused to sign on to Prime Minister Trudeau’s pan-Canadian climate framework that other provinces accepted. Saskatchewan remains opposed to federal overreach like the Clean Electricity Standard that threatens affordable and reliable energy.

The Saskatchewan opposition vows to keep challenging the government on net zero policies that are eliminating jobs and opportunity. They see the carbon tax and net zero as destroying the economy, especially in rural regions.

This fight reflects the deep skepticism many in the province share towards climate alarmism and highlights the need for a more practical environment minister.

With strong allies like Premier Moe also fighting federal climate rules, Smith feels encouraged in her own battle against carbon taxes and emission limits. Indigenous groups and rural towns across the West are speaking out against policies that hurt their livelihoods. Together, these voices can drown out the urban elite perspective and make practical solutions win out.

Trudeau’s continued enabling of eco-fanatic Guilbeault amounts to a declaration of war on the Canadian economy. His refusal to sack this deranged minister shows total disregard for the livelihoods of workers coast to coast.

If Trudeau won’t restrain his rabid pitbull, then Premier Smith will. She will stop Guilbeault herself before letting his climate radicalism destroy any more jobs for everyday Canadians.

The PM clearly cares nothing for constructive compromise or balanced solutions. He wants to sabotage Canada’s competitiveness to appease the climate cult.

Well, Smith didn’t come this far by backing down from extremists who threaten the national interest. She will fight tirelessly defending prosperity across this country.

Trudeau now faces a stark choice – fire his eco-extremist minister or incur the wrath of all hard working Canadians whose jobs are on the line. The ball is in his court.

This is not just an Alberta issue. Guilbeault’s policies would devastate households from coast to coast. Trudeau risks making working families suffer across Canada just to indulge a minister gone off the deep end.

The time has come for the PM to show if he stands with regular Canadians or out-of-touch enviro-radicals. Smith speaks for the vast majority in demanding Guilbeault’s ouster.

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