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Singh Hypocrite Act Exposes NDP Opportunism


NDP Hypocrisy on Full Display as Singh Waffles on Liberal Budget

Singh unrelenting political maneuvering the NDP lays bare their unscrupulous opportunism. Singh’s equivocation on supporting the Liberal budget after striking a deal for NDP backing exposes his duplicity. Despite the budget funding NDP priorities.

Singh feigns indecision to extort further concessions. His abrupt opposition to carbon pricing increases he previously endorsed epitomizes the NDP’s craven populism, sacrificing principles for political winds. 

Singh’s propagation of outright falsehoods about Conservative environmental policies in desperate attacks highlights his plunge into demagoguery.

Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau’s last-ditch budget scrambles to satiate young voters abandoned by his government’s past indifference. Despite claiming to restore “generational fairness,” Trudeau offers mere token gestures unlikely to reverse the damage from his fiscal mismanagement. 

Years of overlooking millennials’ interests laid the groundwork for their disillusionment. But Trudeau now shamelessly attempts to buy back their support with flashy giveaways, while still pandering to boomers.

Both leaders’ endless political contortions expose their startling lack of integrity and conviction. Their hypocrisy and dishonesty demean Canadian politics at a time when principled leadership is sorely needed.

Singh Backing Down After Securing A Cozy Deal

Once again the hypocrisy and double standards of the unreliable and unprincipled NDP is making our heads spin, Jagmeet Singh recently claimed he had not decided if his party will support the Liberal’s latest budget. How convenient for him to be so indecisive. 

He secured a cozy deal with Trudeau to back him on confidence votes, yet now he wavers. While the budget contains NDP requests like pharmacare and school lunches, Singh acts unsure. His hesitation likely aims to wring more concessions from the Liberals.

The NDP are masters of moving the goalposts. First Singh said he’d abandon Trudeau if health care funding didn’t increase. Then he threatened to walk away if pharmacare legislation wasn’t introduced on time. 

Every time the Liberals meet a demand, Singh finds something new to whine about. His pandering knows no bounds.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh speaks to reporters as he arrives for question period on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2022. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick

Singh says the disability benefit in the budget is “inadequate.” That’s rich coming from someone who rarely has a bad word for Liberal spending. Singh is dredging up any excuse to justify his reluctance in backing the budget. He’s holding it hostage to milk more favors from Trudeau. What happened to their “no surprises” pact?

The NDP’s flip-flopping shows they can’t be trusted. One minute they make backdoor deals with the Liberals, the next they’re posturing against them. 

Singh wants it both ways – leverage power while attacking the government for political points. He rails against the budget despite it funding his pet projects. Hypocrisy at its finest.

While the Conservatives, Bloc and Greens take a stand against the budget, Singh sits on the fence. He wants to keep his options open in case the political winds shift. 

“We’ve got to hear from the prime minister and the Liberals on what their response is to our concerns before we make a decision,” he said.

The NDP leader is devoid of principles, swaying whichever way benefits him most. Singh promised Trudeau his support, but now cries foul at the first chance. Spineless.

Singh feigns concern about the budget’s shortcomings just to wrangle more concessions from the desperate Liberals. He knows they need his backing so he’s exploiting their weakness. 

Rather than honestly critique the budget, Singh engages in political theater designed to extract maximum gain. All while claiming to stand up for Canadians. D eceitful.

The NDP act outraged about the budget they helped craft behind closed doors. Are we supposed to believe that Singh suddenly noticed the budget’s flaws after weeks of negotiations? Or is he merely manufacturing grievances to pressure Trudeau? 

Either way, it shows an utter lack of sincerity. The NDP are partisan mercenaries using theatrical politics, not stewards acting in the people’s interest.

Singh crows about championing pharmacare, then balks at the budget funding it. He excoriates the Liberals for an agreement he signed just months ago. 

Mr. Singh expects Canadians to suffer his short-term memory and bald-faced hypocrisy. We see through his charade. He cannot hold the budget hostage while posturing as a man of integrity.

The NDP’s grousing reveals their true colors. They feign concern for disabled Canadians, but had no qualms backing Trudeau previously. Singh weaponizes vulnerable groups as leverage, then discards them when no longer useful. 

His righteous indignation would evoke more sympathy if it wasn’t so obviously contrived.

Another remarkable turning tables against Trudeau is opposing the Carbon Tax despite running on it in the 2019 election. Singh waffles on carbon pricing, refusing to back the scheduled increases. 

He now claims the NDP will release their own plan. How convenient for Singh to flip-flop now that high gas prices make the policy unpopular. The NDP blows wherever the political winds take them.

Singh won’t reveal if his mysterious new plan will maintain the current carbon tax. He probably hopes to have it both ways – reap the political benefits of opposing carbon pricing while leaving the door open to back it if public opinion shifts. 

In a recent conference interview with CTV News, Singh was asked if he thinks the increases are punitive, as he gave a statement fully agreeing with the description of the carbon taxes increase.

Singh’s word games epitomize the hollow populism corroding our politics. Principles sacrificed at the altar of power.

Singh Peddles Toxic Fictions About Poilievre in Act of Desperation

The NDP’s carbon pricing vagaries allow Singh to attack Poilievre without presenting any substantive alternative. Accusing Poilievre of having no plan is rich coming from the evasive NDP. At least Canadians know where Conservatives stand – Singh’s position seems to change daily. The NDP leader’s hypocrisy is astounding.

Singh wants Canadians to believe he’ll stand up to big polluters and lower emissions without divulging any details. More empty socialist rhetoric devoid of substance. He rails against corporations while cozying up to Trudeau. Singh personifies hollow virtue signaling and champagne socialism.

“What we’ve said, our plan that we will put forward is one that is fair for working people, takes on the big polluters, and lowers our emissions,” Singh said.

Singh’s turning on carbon pricing exposes political opportunism. Cravenly following public opinion isn’t leadership. If Singh believes in carbon pricing, he should defend it on principle, not conceal his stance for political gain. Until the NDP finds some convictions, they don’t deserve power.

And last but not least, Singh pedals abject falsehoods about Poilievre to scare Canadians. His outrageous claim that Poilievre wants to dump toxic waste in rivers is utterly baseless fear mongering. Singh sinks to new lows twisting Poilievre’s words for political gain.

He doubles down on the toxic waste lies even when the media highlight his dishonesty. The NDP’s moral bankruptcy knows no bounds. They are charlatans masquerading as champions of the people.

Singh’s falsehoods eroded what little credibility he had left. This is the same man who flip-flopped on the carbon tax and made escalating demands of Trudeau despite their deal. Now he peddles conspiracy theories about dumping waste.

Trudeau’s Belated Budget Scramble Reeks of Election Desperation

On the other hand, Trudeau claims his budget will restore “generational fairness”, but it’s just smoke and mirrors. He patronizingly suggests young people’s struggles stem from boomers hoarding wealth. 

“Everything that is created, built, served and sold in this country is increasingly being created, built, served and sold by Millennials and Gen Z,” said Trudeau as he announced what he called a budget focused on a quest for “generational fairness.”

“Their success is Canada’s success in the future, sure, but also right now. But the economy isn’t rewarding them the way it used to reward their parents and grandparents.

“That’s not right. That’s not fair.” He continued.

In reality, Trudeau’s policies like unchecked spending have sabotaged millennials’ prospects. His budget is a band-aid on a gaping wound his government inflicted.

Trudeau has ignored millennials’ interests for years but now professes concern with an election looming. He focuses on splashy giveaways like housing funds rather than addressing the root problems his fiscal mismanagement caused. Trudeau placates young voters with crumbs while still pandering to boomers. His generational fairness rhetoric rings hollow.

Young people see through Trudeau’s eleventh-hour electioneering. Low youth support for the flailing Liberals shows that millennials feel abandoned by the government they once embraced

In conclusion, the recent actions of Jagmeet Singh and the NDP demonstrate a disturbing pattern of hypocrisy, deceit, and political opportunism. Singh’s wavering support for the Liberal budget that incorporated NDP demands exposes his untrustworthiness.

Singh has shown his true colors with his deceitful attacks on Poilievre. He is no better than Trudeau and the Liberals he ostensibly opposes. The NDP leader is a hypocrite who puts power above truth. Until Singh reforms his unscrupulous brand of politics, voters should view his words with great skepticism.

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