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Singh Blasts Trudeau’s Leadership Failures on National Security


Singh Slams Trudeau

In a surprising turn of events, the NDP leader is taking shots at Justin Trudeau for his major national security failures. Singh is basically calling our virtue-signaling PM too weak and woke to protect Canada properly.

He’s making a big show, saying he’ll kick out any NDP MPs named in a big classified report about politicians working with foreign powers. Singh is accusing Trudeau of sitting around and doing nothing instead of stepping up.

This is a huge political blow to Trudeau, hitting him hard on national security. After nearly a decade of weak leadership from the Liberals, even the NDP is feeling bold enough to go after Trudeau’s failings as a leader.

Just watch Trudeau struggle to come up with excuses while Singh grabs the spotlight. The optics are terrible for our PM who’s more focused on pronouns than protecting the country.

While Canadians wait for real justice, Singh’s showboating isn’t really helping. But politically, it’s a knockout punch that makes Trudeau look like he has no idea what he’s doing when it comes to protecting Canadian democracy.

After years of Liberal inaction against foreign threats, Singh’s tough-guy act makes Trudeau look like a passive puppy. It’s a public takedown we won’t forget anytime soon.

NDP Leader Blasts Trudeau Inaction on Traitors

Canada is in a major leadership crisis like never before. Justin Trudeau’s liberal government has failed so badly that even the socialist NDP feels confident enough to call them out.

In a surprising move, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has promised to kick out any member of his caucus found collaborating with foreign powers to undermine Canada. He made this dramatic pledge after reading a shocking confidential report that exposed sitting MPs involved in treasonous acts.

Even though Singh’s promise might seem empty given the NDP’s own questionable track record, it still delivers a major blow to Trudeau’s credibility. It’s pretty telling when even your coalition partner starts acting like the heroes of transparency and accountability.

Now, Trudeau is scrambling to defend his lack of action while Singh steals the spotlight and moral high ground. This is what happens when a government focuses more on being woke than on protecting national security and Canadian sovereignty.

Singh declared he would immediately boot any NDP MP revealed as a traitor by the confidential report and promised to ban them from running under the NDP banner again.

Singh pledged: “There is no way I will approve them to run as a candidate, nor I will I allow them to continue to sit in my caucus if they are named and they knowingly worked with a foreign government to undermine our country.” 

He took the chance to blast Trudeau, noting the PM has sat on the report for nearly 3 months and failed to clean house. This rebuke stings because it’s true – Trudeau has dragged his heels despite having ample time to identify and remove subversives from his party and parliament.

While Canadians wait for true justice, Singh’s politically calculated outrage provides hollow comfort. Let’s not forget the NDP’s long history of actively undermining Canadian interests in favor of globalist socialism. 

With this track record, it’s hard to take Singh’s newfound patriotism at face value. This seems more like a ploy to score political points while doing nothing substantive to improve the situation. 

Singh refused to name any MPs from other parties who may be implicated in the report. So his bluster rings hollow – he chooses not to reveal the extent of treachery plaguing parliament but wants to take credit anyway.

Singh said: “The question of about whether I would name MPs of other parties if they’re in there is something I’ve got to take some serious reflection on and what’s the appropriate way,” Singh said.

He added: “I will demand next steps once I read the report.” 

While Singh is making a big show, Trudeau is just sitting around even though he has the power to clean the house. Unlike Singh, who doesn’t have much clout, Trudeau has access to all the unredacted details that could help him identify and kick out the traitors in the Liberal party.

But Trudeau does nothing, and that says a lot. When he had the chance to show some strength and take bold action for Canada, he chose weakness and inaction instead.

It wasn’t until the public outrage hit a boiling point that Trudeau finally felt the need to respond, and even then, it was the bare minimum. With Canadians ready to drag his government into treason trials, he made a small effort to save face.

He announced that the Liberals would support a Bloc Québécois motion to expand the public inquiry into foreign election interference. But this minor move only came after he realized how angry citizens were and that they wanted him held accountable.

Trudeau Passive as Singh Acts Tough on Traitors

With his back against the wall and facing political disaster, Trudeau took this tiny step to try to calm the public. But it doesn’t erase nearly a decade of his government selling out Canada’s interests to foreign powers.

Let’s not forget how far Trudeau has gone to hide details that would implicate his own party in treason. Only when it became politically unavoidable did he make this gesture. But he’s still blocking real transparency that would reveal the full extent of the betrayal under his watch.

Also, his Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland dodged questions about banning implicated Liberal MPs from running again. 

Unlike the NDP and Conservatives who’ve committed to expel traitors, Trudeau’s team won’t even promise that much.

This weak leadership has let politicians like Singh take advantage of public fears. Trudeau has lowered Canada’s global standing so much that even his coalition partner, the NDP, feels they can score points by attacking him.

After almost a decade of Liberal mismanagement, Canada’s democracy is facing huge threats from both inside and outside the country. From uncontrolled immigration and gang violence to foreign powers messing with our institutions, danger is everywhere.

We need strong leadership that’s ready to take bold actions to turn things around. But instead, we have a PM who’s more focused on pronouns and photo-ops than real issues.

A government that can’t even promise to remove traitorous MPs has lost the trust of Canadians. Meanwhile, the NDP is just putting on a political show to play on our fears without offering real solutions.

Canada desperately needs a big change in leadership. We need serious politicians with backbone who put Canada first, understand global threats, and are ready to make tough decisions to get us back on track.

The time for weakly “standing on guard” is over. To survive and thrive in this unstable world, Canada must regain its strength, pride, and self-reliance. Under Trudeau, the future looks bleak unless we fill this leadership gap soon.

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