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RNC Sues Nevada Over Voter Rolls, Kickstarts 2024 Strategy



The Republican Party is rallying around former President Donald Trump in preparation for the 2024 election. Recent shakeups at the RNC signal a renewed focus on Trump’s claims of election fraud. 

With loyal Trump allies now at the helm, the RNC is aggressively pursuing legal battles across the country aimed at tightening election laws and purging voter fraud.

The opening salvo in this high-stakes partisan struggle was the RNC’s lawsuit filed last week against Nevada’s Secretary of State, accusing the state of having bloated voter rolls. 

With Republican leadership firmly in the grasp of Trump die-hards, the party machinery stands poised to vigorously contest elections and propel Trump back into nomination and the White House. 

The RNC’s militant stance shows they are taking no chances, and will utilize every tool to ensure their embattled leader faces no obstacles in reclaiming power.

New Leadership

The Republican National Committee made headlines this week by filing a lawsuit against Nevada Secretary of State Cisco Aguilar, alleging inconsistencies in the state’s voter rolls. 

This comes on the heels of significant changes in GOP leadership, with Michael Whatley and Lara Trump recently taking control of the RNC. 

Lara Trump, the newly elected Republican National Committee co-chair, right, and newly elected Chairman Michael Whatley, greet attendees as they crowd the podium after the general session of the Republican National Committee Spring Meeting Friday, March 8, 2024, in Houston. (AP Photo/Michael Wyke)

With new RNC counsel Christina Bobb, a former reporter turned Trump lawyer who has experience with election fraud theories herself, leading the election integrity division, the party is gearing up for battle ahead of 2024. 

As Lara Trump declared in a fiery Fox News appearance, “If people out there don’t feel like their vote counts, they don’t trust the system we have, then we are no longer the  country we once thought we were.” She continued, “We have to fight fire with dynamite.”

In a memo to RNC members, Whatley expanded on plans to expand “ballot harvesting where legal” and absentee and mail-in ballot programs. Whatley wrote, “We must build and activate the most effective election integrity program that has ever existed to safeguard our elections. We must also focus on voter turnout and early voting in order to win.”

To spearhead these legal battles, the RNC made key hires like Christina Bobb as senior counsel for election integrity, and Charlie Spies, longtime GOP lawyer and architect of Governor Ron DeSantis’ potential 2024 campaign, as chief counsel, which shows the RNC’s readiness to fight.

RNC Sues Nevada Secretary of State

One of the RNC’s first moves under the new leadership was the lawsuit against Secretary of State Cisco Aguilar, accusing Nevada of not properly maintaining voter rolls. 

RNC Chair Michael Whatley claimed, “Nevada has universal mail voting and no voter ID requirement, which makes Secretary of State Cisco Aguilar’s failure to comply with the NVRA and provide accurate voter rolls all the more concerning. Securing clean voter rolls in Nevada is a critical step towards ensuring that it will be easy to vote and hard to cheat.”

Voting Booths set up in rows on Election Day

The lawsuit alleges several Nevada counties have more registered voters than adult citizens, and others have suspiciously high registration rates. The RNC alleges that this could enable voter fraud, undermine election integrity, and make it harder for the GOP to allocate resources properly.

Nevada officials pushed back on the RNC’s claims, arguing the data used to determine registration validity was flawed. The state highlighted procedures used to ensure rolls stay updated, like working daily to remove deceased voters.

State GOP chair Michael McDonald claimed every vote must count, and “The only way that happens is with clean voter rolls.”

The Nevada lawsuit is one of 81 election integrity cases brought by the RNC this cycle, including a similar recent lawsuit against Michigan’s Secretary of State. 

With the party leadership firmly in the hands of Trump loyalists like Whatley and Lara Trump, the RNC seems to be living up to its promise to make election integrity — and continuing to undermine trust in elections — a top priority.

By filing lawsuits focused on voter rolls and election administration, the RNC aims to continue feeding the narrative of a “stolen” election. Trump-aligned lawyer Cleta Mitchell said the efforts will “educate the public” and “expose problems in the system.” Mitchell herself promotes election denialism and previously testified before Congress about the 2020 election.

Accusations from Democrats

Democrats have accused Republicans of using “election integrity” as a guise to make it harder for Democratic-leaning voters to cast ballots. They point to state-level GOP efforts like curtailing mail voting and enacting strict voter ID laws. 

While the RNC and Trump allies focus their efforts on election laws and voter rolls, the former president is also sounding the alarm about potential consequences if he fails to regain the White House. At a recent campaign rally, Donald Trump issued a stark warning about the potential consequences of him losing the upcoming presidential election. Trump predicted there would be an economic “bloodbath”

With Trump all but confirmed to run again in 2024, election integrity remains front and center for the GOP. The RNC’s new election integrity push also involves plans to recruit and train more poll watchers across the country. Democrats accuse the GOP of trying to intimidate voters, while Republicans claim they want to ensure transparency and protect against fraud. 

The RNC’s Nevada lawsuit shows their commitment to keeping the game fair into the 2024 election cycle. Their focus on “election integrity” ensures there will be no doubts about electoral fairness among Republican voters. 

RNC United Behind Trump

With the Republican Party united behind Trump, the road ahead is looking brighter and brighter for the former president’s prospects in 2024. The RNC’s embrace of election integrity efforts and Trump loyalists in leadership roles suggest his influence remains strong. 

As the party machinery mobilizes to support Trump’s perspective, his path to retaking the party’s nomination seems secure. Despite Democratic criticism, the GOP’s focus on election laws and administration shows their commitment to ensuring Trump’s success in the next presidential race. 

With Republican leadership firmly backing Trump, the stage is set for him to continue leading the party forward. Biden stands little chance against a revitalized Trump and a GOP focused on securing future victories. 

With Trump at the helm, Republicans have laid the groundwork for a promising future for America under his leadership. The party’s renewed vision makes one thing clear – Trump has prepared the GOP for major comebacks starting in 2024.

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