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ReformUK secures best-ever by-election results


The winds of change are gusting through Britain’s political landscape. ReformUK, the insurgent party seeking to shake up the stagnant two-party system, just secured its biggest ever by-election results.

Scoring over 10% of the vote in both Wellingborough and Kingswood, Reform UK served notice that it is now a major force to be reckoned with. Party leader Richard Tice called this a “defining moment”, cementing Reform UK as a significant player ahead of the next general election.

While the tired Tories and Labour cling to outdated ideologies, Reform UK offers a bold new vision – slashing wasteful spending, turbocharging growth and putting British aspirations first. The old guard are living on borrowed time. Reform UK’s surge shows a hunger for real change, not the status quo.

The party faithful are fired up as the march to the general election begins. For too long the Westminster elite have ignored the people. But the times are changing. Reform UK’s momentum proves a new political insurgency is gathering pace. Watch out Westminster – the winds of change are coming, and Reform UK is riding the gale.

Reform UK secured its best-ever by-election result on Friday night in Wellingborough. The party’s candidate, Ben Habib, won 13% of the vote – a significant increase compared to previous Reform UK results.

Far from a wasted vote, Reform’s strong showing demonstrated that they are a rising force who can no longer be ignored. The people of Wellingborough sent a powerful message by backing Ben Habib and the Reform UK movement for real change.

While Labour may have won the seat, it was Reform who were the real winners on the night. Their impressive result defied expectations and blew previous Reform by-election performances out of the water.

For Deputy Leader Ben Habib, the night marked a personal triumph. His bold, passionate campaign spoke to voters disillusioned with politics-as-usual. Standing on a platform of common sense policies and a vision to transform broken Britain, he exceeded all predictions.

This was no protest vote – Wellingborough chose Reform. Ben Habib’s vote share equalled over half that of the Conservatives, proving Reform can challenge the failing old parties. The foundations have been laid for an even stronger Reform surge in Wellingborough come the general election.

The tired old parties sought to downplay Reform’s breakthrough, but they can’t hide their concern. Reform didn’t just take votes off the Tories, they won support in their own right. And this is just the beginning.

Across the country, more and more people are flocking to Reform as the only true opposition offering meaningful change. The Wellingborough result confirmed Reform’s polling numbers are being matched by real votes, much to the old parties’ dismay.

While the Conservatives arrogantly dismiss Reform as a fringe force, the truth is they are running scared. Reform is parking its tanks firmly on Tory lawn. This insurgent party is threatening to smash the old party duopoly wide open.

Rishi Sunak can try to scare voters by claiming a vote for Reform lets Labour in. But Wellingborough showed that argument is wearing thin. The Tories have taken voters for granted for too long and now their base is fracturing.

From Johnson to Sunak, the Conservatives have lost their way and their ability to unite the Right. Reform is peeling away not just 2019 loan votes but disillusioned lifelong Tories. And there are many more up for grabs.

Sunak warns that divisions on the Right will open the backdoor to Labour. But in reality, it is the failure of Conservative governments that have brought Britain to the brink and paved the way for a Labour resurgence.

Reform didn’t put this Tory government in power and aren’t responsible for its mistakes. Voters know it is for the Conservatives to get their house in order, not waste energy lashing out at insurgents.

While the Tories are stuck looking in the rearview mirror, Reform UK is a party firmly focused on the future. They have bold, fresh ideas to jolt Britain out of its malaise and make our country work for its people again.

Reform would cut taxes, reduce immigration, liberate businesses from red tape, and reignite our economy. Their positive vision stands in stark contrast to resigned Tory defeatism.

In Ben Habib, Reform has found a leader who can inspire. On the campaign trail, he connected with voters desperate for a leader who stands up for Britain’s interests. His energy and conviction are a tonic to dull, careerist politicians.

Thursday night in Wellingborough, the old parties hoped to write Reform off. Instead, they awoke to a new political reality where Reform looms large. Reform laid down a marker that they are here to stay and here to win.

Reform UK’s gathering momentum in Wellingborough serves notice that this insurgency poses a formidable threat to the old political order.

The Conservatives disregard them at their peril. Yet true to form, rather than acknowledge Reform’s advance, the shell-shocked Tories quickly moved to downplay and dismiss their historic result.

Still reeling from an abysmal double-by-election defeat, panicked Conservative spinners went into damage limitation mode, trying in vain to spin Reform’s breakthrough as insignificant.

Following Reform candidate Ben Habib’s stunning 13% vote share in Wellingborough, Rishi Sunak dismissed the result as irrelevant. The PM callously told voters that backing Reform “is just a vote to put Keir Starmer in power.”

But Sunak’s scaremongering couldn’t be further from the truth. The Conservatives have no divine right to voters’ support. Millions are crying out for new leadership and Reform offers a credible alternative.

It is precisely because the Tories have lost their way that lifelong Conservatives are now backing Reform. Sunak cannot simply order wavering Tories to fall blindly back into line. He needs to listen to their concerns.

The Conservative vote is fragmenting for good reason – trust has collapsed after a litany of broken promises and serial incompetence. Reform represents the best of Conservative values that this government has abandoned.

Sunak warns that we must unite behind his flailing Tories or risk Labour gaining power. But in places like Wellingborough, there is minimal risk of Labour retaking seats under Reform’s challenge.

The greatest beneficiary of Tory weakness is Reform UK. In uniting a fractured Right, it is Reform who have the momentum to win seats from Labour, not the politically bankrupt Conservatives.

Sunak is deluded if he believes most Reform backers are happy to have Keir Starmer as Prime Minister. They voted to shake up the old order, not install Labour. Reform speaks for a silent majority of disenfranchised Tories.

Polling shows Reform supporters largely align with Tory policies but have lost faith in the party’s ability to deliver under Sunak’s rudderless leadership. His aggrieved reaction to Reform will only widen the gulf of distrust.

Having taken voters for granted, the Tories are now paying the price. But rather than look within, they are busy lashing out at insurgents. This reeks of arrogance and complacency – traits that have put the Conservatives on the precipice.

Reform is capitalizing on growing public contempt, not causing it. With the economy shrinking, taxes soaring and debt ballooning, the Tories have done this to themselves.

Sunak cannot credibly blame Reform for Conservative incompetence. Voters recognise that the Tories are the authors of their own downfall. If Sunak wants to win back support, he should focus on fixing his party.

The Conservatives are panicking because Reform represents an existential threat to their hegemony. This insurgency has exposed how weak the Tories have become and how wide the door is open to change.

Reform has a spring in its step while the Tories appear politically spent. The Wellingborough result shows which party has momentum going into the next election.

Sunak’s arrogant dismissal of Reform’s growing support shows a leader unable or unwilling to grasp the depth of discontent among the British public. His take-it-for-granted attitude epitomizes a complacent Conservative party now facing a full-blown identity crisis as voters break away to Reform in droves.

Caught entirely flat-footed by this insurgent challenge from the right, the Tories’ panicked and tone-deaf reactions seem doomed only to further fan the flames of this populist revolt.

Clearly unnerved by Reform’s momentum, Tory big guns reframed the Wellingborough result as insignificant. By downplaying Reform’s landmark gains, they hope to dispel growing panic in Tory ranks.

But belittling Reform’s advance cannot conceal the truth – this insurgency is winning converts in droves. The Conservatives are shedding voters faster than they can preserve party loyalty.

Once seen as a fringe irritation, Reform now has the Tories on the run. Each attempt to dismiss Reform as irrelevant exposes Conservative anxiety at this populist upstart.

Having secured their best ever by-election results, Reform has definitively broken into the mainstream. The Tories’ haughty mockery smacks of establishment elites vainly circling the wagons.

By sneering at Reform’s “small” vote share, the Conservatives treat 13% as an aberration that can be ignored. But in our fractured political landscape, 13% makes Reform a potential king-maker at the next election.

With the Tory vote share collapsing, Reform could yet hold the balance of power. Already they are distorting the political landscape in Labour’s favour as the Right devours itself.

Wellingborough was just the start. Reform has laid down a marker and will continue positioning itself as the populist anti-establishment force in British politics. For Reform’s detractors, it’s time to wake up to this new reality. The political sands are shifting and Reform UK is on the rise.

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