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RCMP officer arrested after leaking secrets to “foreign actor”


Another day, another betrayal from within the crumbling Royal Canadian Mounted Police. On Trudeau’s watch, sworn RCMP officers brazenly leak national secrets to foreign actors while corruption runs rampant through the senior ranks.

The latest treasonous disgrace comes as a frontline RCMP officer was charged with improperly accessing classified databases to provide intelligence to the Rwandan regime. This systemic security crisis under our globalist prime minister threatens the sovereignty and safety of all Canadians.

Time and again the RCMP has failed to safeguard sensitive data, with leaks becoming commonplace. Trudeau’s response? Grand platitudes about diversity and inclusion, but no real accountability or reform.

He has sacrificed excellence for political correctness, leaving gaping holes for foreign infiltrators to exploit.

Canadians are left with no choice but to lose faith in an RCMP corrupted by Trudeau’s agenda. Officers swear an oath to serve Canada, but many seem to serve only their own interests while selling out national secrets.

While the ranks follow trendy ideologies, Canada remains vulnerable to threats both within and without. Trudeau has brought the legendary Mounties to their knees, and our security hangs in the balance. This latest breach makes one thing clear – we must demand better, before it’s too late.

Trudeau’s RCMP are a joke and out of control, with the latest absurdity proving Trudeau’s failure.

The storied Royal Canadian Mounted Police have long stood as a proud symbol of Canadian heritage and values. But in recent years, the RCMP’s reputation has suffered under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s governance.

Two recent incidents highlight how the federal police force has strayed from its roots – an officer charged with leaking secrets to a foreign government, and a controversial internship offered based on gender identity rather than qualifications.

In the first alarming development, The arrest of RCMP officer Eli Ndatuje for improperly accessing and sharing confidential police information with Rwandan officials has alarming national security implications.

Ndatuje brazenly abused his access to sensitive CPIC databases, meant solely for authorized law enforcement purposes, in order to assist a foreign actor.

He is accused of transmitting protected information from the Canadian Police Information Centre systems to the Rwandan government from Red Deer. This is a profoundly serious violation of his duties as a sworn officer and the public’s trust.

The fact that an RCMP member could evade detection while mining classified databases to provide intelligence to a foreign regime raises urgent questions.

This stunning security failure clearly shows the RCMP’s systematic infiltration by foreign agents under Trudeau’s watch. The espionage operation likely went on for years right under the oblivious noses of Canada’s national police force.

That an RCMP officer could brazenly transmit top secret intelligence to Rwanda for so long before finally being caught exposes incompetence on an unforgivable level.

How many more enemy moles are still burrowed deep in the RCMP’s ranks, freely sabotaging Canada’s interests thanks to the Mounties’ lax screening and oversight?

Canadians are left to wonder – with such profound failures to detect traitors within, how can we possibly trust the RCMP to protect us from threats outside? The integrity of the once proud federal police force has been shattered thanks to Trudeau’s corrosive leadership.

His arrest also dredged up memories of Cameron Ortis, an RCMP intelligence director sentenced for selling classified intel to foreign interests.

The repeated leaks point to fundamental weaknesses in the federal police force’s security protocols and institutional safeguards under Trudeau’s watch.

This is the direct result of Trudeau prioritizing diversity over competence in government appointments. In his bid to appear progressive, Trudeau has opened the door for foreign infiltration of Canadian institutions, compromising our sovereignty.

The RCMP’s dismal failure to contain sensitive information is particularly alarming given their mandate to protect national security.

Trudeau’s response has been typical – grandiose rhetoric about inclusion, but little concrete action to address the dysfunctional culture plaguing the RCMP’s upper echelons.

While frontline officers like Ndatuje should face consequences for breaking their oaths, the ultimate responsibility lies with the political leaders who enabled such negligence. Trudeau has repeatedly shown weakness against threats to Canada’s interests under his watch. His globalist vision for Canada has prioritized political correctness and diversity over competence, compromising national security.

There seems to be a concerted effort underway to incrementally undermine Canadian sovereignty, with Trudeau either complicit or oblivious as officials sell out Canada’s interests abroad. Trudeau has stacked senior government positions with hand-picked ideologues loyal to him over country. Their inexperience has directly led to leaks and misconduct, yet Trudeau takes no action. Some even suggest he is deliberately allowing or enabling leaks to justify expanded state surveillance over Canadians.

More disturbingly, Trudeau could be making Faustian bargains to gain power, promising the deep state greater domestic spying powers in exchange for allowing election rigging and media manipulation under the guise of “fortifying democracy.”

Regardless of his motives, Canadians deserve better than a prime minister whose wokeness jeopardizes national security and undermines confidence in federal institutions like the RCMP.

Trudeau must finally be held accountable for the repeated violations and betrayals of the Canadian people that he has enabled through his incompetent appointments and reckless globalist agenda. His naive policies have left Canada vulnerable and our most vital institutions corrupted.

The time has come for more than just a course correction – Canada needs a complete u-turn away from Trudeau’s failed leadership before irreparable damage is done. He has shown himself unworthy of the office and responsibilities entrusted to him. He has lost all moral authority through his repeated failings.

Trudeau has become a laughing stock on the world stage and an embarrassment to patriotic Canadians who expect and deserve so much better from the highest office in the land. His never-ending scandals and breaches have brought disgrace to the storied RCMP.

But the hits keep coming for the once-proud RCMP’s reputation. In another act of tone-deaf virtue-signaling, the federal police unveiled a new internship offered exclusively to students who “identify as women” rather than biological females.

In the internship ad, the RCMP encouraged applicants to self-declare as women to qualify, cementing perceptions that the force has lost its way under Trudeau’s social engineering agenda. The requirement flies in the face of basic meritocratic principles, opening the door for abuse and controversy.

The internship offer is a misguided effort to appear progressive, undermining the RCMP’s core mandate. Its fixation on identity politics does little to build confidence that the best candidates will be selected. Respectable institutions like the RCMP should operate based on objective qualifications, not subjective identities.

Once again, the fault lies with Trudeau and his government pushing woke ideologies at the expense of practical common sense. Their oppressive politically correct culture has infected the RCMP, eroding traditions of excellence that once defined the organization.

When even the national police force prioritizes gender pronouns over stopping real crime, it shows how deeply Trudeau’s woke agenda has corrupted Canadian institutions. The RCMP’s long-term viability is threatened by short-term progressive posturing.

The RCMP must take a hard look in the mirror and rediscover its roots. The Mounties were created to bring order and justice to the wild frontier based on individual character and grit. Now, they pander to progressive mobs on Twitter at the expense of fulfilling their duty.

Trudeau’s government has demoralized the RCMP into being agents of social change rather than law and order. If they do not find their way soon, they risk becoming completely irrelevant to the citizens they serve.

Canadians deserve police leadership that values truth over tribe, competency over diversity, and principle over politics. The courage exists within the RCMP ranks to resist Trudeau’s politicization and restore the integrity past Mounties died to uphold.

The destruction of the once-great RCMP lies directly at the feet of Justin Trudeau. Through his reckless policies, our cherished national police force is now synonymous with corruption and treason. Trudeau has deliberately weakened the foundations of Canadian sovereignty in his rabid quest to forcibly impose his radical progressive vision on our nation.

Outraged citizens must speak out now against Trudeau’s systematic corrosion of institutions that safeguarded our freedoms for generations. We cannot remain silent any longer while this dangerous socialist dismantles the values that built Canada from within.

If there are still patriotic RCMP officers who have not been indoctrinated by Trudeau’s brainwashing, they must break ranks and uphold their oath to country over man. They have a duty to help stop Trudeau’s agenda from extinguishing the last members of Canadian heritage under his dictatorial rule.

Make no mistake, we have arrived at a turning point for our nation’s survival. With courage and wisdom, we can yet steer Canada off the course to totalitarianism Trudeau has set us on. But we must act fast, while resistance is still possible. The silent majority can no longer remain passive – stand up now before all is lost!

Trudeau has brought us to the brink of national disaster through his corruption of Canadian institutions like the RCMP. We must rally around values like law, order and liberty, rejecting Trudeau’s oppression. The old Canada can be great again, if patriots are willing to fight for it. Our future remains unwritten – but this is the hour to take our stand, for there may be no tomorrow.

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