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RCMP Crackdown Signals Escalation of ArriveCan Scandal


RCMP conduct search of GC Strategies’ office

A political earthquake just rocked the nation’s capital. In an explosive turn of events, the RCMP staged a dramatic midnight raid on the Ottawa offices of GC Strategies, the shady contractor at the center of the ArriveCan app scandal.

This stunning crackdown marks a watershed moment in the investigation into misconduct and bloated taxpayer spending surrounding the controversial mandatory travel app. It sends an unmistakable signal that law enforcement is now taking the escalating scandal seriously amidst growing public outrage.

The raid comes hot on the heels of GC Strategies partner Kristian Firth being hauled before Parliament and grilled for contempt and evasion of questioning. As Firth squirmed under the glare of accountability, the RCMP strike landed a devastating one-two punch.

The ArriveCan debacle has now exploded into a full-blown political crisis, as officials demand answers on how taxpayers ended up footing the bill for over $60 million dollars lining the pockets of well-connected liberal insiders.

GC Strategies Partner Firth Faces Rare Admonishment Before Parliament

In a stunning turn of events that sent shockwaves through Ottawa, the RCMP executed a dramatic raid on the offices of GC Strategies, the controversial contractor embroiled in the ArriveCan scandal.

As reported by the RCMP, this raid was related to allegations of fraudulent billing and resume fraud by GC Strategies, uncovered by IT firm Botler AI.

These allegations suggest potential “ghost contracting” by GC Strategies, a scheme involving billing the government for work that was never actually completed by subcontractors.

The raid represents a significant escalation in the investigation into GC Strategies’ controversial involvement in the development of the ArriveCan app. It underscores the gravity of allegations of unscrupulous practices used to secure lucrative government contracts.

As GC Strategies partner Kristian Firth stated, the search warrant itself noted the RCMP is looking into fraudulent billing and resume fraud.

This stunning raid comes on the heels of Firth being summoned to appear before the bar of the House of Commons, marking only the second instance in Canada’s 111 year parliamentary history that a private citizen has faced such intense scrutiny.

Firth standing all by himself in front of Parliament, getting scolded and grilled by MPs, shows how serious this situation is. He already got in trouble for not answering questions about ArriveCan, and now he’s in even deeper trouble.

Disturbingly enough, the Liberals didn’t want him to appear before the committee, claiming he has mental health issues and making absurd excuses because they know full well that if he was forced to answer more questions, their rotten scandals and contracts with him would come to light.

During his testimony in the House of Commons, Kristian Firth got hit with a bunch of tough questions about his company’s behavior, especially about messing with resumes to snag government contracts.

Conservative MP Larry Brock fired off a bunch of questions at Firth, honing in on his earlier admission of messing with resumes. Firth owned up to pumping up two months of internship experience to a whopping 51 months of professional experience and stretching seven years of experience to 12.

When asked if he got permission to tweak the resumes, Firth dodged the question.

He didn’t seem sorry about these shady moves, just saying he’s all for the RCMP checking it out because he thinks it’ll clear GC Strategies.

Brock jumped on Firth’s vague answers, pushing for more info on how much he’s been changing resumes and what it all means. Even after being asked a bunch of times, Firth couldn’t give a clear answer and avoided admitting he did anything wrong.

As tensions escalated, questions shifted to accountability, with Brock questioning whether Firth should bear sole responsibility for the scandal or if higher-ranking officials, including the Prime Minister and Liberal cabinet ministers, should face consequences. However, Firth remained noncommittal and evasive, prompting frustration among parliamentarians seeking accountability for the taxpayer-funded debacle.

As things heated up, the focus turned to who should take the blame, with Brock asking if Firth should be the only one in the hot seat for the mess or if the big shots like the Prime Minister and Liberal cabinet ministers should face consequences too, since they are directly responsible for enabling this mess.

But Firth didn’t commit to anything and kept dodging, which really annoyed the MP who wanted someone to answer for the taxpayer-funded disaster.

Firth’s blatant evasive response that he could not comment on such “speculation” and that he did not “understand the question” speaks volumes about his refusal to implicate liberal government officials who are directly complicit or negligent in enabling GC Strategies’ misconduct.

Firth’s defiant and arrogant demeanor was on full display when asked directly if he felt any shame over his actions. He bluntly responded, “No, I am not ashamed.”

Firth’s dodgy answers and lies in Parliament just make us wonder more about what really went down with the way-too-expensive ArriveCan app.

It’s crazy that a small company like his got almost $60 million from taxpayers, and he doesn’t even seem sorry about it.

His time in front of the House didn’t really make him answer for much, and it just made us even more suspicious of GC Strategies’ excuses for their part in this whole mess.

Trudeau Ultimately Responsible for ArriveCan Contractor Scandal

This whole mess with GC Strategies and their fat contract for the ArriveCan app is making Canadians seriously question what’s going on with the Liberals.

So, here’s the deal: PM Justin Trudeau’s getting called out for basically letting his buddies run wild, scoring a crazy $60 million from taxpayers for an app that was supposed to be a measly $80,000.

Instead of keeping things transparent and above board, Trudeau’s playing favorites, handing out contracts to his pals, and dodging any real oversight. It’s a major betrayal of the people who put their faith in him.

But seriously, should we be surprised? Trudeau’s like a pro at avoiding any real questions or taking responsibility.

As details emerge from the RCMP investigation, it’s obvious that the ArriveCan mess is just the tip of the iceberg for the Liberals.

The raid uncovered allegations of not only resume fraud on the part of GC Strategies, but also potential ghost contracting, in which the company billed the government for work that was never actually completed.

And yet GC Strategies has continued to deny any wrongdoing, with Firth brazenly stating, “I am not ashamed.”

The arrogance on display is appalling but not surprising. Trudeau’s government has continually evaded accountability and transparency, obstructing access to information at every turn. The botched rollout of ArriveCan is merely one example in a lengthy pattern of mismanagement and cronyism enabled by the Liberals.

While Trudeau maintains that he had no knowledge of corrupt dealings behind the scenes, this strains credulity. He appointed the very officials who awarded the ArriveCan contract to GC Strategies, turning a blind eye as costs ballooned and his close associates reaped the rewards.

Either Trudeau was in on it, or he’s just plain terrible at running the show. And honestly, I can’t decide which is worse.

As this ArriveCan mess keeps unraveling, it’s clear as day that Ottawa needs a serious shake-up. The Liberals have totally lost the trust of the people, thanks to their constant screw-ups driven by cronyism and a lack of morals.

Trudeau totally steered his party in the wrong direction, and now, trust in him to govern with honesty, handle money responsibly, and own up to mistakes is shot.

With all these scandals piling up on Trudeau’s plate, it’s crystal clear we need some fresh faces at the helm—leaders who actually care about doing right by the people and not just lining their own pockets.

This whole ArriveCan mess might just be the straw that finally breaks Trudeau’s government’s back. Canadians deserve way better than sketchy backroom deals and cash being thrown around like it grows on trees for the buddies of those in power.

After putting up with 8 years of Trudeau’s mess-ups, it’s high time for a change in Canada.

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