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Premiers Declare Open Season on Trudeau’s Carbon Tax


Introduction To The Premiers’ Bold Move

Conservative premiers are gearing up for an epic showdown with Justin Trudeau over the carbon tax. In a bold move, these defiant premiers are taking their uprising against Trudeau’s hated carbon tax increase on April 1st straight to Parliament.

Led by Alberta’s Danielle Smith and Saskatchewan’s Scott Moe, the premier crew is storming the House of Commons finance committee to force a reckoning on the carbon tax.

They’re calling out Trudeau’s plan to stick suffering Canadians with a 23% carbon tax hike as a ridiculous insult. And they’ve come armed with facts to counter Trudeau’s increasingly desperate smears and distortions aimed at forcing through this tax grab.

This committee throwdown marks a major revolt against Trudeau’s extreme climate agenda that has infuriated people across Canada. With the country in a cost of living crisis, the premiers are giving voice to the growing anger.

Their brave stand against carbon tax tyranny could be the tipping point that finally forces Trudeau to face the real-world damage his policies are causing.

The big question – will Trudeau listen to the people? Or has his carbon tax obsession pushed him past the point of no return?

Premiers Cooperate To End Trudeau’s Carbon Tax Scam

In a bold move, conservative premiers all over Canada have broken with tradition and attacked Justin Trudeau over his hated carbon tax. These defiant premiers are slamming Trudeau’s ridiculous plan to increase the carbon tax by another 23% on April 1st, making everything more expensive for Canadians who are already struggling.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the premiers are now trying to bring their beef with the carbon tax to a federal committee to force Trudeau to back off. Their public rebellion shows a major split within Canada’s political leaders over Trudeau’s increasingly extreme and unpopular climate plans.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith has been one of the most vocal opponents of Trudeau’s carbon tax. As leader of Canada’s energy producing province, she understands first-hand how the tax damages her province’s economy.

Alberta relies heavily on natural resource development. By imposing hefty carbon taxes on the oil and gas industry, Trudeau’s policies threaten jobs and prosperity in the province.

Premier Smith also condemned the hypocrisy of Trudeau expecting regular, hard-working Canadians to bear the costs of another tax hike while they face inflation and affordability crises. She criticized how damaging this additional burden is on many sectors including the oil and gas sector and small businesses.

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe joined the coalition of premiers calling out Trudeau and his carbon tax scam. He testified before a House of Commons committee and called the tax ineffective and demanded it be eliminated rather than increased.

New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs likewise requested an appearance before the committee to argue against the tax increase.

Higgs wrote: “The upcoming planned 23% increase to the federal government’s carbon tax will have a disastrous impact on New Brunswickers, and all Canadians.”

He requested to appear virtually: “to make the case as to why the federal government must cancel the planned increase in the federal carbon tax, or better yet, eliminate the federal carbon tax entirely, on everything, for everyone.”

Plus, Nova Scotia Premier Tim Houston joined the fray demanding carbon tax relief and like other premiers, Houston requested to make Nova Scotia’s case before the finance committee.

Houston wrote: “The carbon tax increase will mean Nova Scotians are paying more at the pump, and more for the cost of all goods they buy. This is something Nova Scotia cannot afford.”

Rather than listening to these legitimate concerns, Trudeau accused the premiers of lying and misleading Canadians. He claimed the tax leaves most families better off due to rebates.

However, numerous studies have debunked this Liberal myth. The Parliamentary Budget Officer, Canada’s independent financial watchdog, concluded in multiple reports that the majority of Canadian households pay more in carbon taxes than they receive through rebates.

Trudeau relies on fuzzy math about “average” costs and rebates rather than acknowledging real impacts on working families.

In a divisive press conference, he baselessly alleged Conservative premiers across this country are misleading Canadians in a desperate attempt to deflect blame from his carbon tax scam. Trudeau falsely insisted that families across Canada make more money with the Canada Carbon Rebate.

Trudeau’s environment minister has even admitted their carbon tax will do nothing to impact emissions until at least 2060.

Also, Trudeau’s claim that the carbon tax is vital for emissions reduction is undermined by the fact that real progress is happening through provincial initiatives and adoption of new technologies, not the tax.

And to make matters worse, the carbon tax itself drives inflation higher. The Bank of Canada has confirmed the tax has increased overall inflation by 0.4% – with especially pronounced impacts on energy costs.

Yet despite his own central bank contradicting him, Trudeau keeps trying to deceptively downplay the tax’s effect on inflation.

He argues it is negligible – a claim rejected by financial experts and the Bank of Canada’s own data.

Trudeau is desperately gaslighting Canadians about the inflammatory impacts of his carbon tax even as his experts and provincial premiers present facts disproving his spin.

Poilievre Calls For Nationwide Protests 

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre had called for protests outside of Liberal and NDP MPs’ offices to cancel the carbon tax earlier this month.

Protests are being planned across Canada on major highways and interprovincial borders for April 1. The Facebook group organizing the protest has over 151,000 members, with just under a week left until the planned countrywide protests.

Conservative politicians reflect the valid frustrations of their constituents. Trudeau dismisses them as misleading Canadians, but in reality they give voice to millions of Canadians.

Recent polls show 7 in 10 Canadians oppose the carbon tax increase. 7 in 10 premiers also oppose it and demand relief.

Trudeau is defying public opinion in his zealous pursuit of green ideology. He shows utter disregard for real economic impacts on families and businesses.

Canada already has one of the highest tax burdens in the industrialized world. Taxation limits economic growth and harms productivity. Now Trudeau piles on carbon taxes that hit lower income Canadians hardest.

Canada has got tons of natural resources that could be used to grow the economy. But the anti-development policies of the Liberals get in the way of reaching this potential. They funnel billions into green energy failures instead of supporting Canada’s main industries.

Canada desperately needs a new direction after Trudeau’s crappy leadership full of heavy taxes and reckless overspending. Citizens and businesses are begging for relief, but canceling the April 1 carbon tax hike – the first step to recovery – is beyond Trudeau’s abilities.

His childish responses show he’ll stubbornly cling to his fantasy ideals no matter how much damage he does to struggling Canadians.

Trudeau clearly doesn’t care about people’s hardship as he ruthlessly enforces a radical agenda making basic living unaffordable.

Conservative premiers heroically channel their constituents’ rage at Trudeau’s tone-deaf rules. But this entitled PM stays wrapped in a privileged, aristocratic bubble, deaf and blind to the very people he was elected to serve. Trudeau’s carbon tax obsession has become a dangerous fantasy – he is ruining Canada.

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