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Premier Higgs Rebukes Trudeau for Blocking LNG Projects


Introduction To Premier Higgs’ Attack  

The anti-carbon tax train just got more steam! New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs is the latest to step up and slam Justin’s virtue signaling carbon scam.

Instead of more economy-killing eco-schemes, Higgs laid down some wisdom: Canada should be exporting liquefied natural gas and leveraging our valuable resources.

But this dose of pragmatism went in one of Trudeau’s virtue-signaling ears and out the other. He can’t be bothered with common sense when there’s a carbon tax crusade to push!

Another premier tries to talk sense into our radical green PM, but Trudeau would rather bow down and worship at the altar of climate extremism than listen.

Trudeau had a chance to prove his carbon tax isn’t a war on working Canadians and our key industries but he fumbled badly as usual.

How many more premiers will it take ganging up before Trudeau reconsiders his extremist enviro agenda that’s ruining our economy?

Higgs Slams Trudeau’s For Rejecting LNG Exports

Canada’s got tons of natural resources that should make it one of the richest places around. But Justin Trudeau and the Liberals’ terrible economic plans are totally blowing that chance and tanking our economy.

The newest example of how clueless and blind to reality they are comes from New Brunswick’s Premier Blaine Higgs. He’s telling Trudeau to ditch his useless carbon tax scheme and start exporting liquid natural gas to Europe instead.

Of course, Trudeau and his radical Energy and Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson immediately dismissed this common-sense proposal.

Despite interest from countries like Greece, Germany and Japan in purchasing Canadian LNG, Wilkinson blithely declared “we are not interested in investing in LNG facilities.”

Wilkinson trotted out the tired excuse that subsidies for natural gas projects are “inefficient fossil fuel subsidies” that the government opposes. Yet the Liberals happily dole out billions in subsidies and loans for trendy green technologies, revealing their biased political agenda.

The minister says LNG projects should be left to private companies to figure out if they make sense money-wise. But his government’s rules and anti-gas talk completely discourage private money from investing by making natural gas seem bad.

Their dismissive attitude about LNG shows they’re clueless about economics.

With global energy shortages and high fuel costs, exporting Canadian LNG could help our allies in Europe and Asia. But Wilkinson admits they only reluctantly support gas projects “short-term” as a temporary patch. They refuse to see natural gas as part of Canada’s long-term energy plans.

Wilkinson stresses that new LNG projects must meet strict methane reduction targets and use “clean electricity.” Those unrealistic demands ignore what’s actually possible and aim to make LNG projects too expensive.

The Liberals pay lip service to replacing “heavier hydrocarbons” but oppose realistic policies to make that transition happen.

Their hostility to growing our LNG industry in a pragmatic way shows an ideological narrowness ignoring the facts. Canadians’ jobs are being sacrificed on the altar of climate extremism by this government.

Premier Higgs laid out a compelling case at a House of Commons committee meeting for how LNG exports can lower global emissions by displacing coal use in Europe.

He pleaded for a pragmatic, big-picture approach: “Let’s think bigger. Let’s look at Canada as a solution to world environmental impact and changes and reductions, as opposed to us being exactly focused on our internal affordability and the costs every day of living.”

But Trudeau didn’t even bother to seriously consider this idea. He simply hid behind his slogan of “pricing pollution” and accused anyone who questioned his policies of “misleading Canadians.”

This arrogant dismissal of Premier Higgs reveals everything that is wrong with this government’s attitude.

Trudeau says he cares about regular people and growing the economy. But his actions show the complete opposite.

His plans are killing jobs and opportunities in our energy industry while doing jack squat to cut global emissions. His irrational hate for our natural resources is hurting Canada’s growth and prosperity.

The carbon tax just drives up costs for Canadian families already struggling with massive inflation. And it barely puts a dent in emissions since Canada’s only 1.5% of the global total.

All this tax does is take money from people’s pockets and give it to the government to waste on a bloated bureaucracy and Liberal pet projects.

The Liberals refuse to provide the same subsidies to the natural gas industry that they lavish on trendy green technologies. Their political bias picks winners and losers rather than letting the free market determine the best energy solutions.

They punish western oil and gas producers while handing out billions in grants and loans to money-losing green tech companies. This anti-business attitude is driving away investment in our energy sector and killing jobs.

Trudeau’s hate for fossil fuels has also messed up our ability to help our European allies. Countries like Germany and Greece have straight up said they want to buy Canadian LNG as a stable supply instead of relying on Russian oil and gas.

But this government’s stubborn refusal to support LNG development stops us from helping out our friends abroad.

Trudeau just remains fixated on projects that will put Canada’s economy into ruins and his hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Trudeau Wastes $7M Promoting Obscure Climate Website

At the same time that they purposefully refuse to invest a single dollar in developing Canada’s liquefied natural gas industry, they are happily throwing millions of taxpayer dollars away promoting their useless climate change website.

While the Liberals claim there is “no business case” for supporting LNG projects, they have already spent over $3 million promoting their little-known website “climatecrisis.ca” which almost no one visits.

They plan to waste another $3.7 million going forward to promote this site that Canadians neither know about nor care about.

Rather than investing in pragmatic solutions like LNG exports that would create jobs and growth for Canadians and the economy, the Liberals give away taxpayer money on vanity projects to stroke their own egos.

Developing Canada’s LNG industry would support our European allies, reduce emissions by displacing coal, and generate prosperity. But the Liberals say there’s “no business case” for that.

Yet they can manage to find millions in public funds to spend on promoting their lame website filled with climate hysteria propaganda. A website that receives almost no traffic, despite massive promotion efforts.

Isn’t this an absurd and irresponsible waste of tax dollars?

The Liberals are completely out of touch with what regular Canadians care about. Affordability and jobs should be the priorities right now, not useless websites about a supposed “climate crisis.”

If the Trudeau government has millions to throw away on climate change PR campaigns, they have no excuse to deny support for practical LNG projects.

And at a time of global instability, Canada should be using our abundant energy resources to strengthen our allies and boost our geopolitical influence. But the Liberals’ hardcore loyalty to eco-socialist ideology undermines our national interests. They’re forcing us to miss out on major money-making and strategic opportunities.

Premier Higgs rightly warns that Trudeau’s policies are trapping us in a “bubble” of narrow thinking. His call for pragmatism over radical ideology is one this government needs to listen to.

The carbon tax has been a total failure. It’s time to ditch this failed experiment and pursue alternatives like LNG exports that offer real global emission cuts plus big economic benefits for Canada.

But Trudeau and his ministers have such a major anti-fossil fuel bias they won’t even think about any ideas involving natural gas, oil or coal. They instantly reject any solutions outside their narrow climate orthodoxy.

This closed-minded attitude is majorly screwing over Canada’s economic future.

The Liberals claim they support evidence-based policy, but they ignore all the evidence showing the carbon tax has screwed over working Canadians without cutting global emissions.

They talk about growing the economy but block big projects like pipelines and LNG terminals. The huge gap between their talk and reality shows their incompetence and hypocrisy.

Canadians are paying the price for this government’s crappy management. Tens of thousands of energy jobs have been lost under Trudeau’s watch, mostly in western Canada. Handing our energy jobs and potential over to dictatorships like Russia is an unacceptable government screw up.

With inflation at crazy highs, Canadians can’t afford another massive carbon tax hike. Like Premier Higgs argued hard, now’s the time for practical solutions like LNG exports, not more costly social engineering experiments like the carbon tax scam.

But Trudeau, Wilkinson and the other Liberal ideologues refuse to listen to reason. They ignore the devastating impacts of their plans on the struggling middle class.

Families trying to fill their gas tanks and heat their homes can’t afford this government’s radical agenda.

It’s time for a government representing all Canadians, not just environmental extremist ideology. The jobs of hundreds of thousands of energy workers matter. Affordable cost of living matters. Getting Canada’s economy moving right again matters.

Justin Trudeau has shown he doesn’t care about any of this. His failed leadership is driving Canada off a cliff.

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