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Poilievre Vows to End Trudeau’s Dictator-Like Grip on the CBC


Poilievre Exposes Trudeau’s Propaganda Arm

Just when you thought Justin Trudeau couldn’t possibly abuse taxpayers more, he’s now been exposed for creating his very own Joseph Goebbels-style propaganda arm. Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre outrageously called out Trudeau’s multi-billion dollar state broadcaster CBC as nothing more than a Hitler-style mind control operation to brainwash Canadians.

At a recent rally, Poilievre slammed Trudeau’s arrogant funneling of Canadians’ hard-earned money into what is essentially state-sponsored fake news. He highlighted the CBC’s ballooning six-figure salaries and cushy executive bonuses – all while real Canadians suffer.

And Poilievre delivered a roaring promise that brought the crowd to its feet: the CBC’s days as Trudeau’s personal Pravda are numbered. As Prime Minister, he will annihilate the CBC’s billion dollar taxpayer subsidy and turn its buildings into affordable housing for Canadian families in need.

Now that’s a real leader who understands kitchen table issues and wants to cut the waste to help average citizens. Trudeau’s dictator-like grip on the CBC to manipulate Canadians is beyond unacceptable in a democracy. His socialist propaganda machine must be dismantled.

Poilievre Vows To Destroy Trudeau’s CBC And Build Affordable Housing

Pierre Poilievre unleashed a bombshell slamming Justin Trudeau’s outrageous funding of the CBC even as Canadians struggle to afford housing.

At a recent rally in Toronto, Poilievre blasted the Prime Minister for pumping billions of taxpayer dollars every year into propping up the CBC, which is basically Trudeau’s propaganda machine.


Poilievre suggested turning the CBC’s huge downtown Toronto headquarters into affordable housing to help regular Canadians out with the worsening housing crisis. Canadians at the rally, fed up with Trudeau’s out-of-touch policies, roared and cheered at the idea.

For years now, the CBC has gotten over $1 billion annually from taxpayers even as less and less Canadians tune into its programs.

Yet the corporation still hands out millions in bonuses and pay raises to top executives, even while laying off hundreds of employees.

Just last year, the CBC gave nearly $15 million in bonuses to over 1,100 managers and bigwigs while announcing plans to cut 800 jobs.

On top of that, the CBC awarded $11.5 million in pay raises to thousands of employees for 2023-24.

This bonus and salary increase comes directly on the heels of CBC President Catherine Tait claiming the broadcaster faces “chronic underfunding” and difficult financial circumstances.

The number of CBC employees making over $100,000 a year has exploded by 231% since Trudeau became Prime Minister. But even with all those super high salaries at the top, Trudeau keeps funneling more and more public dollars into the CBC.

He just pledged an extra $90 million for the upcoming fiscal year, bringing the total CBC gets annually from taxpayers up to $1.4 billion.

Not only is Trudeau pumping record funding into the CBC despite its poor money management, now he’s exempting the broadcaster from any cost-cutting required of other government agencies.

Heritage Minister Pascale St-Onge recently confirmed the CBC will be spared from mandated 3.3% budget cuts, claiming the Liberals don’t want to “endanger” their propaganda arm.

The special treatment Trudeau gives the CBC makes it clear the broadcaster is really just Trudeau’s PR machine, not an independent news organization. Even as the CBC hands out big bonuses and raises to its executives, Trudeau keeps bribing them with more taxpayer dollars to hide Liberal scandals and quiet critics.

Letting his CBC friends avoid budget cuts while everyday Canadians hurt financially shows Trudeau just wants to protect his image no matter what.

The CBC’s sinking ratings prove Canadians see through this sham and want the biased broadcaster’s funding cut off.

Poilievre nailed how crazy it is to keep funding the failing CBC so much when many people can’t afford homes. People at his rally cheered loudly at the common sense idea of turning the CBC’s cushy buildings into homes for families who need them.

By calling out this waste of public money, Poilievre showed the real face of out-of-touch elites like Trudeau. While the PM lives high on the hog and helps out his insider pals, regular hard-working Canadians line up at food banks and live paycheck to paycheck.

Trudeau ignores the real worries of regular Canadians as he keeps lavishing money on groups like the CBC that cater to his privileged elite interests. He doesn’t care at all about the struggles of truck drivers, waitresses or small business owners scraping to pay their monthly housing costs.

Poilievre’s idea to turn the CBC into affordable public housing resonates with everyday working class people who feel abandoned by Ottawa’s policies that favor the rich. It shows Poilievre wants to redirect funding to where it’s truly needed – practical projects that help average Canadians.

Canadians want Trudeau government to spend less

Spending so much on the CBC is especially crazy when most Canadians want Trudeau to cut government spending. A Nanos Research poll found 63% prefer lower federal spending to get inflation under control and reduce deficits.

Nik Nanos, the polling firm’s chief data scientist, said: “Canadians by a large margin prefer spending reductions over increased spending. And As Canadians exercise their own economic restraint as they struggle to pay for housing and groceries, they likely expect the federal government to also exercise fiscal restraint.”

Also, The Liberals are far behind Pierre Poilievre’s Conservatives in opinion polls due in large part to affordability issues.

This matches Poilievre’s point that Trudeau’s out-of-control government spending is hurting regular people through higher inflation and taxes. And the CBC’s huge taxpayer handout is one of the most wasteful examples that should be first to get cut.

Another question in the Nanos poll found about a third of Canadians blame government overspending as a main cause of the skyrocketing inflation that has made grocery bills and cost of living shoot up. But even so, Trudeau keeps on spending without a care, running up record deficits to fund pet projects and groups like the CBC that support the Liberals.

While regular Canadians tighten their belts and make tough choices to balance their household budgets, Trudeau keeps up his tax-and-spend habits without any restraint. He doesn’t seem to hear the struggles of everyday Canadians who don’t have unlimited credit like the government does.

Poilievre understands this and knows the best way to help working Canadians is by leaving more money in their pockets through less government spending and lower taxes. Defunding the CBC would be a great start to realizing this vision.

Poilievre also frequently calls out the CBC’s waste and mismanagement on X, recently tweeting: “After crying broke when it laid off 600 staff last year, CBC gleefully handed out $15 million in bonuses to over 1,000 managers & executives in 2023. All while fewer Canadians are watching the CBC than ever before! Defund the CBC.”

The CBC has totally moved away from its original role and now just serves as a mouthpiece for Trudeau spin. Lots of its news stories have obvious biases aimed at protecting Trudeau’s Liberals, as shown by media monitoring groups.

But taxpayers who strongly disagree with this biased reporting still have to pay up for Trudeau’s PR machine. The CBC now mostly acts as a taxpayer-funded cleanup crew, covering up and putting spin on all of Trudeau’s scandals and messes rather than reporting the news fairly.

This is totally contrary to the CBC’s founding principles to provide balanced public service programming. Any private media outlet acting in such a nakedly partisan fashion would quickly go bust. The CBC can afford to ignore half the population because of its guaranteed public subsidy.

This 231% increase in six-figure salaries at the CBC since Trudeau took power also demonstrates its transition into an elitist institution. Rather than directing resources towards content creation, the CBC enriches its executives at taxpayers’ expense.

The time has come to pull the plug on the CBC’s billion-dollar taxpayer subsidy and force it to compete in the free market. Canadians can then choose to support the broadcasters whose content they actually want through subscriptions and advertising.

Poilievre’s call to turn the CBC into affordable housing is a perfect example of the grassroots uprising against elitism he’s leading. Canadians are fed up with Trudeau handing out favors to special interests while not caring about what regular people need.

Kicking Trudeau out in the next election can’t come fast enough. Canada needs a Prime Minister who gets the everyday struggles citizens face and wants to help them by having less government meddling.

The defunding of the CBC will be only the first step in redirecting resources away from elites towards taxpayers.

Poilievre’s idea to turn the CBC’s huge buildings into affordable housing points to a big difference voters have to pick from in the next election.

Will Canadians stick with Trudeau, whose leadership has helped out elite bigwigs more than regular folks? Or are they ready to make a big change and get a new Prime Minister who’ll take on the everyday problems impacting working families?

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