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Poilievre Takes Aim at The NDP and Jagmeet Singh


The NDP took a shot,….and Missed

Pierre Poilievre is coming for the NDP’s working-class vote, and Jagmeet Singh is powerless to stop him.

Poilievre’s rallies are electric, overflowing with disgruntled Canadians longing to break free from Liberal-NDP stagnation. He speaks their language – giving voice to the forgotten little guy, unlike Trudeau’s lobbyist cronies or Singh’s champagne socialists.

And thus, The NDP are in full panic mode, with Trudeau’s attack dog, Jagmeet Singh, left whimpering on Twitter, pathetically sniping at Poilievre with nonsense claims.

Canadians see through Singh’s charade. He sold out long ago. Now he defends the indefensible Liberal carbon tax hike that will impoverish the very people he claims to represent.

Meanwhile Poilievre rises. His visionary conservatism is a breath of fresh air compared to the stale Liberal-NDP tag-team.

Working Canadians see Poilievre as their real champion. And he is marching straight into the NDP’s turf with a landslide majority in his sights.

Poilievre Powers Through

Pierre Poilievre sees a clear path to becoming Canada’s next common sense Conservative prime minister – and it runs right through NDP territory and in spite of Jagmeet Singh.

Poilievre has been courting and showing traditional working-class NDP voters a much more honest and effective way to tackle the various Canadian issues, during rallies and meet-and-greets across the country. He is even targeting ridings currently held by the NDP.

Poilievre’s economic populist message clearly resonates with these voters. He speaks directly to their anxieties around inflation and the cost of living.

His rallies attacking Trudeau’s carbon tax prove popular, even in NDP strongholds like British Columbia.

Poilievre taps into public frustration with the status quo in Ottawa and in regards to Trudeau’s corrupt and authoritarian leadership.

The NDP are fiercely resisting this incursion into their base.

They accuse Poilievre of simplistic sloganeering on complex issues. Even going as far as Jagmeet Singh himself taking to twitter to defend the honour of his weak and equally corrupt comrades by baselessly attacking Poilievre on issues no one seems to care or give a damn about.

Coming from a sleazy Trudeau supporter that will give his soul to the devil himself if the deal was lucrative enough for him to indulge in his selfish desires, it is hilariously sad and embarrassing. But more on Jagmeet Singh and his slimy tactics later.

NDP stalwarts claim Poilievre is no friend of labor, having supported back-to-work legislation over his career. They say Poilievre’s policies would hurt, not help, working class Canadians.

Are they blind, ignorant, stupid or maybe a crazy mix between all three? Do they not see how his words and policies resonate with all Canadians and especially the young ones that will form the future backbone of this great country? Perhaps they are simply choosing not to acknowledge Poilievre’s popularity and so they keep trying to gaslight everyone just like they gaslit themselves into believing their own lies and hype.

But whine and cry all they want about Poilievre and the conservatives, the NDP cannot ignore that many traditional supporters feel increasingly disconnected from the party.

Years of stagnation and ineffective messaging have disillusioned voters who once saw the NDP as their voice. Poilievre offers a dynamic new option away from Trudeau and all the Liberal noise.

The Conservative fundraising juggernaut allows Poilievre to outmanoeuvre the NDP. He is flooding their ridings with rallies and advertising.

Poilievre is winning the air war and digital war even on the NDP’s home turf.

The NDP are struggling to counterpunch. They lack the resources and the general drive to match Poilievre’s outreach.

Their attacks on Poilievre as a fake populist land weakly. And recent NDP caucus infighting further hurts their image. And the dishonourable Jagmeet Singh is in the middle of all this debacle.

Poilievre Highlights the Embarrasment

The recent spate of NDP MPs retiring reveals a party in disarray under Jagmeet Singh’s faltering leadership.

Longtime members are abandoning Singh’s rudderless ship for greener pastures. Their rushing for the exits exposes the NDP’s ideological bankruptcy and general lack of competency.

Chief among the departees is Charlie Angus, who held his Northern Ontario seat for nearly 20 years.

Angus challenged Singh for the leadership in 2017 but lost. His impending retirement speaks volumes about the lingering discontent from that race.

Singh has failed to unite the party behind a coherent vision. Angus and other veterans have no faith in Singh revitalizing the tired NDP. They see little point sticking around to prop up his stalled and “woke” agenda.

Carol Hughes is also fleeing her Northern Ontario stronghold.

Like Angus, she has watched the NDP stagnate without inspiration under Singh. His limp leadership leaves stalwarts like Hughes little incentive to fight another campaign when she doesn’t believe in what she is supposedly fighting for.

The NDP old guard know Singh is incapable of renewing the party’s stale left-wing platform.

And after the disastrous Carbon tax hike that took place on April 1st and him being one of its greatest supporters since day one, things are not going to look any prettier.

When you have a man that states one thing and then goes on to explain how he would do the same thing in the same exact way just with different order of events, that’s when you get a corrupt politician like Jagmeet Singh, who plays the people and pretends to attack Trudeau’s approach on the Carbon Tax while wholeheartedly supporting it.

Funny how Singh always vouches to combat issues like decreasing affordability, but he is too busy fighting super markets than addressing real life issues like the carbon tax, which has been proven to affect prices and affordability. Anything for a good penny I guess.

So it only makes sense when NDP voters see this circus and proceed to abandon the sinking ship for new blood.

But fresh faces will not revive the NDP’s dated ideas. A socialist manifesto holds absolutely no appeal to everyday hard working Canadians.

Singh cowardly dismissed the resignations as normal turnover. But the veterans walking away are not just any MPs. They represent the traditional NDP heartland in Northern Ontario. Their stampede for the exits suggests deep disillusionment with Singh’s leadership.

Rachel Blaney’s departure also signals the NDP’s identity crisis. Under Singh, the party is untethered from its working-class roots.

Policies tailor-made for downtown vegan hipsters do not resonate with rural and blue-collar Canadians.

The NDP needs more than repackaged tax-and-spend policies from last century. Canadians struggling with inflation want real solutions, not stale socialist rhetoric.

With nothing compelling to offer, the NDP have embraced fringe activism.

They pander to climate extremists and anti-development activists rather than working Canadians.

Their reflexive anti-business stance shows no understanding of economic realities.

However Pierre Poilievre has another perspective on the matter, he concludes that the NDP under Jagmeet Singh has learnt so much from the liberals and especially Trudeau that they are now running away from accountability right after voting to hike the tax.

He argues that these NDP MPs are running away from accountability in a mix of malice and genuine shame to face the very same Canadians that will have and already had their lives destroyed by their greed.

But no matter the reason, the consequences should stay the same for every corrupt and slimy NDP official, with Jagmeet Singh on the very top of this rotten pile.

Jagmeet Singh Spotlight

And like I promised earlier, we have arrived at the later part, where we just take a glimpse at the hypocrisy of the man claiming to be fighting for the people of Canada, even if he has to go against Trudeau, but has in fact sold his soul for power and greed, just like every other liberal MP.

As we discussed and showcased earlier, Singh is the type of man to go against Polievre with baseless claims about his support for specific corporations in order to try starting a raging fire using nothing but a glass of water.

Singh is trying his hardest to blame the conservatives and Poilievre for the affordability and taxes crises that Canadians are suffering from. But Canadians have not been blind nor deaf for the past 8 years of the Trudeau and NDP joint leadership.

Singh utilises Trudeau’s way of addressing an issue, that being completely deflecting it onto someone or something else entirely that is not himself nor connected to him. Although I can’t say he’s doing a very good job of it.

Admitting Canada is failing and is in need of fixing and some common sense can only be seen as comical when Singh is the one screaming these words at the top of his lungs after aiding Trudeau with all the things that caused Canada to fail in the first place.

This is the same man that went on an interview and had ample opportunity to explain explicitly used terms like “excess wealth” and how his party is trying to tax a concept without a definition.

So of course trust this man and his gut when he talks about issues he barely understands; and for the ones he does understand he will just sugar coat his words and play the game until his next paycheck.

When questioned further on how the excess tax may actually make things worse for normal everyday Canadians, Singh dismisses the question entirely and continues posturing about doing nothing useful for the average Canadian.

But what do you expect from someone still championing the carbon tax hike and is doing his best to steer conversation away from the facts of the matter.

It is certainly a unique kind of sleazy when he mentions issues like affordability and housing and how all of this is affecting Canadians, but then goes on to state how supermarkets’ profits are the root cause. So, nothing related to excess immigration? Or is that one “excess” that you will accept? What about the overt government spending? Or is that okay since you are part of the corrupt coalition stealing from every Canadian’s pockets?

You will never catch Singh highlighting the government’s greed, corruption and general incompetence when he is part of the whole scheme. The only time Singh talks and challenges Trudeau on even the silliest and most useless of issues, is when he is bored and is looking forward to more leverage and power. It is merely a transaction for this greedy individual.

Selling your soul to the devil has been mentioned a lot lately and it is certainly the subject of conversation when it comes to Jagmeet Singh and the NDP.

The unholy NDP-Liberal coalition has sold out any principles for the mere promise of future power and the most recent stark example of such malice comes in the form of the NDP helping Trudeau’s Liberals shut down an investigation into major national security breaches at the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg.

So much for holding truth to power. The NDP chose political expediency over addressing disturbing allegations of foreign espionage.

Canadians’ national security takes a backseat to the NDP lust for relevance.
The NDP have debased themselves as the Liberals’ loyal apologists. They run interference whenever Trudeau faces criticism, no matter how justified.

As long as they get what they crave like pharmacare, the NDP will look the other way for you.

Canadians need transparency and principled leadership, not this odious NDP-Liberal cabal.

Poilievre has exposed the emptiness and corruption of Singh’s socialist rhetoric that is backing Justin Trudeau and the liberals..

And now the choice has never been more clear for Canadians; A party of honesty, transparency, and some common sense; Or a coalition between liars, thieves, and corrupt officials.

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