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Poilievre Slams Trudeau Over National Addiction Crisis


In a scathing post on X, Poilievre slammed Trudeau for igniting a drug crisis engulfing communities across Canada. After nearly a decade of reckless policies enabling addiction and injection sites, Trudeau has lit a fuse causing intolerable harm. His taxpayer-funded drug distribution has attracted hordes of addicts and dealers, igniting racist rage from Left wing extremists against innocent citizens trying to protect their neighborhoods.

Meanwhile, Trudeau ignores the pleading concerns of Canadians suffering the effects of his social engineering experiments gone wrong. Neighborhoods from coast to coast have descended into open-air drug markets and urban decay. But Trudeau stubbornly persists, worsening the emergency by funneling drugs into communities already reeling.

Canadians have had enough of apologizing Prime Ministers putting radical politics over public health and safety. Trudeau’s pathological ideology has unleashed a national addiction crisis destroying lives and communities. Poilievre gave voice to the seething anger of citizens paying the price while their worries fell on deaf ears. The Poilievre vision can heal our nation, but only if Canadians unite to chart a new course before it’s too late.

Poilievre slammed Trudeau’s reckless policies enabling drug addiction and the proliferation of unsafe injection sites that are destroying communities across Canada.

His recent tweet highlighted a racist tirade against a Chinese man trying to protect children from a drug injection site proposed by Justin Trudeau.

After eight years of enabling drug use through taxpayer-funded injection sites and free drugs, Trudeau has destroyed lives and communities across Canada.

Injection sites have become magnets for increased criminal activity, making neighborhoods less safe. The claims that these facilities reduce overdose deaths and improve public safety are unsupported by evidence. On the contrary, areas around injection sites typically see spikes in crime, violence, and open drug use.

Addicts flock to these taxpayer-funded havens, drawn by the promise of a place to consume dangerous narcotics with impunity. Dealers soon follow, creating thriving open-air drug markets catering to the captive customer base. Brazen street dealing and abuse create precarious conditions for local residents.

Vancouver, home to Canada’s first injection site, continues to have one of the highest overdose death rates in North America. The only thing Trudeau’s policies have accomplished is attracting more drug users and enabling dangerous addictions.

The proposed injection site in Richmond is strongly opposed by thousands of residents, as clearly evidenced by the heated city council meeting this week. Citizens are rightfully concerned about the safety impacts to their community, especially children, if the site is approved. Trudeau ignores these legitimate concerns, insisting injection sites are the compassionate solution while dismissing options focused on recovery and healing.

A petition opposing the proposed supervised drug consumption site in Richmond has garnered over 17,000 signatures ahead of the city council vote on the issue.

Many residents believe the site would increase crime and public drug use in their community. Former council candidate Sheldon Starret echoes these concerns, arguing Richmond should focus on treatment and rehab instead of enabling drug use.

He claims many feel the city is not listening to worries that attracting more “transient drug users” from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside would overwhelm resources and threaten safety.
The failed injection site policies and free drug handouts championed by Trudeau are not limited to Vancouver and Richmond. This dangerous social experimentation is happening across Canada, enabled by Trudeau’s government.

Taxpayer-funded injection sites are sprouting up in cities from coast to coast, despite a lack of evidence they actually work. This proliferation has corresponded with a massive spike in drug overdose deaths under Trudeau’s watch.

Rather than admit failure, the government insists on expanding access to free drugs nationwide, worsening the addiction crisis. Justin Trudeau is facilitating a nationwide public health emergency by prioritizing his drug normalizing ideology over evidence-based policy.

Canadians in communities across the country are paying the price for his negligence with increased crime, unsafe neighborhoods and lives destroyed by addiction.

Conservatives have long advocated for a more sensible drug policy centered on treatment and prevention rather than enabling continued drug use.

The Poilievre plan to sue major pharmaceutical companies for their role in fueling the opioid crisis could provide significant funds for drug treatment programs.

This forward-thinking approach would help people overcome addiction instead of trapping them in a never-ending cycle of drug dependence funded by taxpayers.

In contrast, Trudeau’s approach has been an abject failure. His radical social policies have chipped away at the fabric of Canadian society, eroding family values and personal responsibility. After heaping praise on China’s basic dictatorship, he has allowed Canada to become beholden to the regime through massive Chinese state-owned investments in Canadian oil and gas.

Trudeau’s misguided ideology is also evident in his cannabis legalization scheme. While Wrapped in lofty rhetoric about eliminating the black market, the reality is much different. Five years after legalization, the illicit cannabis market is still thriving across Canada.

Legal cannabis retailers struggle to compete with the variety and lower prices offered by illegal sellers. Strict regulations on products and marketing make it difficult for the legal market to meet consumer demand. Yet Trudeau’s government refuses to re-examine their flawed regulatory regime, insisting the black market will fade away if given enough time.

The illegal cannabis industry operates boldly across Canada, confident there will be no crackdown on their activities. Online stores brazenly sell illicit products alongside dangerous substances like magic mushrooms and LSD. Some even collect sales tax but likely fail to remit it to the government.

While prices have dropped, illicit cannabis still costs about 25% less on average than legal products. This pricing advantage entices many customers, especially given today’s affordability crisis. The legal market’s limited selection also pushes buyers to the black market to find specific products.

When Conservatives raised concerns about cannabis edibles appealing to children, Trudeau dismissed them as fear-mongering. But hospitalizations for accidental consumption by kids have increased, proving the warnings correct. Public health must be prioritized over market growth.

Rather than admit mistakes, the Liberals double down on failed policies that enable societal decay. Trudeau’s worldview rejects personal responsibility and traditional values in favor of radical social engineering experiments. Tragically, it is the most vulnerable in society who end up suffering the consequences.

The future of Canada is at stake. Trudeau’s high-tax welfare state seeks to make citizens dependent on government handouts rather than their own hard work. His drive toward a “post-national” state attempts to erase Canada’s heritage and sovereignty. And his reckless spending has sent national debt skyrocketing while debasing our currency.

Conservatives offer a positive vision for Canada that celebrates our shared history and traditions. Anchored by responsible fiscal management, this vision sees government as a servant of the people rather than their master. It puts faith in Canadians to forge their own destinies through initiative and community, not government overreach.

The Poilievre approach balances compassion for the disadvantaged with empowering people to reach their full potential. Hand-outs are paired with a hand-up, lifting people out of dependency. Protecting citizens’ safety and livelihoods is prioritized over dangerous social experimentation.

Canada finds itself at a crossroads. Justin Trudeau’s leadership has weakened our nation at home and abroad while dividing citizens against each other. His feel-good platitudes and selfie-centric charisma cannot obscure the damage left in his wake.

Now is the time for sober second thoughts on the present course. Canadians deserve better than apologies and scandals from their Prime Minister. They deserve competent, principled leadership that puts the public good first.

The Poilievre party is ready to deliver this leadership. We stand united to restore Canada as a land of hope and opportunity for all. A land where citizens are empowered to achieve their dreams through hard work rather than government handouts. Where families and communities thrive as the bedrock of a stable society.

The Canada we love is still within our grasp. By embracing timeless values like integrity, personal responsibility, and service above self, we can set our country back on the right path. Canadians deserve the chance to vote for this positive Poilievre vision in the next election. Our future depends on it.

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