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Poilievre Slams Trudeau Over Deal Putting Foreign Workers First


Poilievre Blasts Trudeau

Pierre Poilievre is at it again! The unstoppable Conservative is tearing into Trudeau for yet another job letdown. This time, billions are being dished out for Honda’s Ontario plants, and guess who’s getting the gigs? Foreign workers.

Poilievre didn’t hold back, slamming Trudeau’s jaw-dropping double standards. Trudeau goes on about how Honda picked Canada for our top-notch workforce. But what about the NextStar plant, also paid for by taxpayers, ditching Canadians for foreign labor? Trudeau’s got some explaining to do.

Trudeau’s fancy talk about auto jobs for ages falls flat too. Not after he put generations of auto jobs on the line. The PM wants a pat on the back for making jobs while handing Honda billions with no guarantees for workers.

And Poilievre isn’t letting Trudeau off easy. He’s demanding the government cough up the full contracts with EV manufacturers. Poilievre knows these deals don’t squat to ensure Canadian jobs.

With this deal, Trudeau once again leaves Canadian workers in the dust. And guess who’s calling it like it is? Poilievre. He’s demanding we see where all those billions are going. And he’s got the backs of struggling Canadians while Trudeau’s busy cozying up to the bigwigs.

Conservatives Hammer Liberals Over Honda Deal

Pierre Poilievre wasted no time slamming Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government over their latest multi-billion dollar deal to subsidize Honda’s new electric vehicle and battery manufacturing facilities in Ontario. 

Poilievre accused Trudeau of once again failing to secure guarantees that the $15 billion in taxpayer funds would actually benefit Canadian workers. 

In a scathing statement alongside fellow Conservatives, Poilievre hammered home the point, stating, “This is just more proof of Trudeau’s failure to stand up for workers.” 

He continued, “Months ago, when Common Sense Conservatives first raised the alarm that EV jobs were being given to foreign replacement workers, Trudeau and his Liberal Ministers lied and attacked those who spoke out. Now we see Trudeau has sold out Canadian workers yet again.”

Poilievre highlighted the ongoing controversy surrounding the under-construction Nextstar battery plant in Windsor, where Canadian workers are being displaced in favor of foreign workers for equipment installation. He also pointed out that Honda’s CEO openly acknowledged plans to bring in workers from Japan for their Ontario expansion project.

Poilievre said: “Canadians can’t trust that Trudeau’s announcement yesterday of billions in subsidies for Honda will be any different. In fact, the CEO of Honda has already admitted to media that foreign workers will be given jobs as part of this taxpayer-funded project.

The Conservative leader accused Trudeau of being too weak to stand up to major corporations and fight for Canadian workers. 

Poilievre exposed Trudeau’s hypocrisy. At the Honda announcement, Trudeau claimed the company chose Canada because of our “best in the world” workers. But he said the same about the NextStar plant in Windsor, which is now displacing Canadians with foreign labor. 

Trudeau talks a big game about creating jobs for Canadians, but he never bothers to secure guarantees in these deals to make sure foreign workers don’t snatch up those jobs. All he gives Canadian workers are empty promises.

What’s even more frustrating is Trudeau’s claim that the Honda deal is all about “securing good jobs and careers for the coming decades and even the coming generations.” 

Can you believe it? This is the same guy who put Canada’s auto sector at risk for generations by signing off on the job-killing USMCA deal.

Trudeau’s also patting himself on the back for this deal, saying it’s a great example of “our two governments working together” with Ontario. 

The PM wants to take credit for creating auto jobs. But it’s only Canadian taxpayers’ money. And without guarantees from Trudeau, there’s no evidence those jobs won’t go to foreigners. Trudeau’s throwing around billions in subsidies without making sure Canadian workers get a fair shake. His fancy words mean nothing.

Trudeau claims he acted to “match” American incentives under the IRA. But he failed to match the Buy American requirements. So Canada’s EV subsidies go toward American jobs, while we remain wide open to foreign workers. This puts Canada at a disadvantage.

Poilievre hammered home his party’s demand to spill the beans on those contracts between the feds and EV makers. The Conservatives are convinced these contracts don’t have enough rules forcing them to hire Canadian workers.

Poilievre knew that Trudeau cannot be trusted on this issue because he and his Liberal government have consistently misled Canadians and obscured the truth. 

They obstructed the release of crucial information when Conservatives called for transparency, raising questions about what they are trying to cover up.

Poilievre argued that only his Common Sense Conservatives will fight to ensure taxpayer-funded jobs go to Canadians, not foreigners. He promised to leverage government investments to guarantee employment opportunities for Canadian workers.

Poilievre also pointed out how the fat subsidies handed to big shots like Honda are all thanks to Liberal policies that have really put a dent in Canada’s economic game.

According to Poilievre, Trudeau’s got his hands in everything – from strict regulations to those outrageous carbon taxes, and don’t even get him started on the crazy spending and debt. It’s all driving jobs and investments away from Canada. 

And now, Trudeau’s scrambling, throwing billions of taxpayer bucks at companies like Honda just to try and get a fraction of those jobs back.

Poilievre is pretty clear on this one – Canada shouldn’t have to bribe these big companies to set up shop here. He’s saying if Trudeau hadn’t messed up our investment scene so badly, companies like Honda would be knocking down our doors without needing a handout from us taxpayers.

In Poilievre’s eyes, and in the eyes of virtually every Canadian, Trudeau’s Liberal team are simply big spenders. He’s cautioning that Canada can’t continue to foot the bill for Trudeau’s reckless economic experiments. 

Poilievre said runaway Liberal spending on corporate subsidies is making life increasingly unaffordable for everyday Canadians. He rightly accused Trudeau of being out of touch with the struggles of working families.

Trudeau is more focused on cutting checks to multibillion-dollar corporations than cutting costs for consumers. Canadians work harder and harder but can’t get ahead under Trudeau. Meanwhile, big foreign companies get billions in handouts.

After touring Toronto’s Daily Bread Food Bank, Poilievre raised concerns about the unprecedented demand at food banks. He emphasized the need for tax cuts, particularly for Canadian families and the working poor, to alleviate the high cost of living.

Poilievre Vows Tax Cuts and Less Spending

Poilievre reiterated the Conservative Party’s pledge to make life more affordable by putting more money back into the pockets of Canadian workers. He promised to immediately scrap Trudeau’s carbon tax and lower personal income taxes. Poilievre also vowed to curb government spending and balance the budget to get Canada’s fiscal house back in order.

Poilievre is really tearing into Trudeau’s economic mess as the Conservative sensation gets crowds roaring across Canada. 

Those huge rallies are proof positive that Canadians have had it up to here after suffering through 8 long years of Trudeau’s rule. 

And with Poilievre’s Conservatives surging in the polls, it looks like they’re poised to give Trudeau’s battered Liberals a serious beatdown.

When the 2025 election finally rolls around, only Poilievre’s crew will have the guts and solid principles needed to clean up Trudeau’s mess. 

Poilievre isn’t pulling any punches when he calls out Trudeau on the shady Honda deal and other electric vehicle disasters – it’s plain as day that Canadians have had enough of Liberal screw-ups and waste.

Poilievre’s relentless attacks are shredding whatever shred of credibility Trudeau had left. He’s not holding back in showing how Trudeau’s policies are straight-up betraying Canadian workers to line the pockets of big corporations and foreign workers. 

And hardworking Canadians who are struggling have had it up to here with Trudeau’s sky-high costs and stagnant wages.

As Poilievre lights a fire under crowds from coast to coast, his epic takedowns of Trudeau are getting Canadians fired up to kick out the corrupt Liberals.

With Poilievre clearly the leader we need, his truth bombs about the Honda deal are also putting the squeeze on the useless NDP to stop covering for Trudeau. Poilievre isn’t mincing words when he calls out the NDP for helping Trudeau keep secrets and betray Canadians.

But most importantly, Poilievre’s attacks show he’s the only one with the guts to take on the Ottawa elites and stand up for regular Canadians. 

He’s drawing a huge line between his common sense Conservatism and Trudeau’s shady Liberals. And he’s rescuing working-class citizens from Trudeau’s phony NDP puppets.

Poilievre is the real deal, fighting for hard working Canadians while Trudeau cozies up to the elite. 

Despite Trudeau’s promises to support Canadian workers, his eight years in office have only brought higher taxes and more favoritism toward foreign workers, leaving Canadians out in the cold. With job losses on the rise and food banks struggling to keep up, it’s clear Trudeau’s time is up.

Expect Poilievre to keep steamrolling Trudeau whenever chances like the Honda deal come up. Poilievre knows his pro-freedom message is striking a chord with Canadians fed up with Trudeau’s incompetence. By taking down Trudeau at every turn, Poilievre is paving the way for a Conservative landslide in October 2025.

The choice is crystal clear – only Poilievre’s Conservatives can steer Canada toward a brighter future. Trudeau’s sad Liberal era is finally coming to a well-deserved end.

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