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Poilievre Slams Star’s Propaganda While Trudeau Panics


The Toronto Star is once again peddling straight-up lies about Pierre Poilievre – but we’re not letting their fake news stand unchallenged.

In their latest partisan attack, the Star tries pretending to “fact check” crime statistics cited by Poilievre. Statistics that came directly from the Vancouver Police Department itself! The Star conveniently ignores the real data, instead exaggerating and misconstruing Poilievre’s claims.

It’s obvious the Star, much like the CBC, has abandoned actual journalism in favor of spewing Trudeau-friendly propaganda. They don’t care about truthful reporting – only smearing Poilievre and the Conservatives.

We won’t stand for the Star’s campaign of misinformation. Armed with the actual data, we’re exposing their lies. Poilievre spoke the truth while the Star peddled fiction to mislead Canadians.

The Star’s dishonest attacks reveal their bias. They’d rather keep you in the dark than report how Liberal policies have allowed repeat criminals to torment Vancouver. But Poilievre is shining a light on the failure of Trudeau’s weak laws.

Months ago, Pierre Poilievre spoke a truth that the Toronto Star still can’t handle – that a small number of repeat offenders”40” are responsible for thousands of arrests”6000” in Vancouver each year. Poilievre cited these shocking statistics from the Vancouver PD to highlight how Liberal soft-on-crime policies are failing Canadians.

Rather than report the facts, the Star ignored the issues and moved on. But now, with an election looming, they decide to conveniently dredge up Poilievre’s months-old statement to spin and attack.

The Star claims they are just “fact checking” – but it’s clearly a thinly veiled partisan hit job. Poilievre truthfully cited data reported by police themselves. Yet the Star implies he was exaggerating, trying to retroactively discredit him.

Why did they stay silent back when Poilievre first spoke about this? Because it revealed an inconvenient truth for Trudeau’s Liberals – that repeat offenders are running rampant, committing thousands of crimes each year that could be prevented by tougher laws.

But now, with the Conservatives surging under Poilievre’s leadership, the Star wants to destroy his credibility. They’re on the attack, using dirty tricks to undermine Poilievre so he can’t highlight the failures of Liberal policies.

It’s a blatant attempt at biased partisan journalism – dredge up an old statistic, pretend it’s exaggerated despite coming from the police, and smear your political opponent. That’s the Star’s playbook. Not truth or responsible reporting.

We won’t stand for the Star twisting facts to suit their narrative. Poilievre was right to shine a light on this issue months ago, and no liberal propaganda will change that now. The Star’s smears only make their partisan bias clearer.

The Toronto Star is desperately digging for ways to discredit Poilievre, even though the statistics he cited originally came from police data. While the Star tries nitpicking the exact details, the broader truth remains – a small number of repeat offenders in Vancouver are responsible for thousands of crimes each year.

Does it matter if some were for lesser property crimes rather than violent ones? Crime is crime, and thousands of incidents from a handful of people is shocking regardless. Yet the Star downplays the alarming rate of repeat offending to protect their Liberal allies.

And now the Star suddenly cares about precision, after letting Trudeau’s scandals slide for years? This reeks of partisan bias. Trudeau has skated away from multiple ethics violations and decisive losses in court thanks to softball coverage from outlets like the Star.

But when Poilievre cites legitimate statistics, the nitpick brigade comes out rather than focus on the actual issues. British Columbians are living in fear thanks to rampant chronic offenders. The Star should report that truth, not strain to discredit those sounding the alarm.

Canadians see through the Star’s bias as they increasingly support Poilievre’s message. No wonder the Liberals are scared and sending their media lackeys on the attack. But Canadians won’t be distracted by petty smears against Poilievre. They want real solutions to problems like repeat offenders, not more Liberal propaganda from the Toronto Star.

Meanwhile the officers of the Vancouver Police Department must feel like they’re stuck in an endless time loop created by the Liberals’ catch-and-release justice system.

Picture the same scene playing out over and over – police diligently arrest one of the city’s “Super Chronic Offenders,” only to see them back on the streets in no time to commit more crimes. 6,000 times in one year, according to Poilievre. Talk about exhausting and demoralizing for those officers.

Meanwhile, other pressing cases and calls for help from victims go unaddressed as police resources are wasted on this pointless merry-go-round. I’d love to see Trudeau himself try to keep up with the grueling pace our officers face due to his soft-on-crime policies.

The VPD for example desperately needs more funding and manpower to combat the barrage of repeat arrests and keep Vancouver safe. But Trudeau has no interest in actually solving the problem – he’s too busy attacking Poilievre for daring to shine a light on this crisis.

Enabling prolific criminals to become a black hole sucking up all of the city’s policing capabilities is a dereliction of duty by Trudeau. His Liberal friends might not have to confront the violent reality of revolving door justice. But our brave men and women in uniform face it every day, as do the victims robbed of justice.

Canadians have had enough of Trudeau’s word games while communities drown in avoidable crimes. We need action – robust support for police, tougher sentencing, and a justice system that actually delivers justice, not endless, pointless arrests. Our officers and citizens deserve nothing less. 

Pierre Poilievre is absolutely right to call out the Toronto Star’s biased attacks. This latest smear over a small backyard pool is just the latest example of their misleading partisan journalism.

Remember last week when the Toronto Star attacked Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre over a $300 kiddie pool purchased by his wife? This petty hit piece demonstrates just how biased the mainstream media has become in Canada.

Rather than focus on real issues, the Star chose to disparage Poilievre’s character over a small backyard pool for his kids to safely enjoy summer activities. This came after threats had been made against Poilievre’s family, leading them to seek at-home recreation.

Yet the Star portrayed the modest pool as an extravagant luxury in order to smear Poilievre as an out-of-touch elite. All while ignoring Trudeau’s real controversies like lavish vacations billed to taxpayers.

This blatant double standard exposes the Star’s role as propagandists for the Liberal government. As Elon Musk pointed out, they function more like the Soviet Union’s Pravda than a real newspaper holding power to account.

Musk aptly compared the Star to Pravda for its partisan bias and consistent efforts to protect Trudeau while unfairly attacking opposition voices like Poilievre. The Star downplays Trudeau’s failings and scandals, while exaggerating trivial matters involving his critics.

This demonstrates the sad state of Canada’s mainstream media today – serving the government rather than the public interest. 

This is hardly the first time the Star has gone after Poilievre either. They constantly dredge up and exaggerate minor issues to try and damage him. All while ignoring or downplaying Trudeau’s many real scandals.

The Star may keep shilling for the Liberals for now, but Canadians see through their game. Attacking family safety measures and a tiny inflatable pool only reveals the Star’s desperation. How long can they really keep defending Trudeau’s failures?

Right now the Toronto Star caught red-handed once again spinning half-truths and omissions to protect Trudeau. Poilievre speaks inconvenient facts about the failures of Liberal crime policies, so the Star activates smear campaign mode.

When will Trudeau’s loyal media cronies realize Canadians see through these tired old partisan games? Attacking family pools and safety fences is straight out of the Liberal desperation playbook.

The Star may hope superficial nitpicking will distract voters from Trudeau’s abysmal track record on repeat offenders, out-of-control spending, ethics scandals and more. But Canadians want real leadership and solutions, not more useless noise.

The choice ahead is clear. On one side – Poilievre and the Conservatives offering real change and accountability. On the other – Trudeau and his apologists making excuses to cling to power.

The Star and Liberals can keep attempting to deceive Canadians. But voters see the truth – Trudeau has failed, and it’s time for new leadership that puts Canadians first, not useless political attacks. The countdown is on to the next election, and the Star’s smears only grow more irrelevant by the day.

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