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Poilievre Slams Deputy Prime Minister’s Absurd PR Program


Introduction to The Absurd

Poilievre has fired back at Chrystia Freeland’s absurd micro-apartment propaganda.

Poilievre highlights the absurdity of the situation and how Canadians tax dollars are wasted on vanity projects.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Justin Trudeau however are taking a victory lap as they stuff working class Canadians into 300 square feet “apartments”, with rents higher than the average in British Columbia, instead of addressing the actual issues affecting housing affordability like immigration, rent control, and the carbon tax.

But Trudeau has the guts to call his job hard and whine about his popularity ignoring how he is hurting Canadians and Canada more than any boogeyman he claims to be fighting.

Will Trudeau ever wake up to the reality of his misdeeds?

Poilievre Takes a Stand

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre took a shot at the Canadian Deputy Prime Minister , Chrystia Freeland. In a tweet, Poilievre mocked the Deputy Prime Minister’s touting of new 330 square foot apartments being constructed for struggling Canadians. He highlighted the absurdity of the residency program with its planned size, and how Trudeau’s corrupt taxes that are enforced on Canadians are going to pay for such an embarrassment.

And this all started with the Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland recently gushing over a new apartment building in Victoria, British Columbia that she claimed, and would have loved for everyone to believe blindly, provided affordable housing for middle and low income Canadians.

In a propaganda video made by Freeland and posted on twitter, she was proud of the “Hudson House” apartment complex creating 227 “apartments” that should be affordable to every Canadian.

Poilievre Pointed Out The Obvious

So, what’s the issue exactly? Isn’t this what we deserve as Canadians?

Let me tell you what the problem is, a closer examination of the details reveals that the rents at this new building are far from affordable for average hard working Canadians, unlike what Freeland would have you believe.

Not to mention, the hilarity when it comes to the size of these “apartments” and how Freeland likes to mindlessly swear by the units’ abilities to house a family of five, not caring about humane living conditions when these so-called “apartments” can barely house an individual or a couple.

Freeland, under the guidance of Justin Trudeau and the Liberal establishment, is “happy” and “ecstatic” about stuffing hard working middle class and lower class Canadians in small “apartments”, that should be considered studios if we are being fair, like they are canned sardines.

What Freeland fails to acknowledge is that even by Victoria’s already inflated rental market standards, the rents at Hudson House are exorbitantly high.

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Victoria B.C. is $2,116, yet the cheapest one-bedroom in “Hudson House” will run you a mind numbing $2,410 per month.

The lowest priced two-bedroom units in the building will cost you a whopping $3,300 per month.

For most Victorians, rent with numbers like these are out of reach and question.

The average rent paid in the city is $1,516 according to CMHC data. A Victorian renter transferring to “Hudson House” would have to cough up an extra $160 or more per month just to get a tiny studio apartment. Hardly affordable for average citizens.

How is this supposed to help working class Canadians afford housing when the projects that are supposed to aid them are actually feeding into the crisis itself?

The Deputy Prime Minister claims that 20% of the “Hudson House“ units meet the federal government’s definition of affordable. And if by the definition she means the Liberal and Trudeau definitions that are currently breaking and ruining Canada, then at least she is honest in her wrongdoing.

But if we take a second to review the facts of the matter, then you start to realise that for a unit to be considered affordable federally, the rent must be less than 30% of the median total income in the area.

In Victoria, that means any unit rented for less than 30% of $111,390 is deemed affordable.

But $33,417 per year in rent is only affordable for high income earners, not middle or low income residents.

The median household income in Victoria is far lower than the median total income figure used in the federal guidelines.

So while Freeland can “willy nilly” claim that “Hudson House” meets the federal affordability criteria, the reality is that its units remain financially out of reach for average Victorians and young people trying to break into the rental market.

Now Imagine this program, with it already being a failure and a joke, plaguing all of Canada “from coast to coast” as Freeland likes to say. This reveals a major flaw in the Liberal government’s approach to affordable housing programs, which should be the usual by now.

Building tiny, exorbitantly priced micro-apartments does little to provide real housing solutions for Canadian families struggling to pay rent in cities like Victoria.

With the average monthly rent for a family-sized two-bedroom apartment over $3,300, Hudson House’s units cater more to upper middle class singles and couples, not the low and middle income families that Freeland claims to be helping.

And that’s before even factoring in the astronomical cost of parking at $175 per month and other utilities tenants have to pay on top of the already egregiously inflated rent.

Plus, it’s worth noting and repeating again how the quality of living in a 330 square foot micro-studio would be subpar for most Canadians accustomed to more reasonably sized living spaces.

This is currently what Trudeau and the Liberals think is the best answer in regards to the housing crisis in Canada.

Chronicles of a Crisis

Trudeau will do nothing but fail middle and lower class Canadians when it comes to things like rent control even after a new report revealed a staggering 10.5% jump in average monthly asking rents with the increase taking place just in the past 12 months.

The Trudeau Liberals seem content to pat themselves on the back for any marginal slowdown in rental inflation, only for it to be circumvented and keep rising, while ignoring that costs are still dramatically detached from average wages.

Poilievre highlighted the issue with rent as well, as he shined a light on Canadians looking more and more for roommates and cramming into shared accommodations just to split inflated rents and afford any sort of housing.

Trudeau will do nothing about the Carbon tax and its planned hike, come April 1st, when it has been proven to affect the cost of building materials and as such leading to increased housing costs.

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks during Question Period in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, February 28, 2018. REUTERS/Chris Wattie – RC1CE9D1B900

Trudeau will do nothing productive in regards to the housing crisis, especially when he refuses to acknowledge or take initiatives against the elephant in the room that is immigration.

Canada’s out-of-control immigration intake, under Justin Trudeau and the blatantly inept Liberals, is exacerbating the country’s housing affordability crisis.

In 2023 alone, over 140,000 migrants entered Canada illegally to claim asylum, representing a 14-fold increase from just a decade ago, and causing housing supply to be woefully inadequate as it diverts resources away from Canadian citizens in need.

After illegally entering, these migrants can access social housing and generous benefits unavailable to law-abiding Canadians stuck on waitlists.

Conservatives have presented plans to close loopholes enabling these crossings, but the Trudeau government stubbornly refuses to fix the problem.

Skyrocketing demand from this unsustainable intake has cratered rental availability while driving rents through the roof.

With rental buildings filled to capacity with newcomers, bidding wars and blind auctions have become the norm for those lucky enough to even view a rental unit.

Meanwhile, the Trudeau government shovels taxpayer money into vaguely affordable but largely market rate rental buildings, scoring hollow political points while barely denting the crisis and aiding Candians. It is the Trudeau special Canadians know all too well.

This is what “middle class prosperity” means to Trudeau and his gang of Liberals, which is without a doubt a clear contrast with Poilievre and the common sense Conservatives.

The liberal promise of prosperity that is detailed every year but things always end up worse for Canadians after. So much so that Trudeau and his esteemed Deputy cannot fathom being challenged on their “Groundhogs day” corruption scheme.

In the place of empty promises, tepid commitments to maybe unlock potential pathways for the next generation to attain the dream of a middle class lifestyle takes front and centre in the world of Trudeau.

And while all of this is happening from the failures to the empty promises to the initiatives that the Liberals are too lazy to take, Trudeau has the guts to go out publicly and whine about how hard and insane his job is when he is doing absolutely nothing productive.
Justin Trudeau admitted he thinks about quitting “every day” but feels compelled to stay on as prime minister to fight impending dystopian threats that he himself has paved the way for.

The egotistical Prime Minister believes only he can save Canada from an imagined right-wing boogeyman when the only boogeyman in Trudeau’s life is simple common sense.

Trudeau may frighten his inner circle with dire warnings of impending social regression absent his guidance. But common sense Canadians can see through these self-serving tactics.

His desire to cling to high office cannot justify the damage inflicted by his policies, especially as Canadians live through a housing hell under his failed leadership.

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