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Poilievre Promises to Reverse Trudeau’s Gun Laws


A Declaration of War

Pierre Poilievre is gearing up to take on Justin Trudeau’s ludicrous gun grab and restore sanity to our nation’s firearms policies.

The bold Conservative leader recently fired the first shots in this battle during a riveting press conference, where he bluntly stated that in order to fix Trudeau’s mess, you are gonna have to rewind everything back to what it used to be.

But Poilievre didn’t stop there, as he proceeded to dismantle the logic and idea behind every Trudeau gun policy and thus publicly lambast the failing prime minister about his wasteful spending.

Not even Canadian institutions like Canada Post are willing to participate in the egregious plans and “woke” programs of Trudeau and the liberals.

This is the political equivalent of a summer blockbuster, with Poilievre taking on the villainous Trudeau in a battle over the heart of Canada. Will Trudeau’s villainy prevail, or will Poilievre triumph and restore justice? The choice is yours to make.

Poilievre Vows to Dismantle Years of Trudeau

9 years of Trudeau corruption will leave a frown on anyone’s face. 9 years of Trudeau incompetence will make Canadians anxious day and night. 9 years of Trudeau greed will tank the economy and empty every Canadian’s pocket. 9 years of Trudeau’s “woke” agenda will make the Canada we know and love, completely unfamiliar to all of us.

Trudeau is happy to take away your hard earned money; your rights; and your freedoms. This will include Trudeau meddling in what he definitely does not understand, and trying to take away your right for gun ownership under the guise of protecting the community.

We are all already – and unfortunately – familiar with Trudeau’s abhorrent and egregious gun laws; Banning a wide array of gun types without a second thought or even a bit of consultation with lawful gun owners, and then wasting billions of taxpayers money on a gun buyback program that can’t get off its feet.

It is the classic Trudeau and liberal corruption that Canadians can never seem to get away from. Enter, the conservative leader Pierre Poilievre, who looks at this mess and instead of panicking or running away, he vows to change it and fix it himself.

It was only recently that Poilievre’s efforts against Trudeau have been highlighted in a small news conference and a workers get together that the conservative leader took part in and received questions from.

One very important question – and the one that started this whole subject in the first place – was sprung on Poilievre. The conservative leader was presented with a personal story from the perspective of the asker, where he talks about owning guns for several years and going through the vetting process from the RCMP and the local police departments, but he still found himself in the crosshairs of Trudeau’s gun laws aiming to take away his guns and his rights to ownership even with no incidents committed by the man himself.

The man then asks how Poilievre and the conservatives would tackle such an issue and respond to the breaching of civil rights in the future. Only for Poilievre to cut through all the PR speak and all the bullshit promises to declare bluntly that everything Trudeau started and worked for in spite of the people will just simply revert back to its original state after he is gone and the conservatives assume leadership.

Poilievre Exposes Trudeau’s Schemes

Poilievre – as you have just witnessed – proceeds to then highlight how Trudeau and the liberals have been trying their absolute hardest for 4 consecutive years to get their gun initiatives and programs off the ground, even if it takes wasting billions of taxpayer money. It is all an effort by Trudeau to virtue-signal how much he cares about Canadians’ safety and how he is willing to waste money just to work towards it.

Which is just absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. If anything, Trudeau is probably using all the money to fund other silly “woke” schemes. We already have confirmation that the gun buyback program continues to waste millions of taxpayers’ money without a solid plan or even a strategy to look forward to.

Notice how as soon as the liberals are cornered they try to appeal to your empathy by talking about sacrificing a lot just to save and protect our communities? A classic and slimy liberal tactic that you should never fall victim to. We do care about our families and our communities, but we also care about honesty and responsibility. The Trudeau government has neither of those things and will provide you with absolutely no security to boot.

But speaking of not having the ability to give you what you truly deserve, Poilievre also highlighted during his answer that Trudeau’s latest attempt at getting the gun buyback program going is to include Canada Post and have the mailman come and take your guns away.

Obviously it doesn’t bear repeating the flaws in logic that this brilliant idea has. Because why would a criminal not just lie and hide his guns away from the peering eyes of the government? Why would a criminal not just make up a story to the mailman and go about his day? The only people affected would be the honest and law abiding Canadians, who are about the only demographic that should rightfully own a firearm.

Institutions Against Trudeau

What is funnier however, is how Canada Post has come out and outright refused to participate in any corrupt shenanigans that Trdueau throws their way, including the gun buyback program.

Canada Post CEO Doug Ettinger showed courage and common sense by putting his employees first and refusing to turn post offices into ad hoc evidence rooms. He correctly worries that Canada Post buildings lack proper security and storage for firearms as employees have not been trained to dismantle guns or manage the associated risks.

A man with some common sense and some logic. It is truly refreshing to see an institution like Canada Post push back against the ideological demands of Trudeau and the liberals.

No institution would love to partner with the corrupt liberals, because they too can clearly see the act that they have put up.

Everyone can see the lies being pushed through under the guise of safety and security. There is not a shred of evidence that points to lawful gun owners using their guns to commit crimes. But Trudeau doesn’t care, he will continue abusing his power.

There are countless different solutions to protect the Canadian people while not encroaching on their god given rights. But Trudeau doesn’t care, he will continue abusing our freedoms.

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