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Poilievre Promises to Ban Conservative MPs from WEF


Introduction to The Stand

Poilievre stands tall against the sinister WEF as he vows to ban any and all cooperation between his Conservative MPs and the globalist organisation.

On the other hand, while Justin Trudeau, the half-witted WEF goon, flocks to hobnobs in Davos and enact useless liberal policies, everyday Canadians struggle to survive in the current harsh climate.

Poilievre vows to change this disgraceful dynamic plaguing the hardworking people.

No more bowing before false rainbow prophets preaching hollow globalist creeds. The WEF’s grey utopian fantasies offer only ruination

Ruination that has affected every Canadian and their lives by introducing woke ideologies like “safer supply” and slowing down the economy to a halt. And if you ever think of voicing your opinion on the matter then be prepared to serve a lifetime in prison for holding the wrong thought.

The struggle ahead won’t be easy. But united, the people, shall prevail. The flame of liberty still burns within Canadians who love this land. And that’s why together, Conservatives and everyday Canadians will send the WEF’s pawns packing.

Poilievre Promises to Ban All Co-operation with WEF

The World Economic Forum, or the WEF, has become a rightfully controversial symbol of unwanted and corrupt globalist overreach.

And as such, Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre is making opposition to the WEF a core part of his agenda. He has vowed that if elected Prime Minister, he will prohibit his ministers and MPs from participating in WEF activities and events.

Something that he has been he has been consistent on throughout the years but is now looking to make it a reality in the face of misconduct and Liberal corruption that Canada is under.

This pledge resonates with many Canadians worried about erosion of national Canadian sovereignty as a result of a corporate and globalist backed woke agenda decimating what makes this great nation what it truly is.

Poilievre’s stance contrasts sharply with Justin Trudeau’s cosy and suspicious relationship with the globalist woke WEF.

The rotten organisation has penetrated Trudeau’s cabinet without any objection or push back and continues to influence policies aligned with its Liberal and destructive vision.

Shutting the door on WEF access would mark a dramatic change in the way politics is being handled in Canada. No more sleazy and tainted happenings affecting the greater politics of Canada.

Poilievre Calls Out Trudeau

Poilievre first called out Trudeau for dispatching ministers to WEF’s annual summit in Davos, Switzerland. Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland and other key officials regularly attend. Freeland is actually on WEF’s board of trustees, despite being Canada’s second highest serving politician.

This should raise all kinds of alarms and concerns about where her loyalties reside exactly, and how much she and people like her are manipulating Canada from the shadows and reading it to ruin.

In Poilievre’s view, the global elites gathered at Davos cannot and will not solve the daily struggles of ordinary Canadians, as their abstract discussions about shaping humanity’s future seem divorced from people’s immediate and basic needs.

In Fact it might be opposing these very needs in a broader sense. Canadians want affordable groceries and housing, not grand visions of stakeholder and rainbow capitalism.

Yet the Trudeau government spends millions of taxpayer dollars supporting the WEF with all of its goals and initiatives.

Goals that result in Canadians losing their lives to addiction and hard drugs because progressives think it is the right way moving forward.

Goals that are facilitating the Trudeau establishment to vaguely point towards criticism and label it as hate speech to censor all dissenting thoughts and imprison innocent Canadians for life.

Goals that are blatantly destroying Canada from the inside out, leading everyday Canadians to realise how broken their country is and thus call this corruption out, as it is headed by one Justin Trudeau and his band of goon Liberals.

WEF Destroys Canada

Poilievre contends the funds would be better directed to helping citizens rather than an unaccountable foreign organisation that does not understand the folly of the Canadian people.

Canadians deserve leaders focused on improving their lives, not jetting off shamelessly to hobnob in an Alpine playground.

Poilievre’s suspicion of the WEF is not novel but it is shared by conservatives across the political board who value national independence and democratic accountability.

The WEF promotes global consolidation of power in the hands of self-appointed experts and technocrats. Conservatives believe crucial decisions should remain with citizens and their elected representatives.

Handing more authority to undemocratic international bodies like the WEF risks undermining Canada’s self-determination.

Canadians never voted to be governed by a de facto world parliament of business titans and bureaucrats meeting annually in a Swiss ski resort. But every year, the Trudeau Liberals draw Canada deeper into the WEF’s orbit.

This was exemplified by Canada’s adoption of many WEF-backed pandemic policies. Policies which didn’t go too well with patriotic and freedom loving Canadians.

The Trudeau government mirrored measures touted at the 2020 virtual Davos summit in imposing sweeping restrictions.

Deputy PM Freeland participated in that summit, then helped craft Canada’s Great Reset-style response. The overlap was disturbing and eye-opening to many to say the least.

With its talk of transformative crises as opportunities, the WEF raises suspicions of engineering pre-planned economic and social overhauls.

Its founder Klaus Schwab boasts of infiltrating world governments through graduates of his Young Global Leaders program.

Making no secret of his deep scepticism towards Schwab’s motives and ambitions, Poilievre rejects notions of reimagining or resetting society according to some master plan.

Change should evolve democratically, not be dictated from above by a technocratic elite.

Canadians never consented to being part of Schwab’s experiment.

Especially when the level of WEF’s involvement in all of Canada’s dire problems remains unclear, except for the keen eye connecting the dots and recognizing how Canada’s economy is declining due to nonsensical Liberal policies that may or may not be heavily put in place at the behest of the WEF Liberal woke agenda.

That’s why it is very important to recognize that the Conservative leader’s actions underscore his massive populist appeal.

His common sense approach contrasts with elitist projects like the WEF’s Great Reset which sound enlightened but ignore real peoples’ interests.

Canadians struggling to survive don’t need gurus preaching universal harmony. They need leaders who deliver concrete solutions to practical problems.

The conservative commitment to limit Canadian engagement with the WEF is an important line in the sand.

Canadians must retain ultimate control over decision making and not leave it up to the globalist regime that is hiding under the guise of “sharing the world’s burden to overcome its challenges”.

And Conservatives believe the same notion with cooperation having to flow from sovereign nations; because nations should never be dissolved within cooperative structures, or they will risk losing their identity and what makes them great and unique as a whole.

This distinction eludes Davos devotees like Trudeau who indulge grey and boring utopian visions of technocratic global governance.

Poilievre offers a dose of realism to counter those fantasies. His common sense pragmatism resonates with Canadians tired of being lectured by aloof elites.

Canadians will soon decide if they want citizens empowered or experts entrusted to direct society.

Poilievre trusts individuals; Schwab, and his second goon in command Trudeau want enlightened but ultimately hollow social engineering to unite the masses under a rainbow agenda. This contrast will define the political ground for Canada in the years to come.

Canadians only need to look forward and think with common sense conservatism.

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