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Poilievre Pledges to Lock WEF Out of Cabinet Affairs


Pierre Poilievre unleashed a blistering attack on Justin Trudeau’s dangerous ties to the World Economic Forum in a fiery press conference. Poilievre condemned Trudeau’s association with the elitist organization and its billionaire members who he accused of serving their own interests at the expense of everyday Canadians.

The Conservative leader revealed shocking details about the WEF’s meddling in Canadian democracy under Trudeau’s leadership. Poilievre positioned himself as a champion of common people that will take back control from the globalist WEF agenda.

Poilievre also slammed Trudeau as an incompetent leader who has utterly failed Canadians across critical issues. He attacked Trudeau’s directionless policies that have thrown the country into chaos and left Canadians struggling.

With so much damage already done, a vital question emerges – how has Trudeau’s spineless obedience to egotistical WEF elites utterly corrupted his leadership to the detriment of Canada?

In a blistering attack, Pierre Poilievre annihilated Justin Trudeau’s abysmal track record as Prime Minister during a recent press conference, raging against the unprecedented economic turmoil, uncontrolled crime, and captured democracy that have become the hallmarks of Trudeau’s disgraceful years in power.

Pierre Poilievre slammed that since becoming Prime Minister in 2015, Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government have utterly failed to competently govern Canada.

Poilievre attacked Trudeau’s incompetence and lack of leadership across a range of critical issues facing everyday Canadians.

Poilievre condemned Trudeau’s association with the World Economic Forum or the WEF.

Poilievre positioned himself as the champion of the common people who will take back control from globalist billionaires like those at the WEF. He promised to implement the common sense policies desired by average Canadians to restore competence and responsible governance.

Another major area of scathing criticism from Poilievre has been the utter incompetence and mismanagement of Canada’s once smoothly functioning immigration system under Trudeau’s directionless leadership.

Trudeau essentially opened the floodgates to bring in over a million new immigrants and temporary residents in just the past year, without any sensible plan to house, employ, or integrate this massive influx.

This horrendous planning has led to dangerously overcrowded and unsanitary living conditions, with reports of up to 17 newcomers crammed into a single small basement apartment just to find shelter. Housing costs have consequently skyrocketed beyond the reach of both new immigrants and average Canadians alike thanks to Trudeau’s thoughtless approach.

Poilievre placed the blame for this disaster squarely at the feet of Trudeau. He highlighted how Trudeau’s government recklessly provided study permits to international students to attend exploitative fake colleges that were essentially visa mills according to the Liberal’s own admission. This enabled tens of thousands of international students to stay in Canada indefinitely without receiving any education, further straining housing and services.

The Conservative leader denounced Trudeau for being wholly responsible for the immigration crisis through his incompetence and virtual signaling while ignoring real problems. Poilievre pronounced that Trudeau has utterly destroyed what was once the envy of the world and left newcomers and citizens alike struggling.

In addition to the immigration fiasco, Pierre Poilievre has repeatedly unleashed fury at Trudeau for being pathetically soft on crime and enabling a breakdown of law and order across Canada.

Poilievre raged against Trudeau’s catch-and-release policies that have released countless violent, habitual criminals back into communities to continue terrorizing innocent Canadians. He bashed Trudeau for opening prison doors to the worst offenders imaginable and giving endless second chances to unrepentant predators.

The Conservative leader pointed to crime wave upon crime wave of increasingly brazen offenses that have shocked communities under Trudeau’s leadership. Violent attacks, open drug use, disorderly conduct have become commonplace with police rendered powerless to stop it thanks to Trudeau’s coddling of criminals.

Poilievre highlighted how auto theft has exploded out of control around major cities as gangs and repeat offenders face no deterrence or punishment. He pinned the blame squarely on Trudeau for gutting enforcement and allowing criminality to run rampant across the nation.

Not only has Trudeau crippled policing and released unreformed convicts according to Poilievre, but his constant polarizing of Canadians against each other has further fueled lawlessness. With weakened borders and ineffective national security, Poilievre accused Trudeau of letting more guns, gangs, and illegal drugs flood into Canada.

Poilievre pronounced that after 8 years of Trudeau’s catch-and-release policies, neighborhoods have been terrorized, property crime has surged, and dangerous offenders roam free with impunity. He promised to restore sanity by enacting true law and order to make communities safe again.

Also, Pierre Poilievre placed the blame for toxic work environments squarely on Justin Trudeau’s divisive leadership and mistreatment of employees. He highlighted Trudeau’s long track record of misconduct toward women, including elbowing a female MP in the breast and trying to aggressively drag a colleague.

Poilievre also recalled how Trudeau fired Canada’s first Indigenous Attorney General, a proud woman, for exposing his attempts to drop charges on a corrupt corporation that robbed Africa’s poorest people.

The opposition leader condemned Trudeau for setting the example from the top of government in creating a toxic culture that has now permeated institutions like CSIS. Poilievre pronounced that Trudeau has turned groups against each other across the public service and divided all Canadians against one another after 8 years of power.

Poilievre vehemently attacked the media for never wanting to hold Trudeau accountable as the head of government and the ultimate person responsible for corrosive conduct at agencies like CSIS. He raged that the buck stops with Trudeau as Prime Minister yet the media gives him a free pass while government workers suffer under his divisive leadership.

The Conservative chief highlighted leaks coming out of CSIS about foreign election interference being covered up as further evidence of how Trudeau has poisoned work environments. He accused Trudeau of manipulating intelligence agencies to hide the truth and contributing to CSIS officials feeling the need to become whistleblowers.

Poilievre argued that before Trudeau, Canada’s public service never had these types of toxic culture problems. He promised that Conservatives would clean up Trudeau’s mess by holding abusers accountable and restoring professional, inclusive workplaces free of hostility.

Pierre Poilievre strongly rebuked Justin Trudeau for dividing Canadians against each other and directly contributing to an environment of hostility toward Christian places of worship.

Poilievre highlighted the burning and vandalizing of churches across Canada in response to unsubstantiated claims about residential school graves. He condemned that there is never justification for attacking churches and religious sites for any reason.

The opposition leader accused Trudeau of fostering dangerous divisions that have turned groups against each other and led to out-of-control violence. Poilievre pronounced that after 8 years of Trudeau pitting Canadians against one another, crimes against religious groups, including Christians, have surged to unprecedented levels.

Poilievre placed the blame squarely on Trudeau’s catch-and-release policies that have allowed attacks on churches to go unpunished.

The Conservative chief promised that Conservatives would restore protections by enacting stronger criminal sanctions against arson and increasing security at vulnerable places of worship. He emphasized that all Canadians deserve to freely and safely practice their faith without fear of politically-motivated violence enabled by Trudeau.

Poilievre argued that Trudeau has endangered religious liberty for all Canadians through his divisive rhetoric and lack of responsible leadership. He contrasted Trudeau’s approach with Conservatives who will calm tensions, defend freedoms, and always pursue the truth without dangerous ideological influence.

After nearly a decade of Justin Trudeau’s disastrous leadership, it is time for Canadians to take back control.

Trudeau has divided citizens against one another, mismanaged the economy, weakened security, and undermined democracy.

His feel-good virtue signaling has come at the expense of good policy and governance. Canadians deserve better.

It’s time to restore competence, common sense and responsible leadership in Canada.

Canadians are crying out for change from Trudeau’s self-serving ideology.

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