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Poilievre Leaves Freeland Speechless after Being Exposed


Bombshells in the House of Commons

Bombshells rocked Canada‘s House of Commons as the Trudeau government’s carbon tax coverup exploded into public view.

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre came out swinging, lambasting the Liberals over revelations that key carbon tax data was suppressed under an apparent “gag order.” and he has the evidence to prove it.

In a nail-biting showdown, Poilievre rhetorically buried the hapless Liberals under the staggering weight of their lies. His steely cross-examination left a shattered Freeland grasping for excuses. But her feeble spin could not withstand Poilievre’s relentless barrage of truth.

This bombshell evidence may truly prove fatal to Trudeau’s carbon tax scheme.

Poilievre Puts Freeland on the Spot

A day will never go by in Canada’s house of commons without the Trudeau establishment with all his crooked gang of liberals getting exposed, lambasted, or absolutely humiliated beyond belief. The day Trudeau is stopped right in his tracks while slurring his words trying to justify or defend himself from whatever recent scandal he is involved in, is just another day in Canada.

And today, the topic of discussion is once again regarding the extremely costly and the unsurprisingly corrupt carbon tax that Trudeau just can’t help but cling on to with all his might and conviction.

But the most recent revelations by Poilievre regarding the liberals hiding the actual evidence and the data that exposes the true economic disaster that the carbon tax will bring forth in the future, has Trudeau, Freeland and every other sleazy liberal speechless and on the back foot defending this “woke” ideology.

It was just another day in the house of commons, when Poilievre came out swinging in full force and reminded every Canadian watching that he was the first politician to highlight how the Trudeau carbon tax is a coverup for something more malicious and nefarious coming from the liberals’ camp. This was almost six years ago, and now the present time is gladly pulling back the curtain and fully revealing the rot that hides under.

All it took was a watchdog spilling the beans on the true extent of the Trudeau carbon scheme. by stating how he was under a gag order that stops him from discussing the negative government findings related to the tax and its wider economic impact.

Poilievre demanded that the liberals reveal what they are hiding and let every day Canadians decide for themselves how impactful or negative the carbon tax really is.

But you wanna know how the Deputy Prime Minister chose to respond to this very simple but highly important and concerning question? No, she did not address it. No, she did not even attempt to respond and showcase how this could not be further from the truth. Freeland did not choose any of the smart answers that she could have utilised in her time of need.

Freeland instead chose to virtue-signal in the most blatantly embarrassing and pathetic way possible, by bringing up how the oilers have advanced to the finals of the stanley cup and how the bank of Canada lowered interest rates. And because of these two irrelevant deeds happening this week, Poilievre suddenly doesn’t have the right to highlight the corruption and the greed that the liberals are still peddling in the government.

Poilievre Exposes the Carbon Tax Truth

It is honestly quite telling how Freeland is just so blatantly avoiding the question and the confrontation that comes with it, just so that she can weakly attempt to paint Poilievre as someone who does not fight for the Canadian people and doesn’t care for their achievements. When the conservative leader has been showcasing exactly that, by exposing Trudeau and Freeland for their corruption and the subsequent coverup.

And he did just about that when he responded to the non-answer that Freeland gave by revealing that he has the letter that the minister of environment Steven Guilbeault wrote – under the guidance of Trudeau – to the parliamentary budget office, reminding him that the new incriminating details and evidence that the government uncovered about the carbon tax should stay confidential and remain for internal use purposes only.

So I guess the gag order scandal was neither a hoax nor a normal government procedure blown out of proportion, huh? We have hard evidence that is very clear about the wording and the insinuation of the Trudeau government trying to stop the PBO from confirming what the conservatives and the majority of Canadians have known for a long time now; the carbon tax is not worth the cost or the suffering.

A source with access to the data says Environment Canada’s projections align with the PBO’s findings. This would obviously suggest that the government is suppressing its own internal analysis that shockingly corroborates earlier evidence from the parliamentary budget officer regarding the carbon tax damaging the economy and catastrophically tanking it in the future.

Freeland Thinks She is Funny

All this insane evidence putting the Trudeau government on the spot in the public’s eye, and all Freeland could muster up is a joke about Poilievre being the one who is actually gagged because he doesn’t want to mention Canada’s accomplishments lately, before proceeding to recite the same bullshit and nonsense that will get us nowhere in the end.

Which begs the question, what is it with liberals lately and trying their hardest to be funny and snarky? Do they think being funny at the most inappropriate times is something akin to a personality that voters will latch on to and support?

And what about Freeland trying to drift the conversation back to Canada’s accomplishments and not even bothering to engage with the topic at hand? Is she afraid of saying something wrong? Or does she honestly think that it is a foolproof strategy to direct attention away from disasters that the liberals have a hand in? It won’t change reality, and it won’t change the facts of the matter.

It is hard to understand the liberals’ way of thinking, when all the thinking that they do goes into figuring out how they can swindle Canadians out of more tax money just so that they can line up their pockets.

When all of their responses sound the same; when all of their answers are rushed and slurred together as they even fumble the way they lie, you know that there is a huge scandal slowly inching its way to the public, and the Trudeau government is doing all they can to stop it before it hurts them and their message more.

Poilievre revealed the tip of the iceberg. It is time for us to dive in further.

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