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Poilievre Grills Liberals over Drug Decriminalization


A Righteous Stand Against Danger

The House of Commons was shaken on Monday as Conservatives, including the leader Pierre Poilievre relentlessly grilled the hapless Liberal health ministers over their failed war on drugs.

While the ruins of Vancouver testify to the wreckage caused by reckless decriminalisation, Poilievre demands accountability for the lives lost while the government is slow on recalling and ending the “woke” drug program.

The Liberals squirm and dodge under Poilievre’s merciless questioning, unable to defend the indefensible as the death toll mounts. All they could muster is to attack Poilievre’s character and grill him on imaginary extremist positions.

Their feeble excuses are no match for Poilievre’s moral outrage and command of the facts, as he exposes the government’s negligence and ideological stubbornness. A government more concerned with woke posturing than saving lives.

So much so, that they are aiming to expand the already failed and confirmed dangerous drug decriminalisation program to cities like Toronto.

While Liberals delay and distract, Poilievre offers the bold action needed to reclaim our streets and revive our communities

Poilievre Grills the Liberal Ministers

The growing crisis of drug overdoses and addiction in Canada has led to calls and policies from the Trudeau liberal establishment that aims to enact radical and swift changes in how illicit substances are regulated in the streets of Canada.

But nobody thought the Liberals’ approach was a particularly healthy and safe way of dealing with the larger issue plaguing everyday Canadians in need of immediate help. Yet Trudeau and his gang of “woke” yes men vowed to fight fire with fire, appealing to false and debunked data that backs their silly little ideas up. That’s how we unfortunately ended up with programs like “safe supply” and hard drug decriminalisation.

However, the experiments with decriminalisation underway in British Columbia have proven disastrous beyond a shadow of a doubt, only worsening the harms of drug abuse that it supposedly was set out to exterminate. The Liberal government’s reckless push for decriminalisation threatens to undermine public safety and enable harmful drug use nationwide. But we already know this is the Trudeau special when it comes to useless programs that end up causing more harm than good in the long run.

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has always been incessantly against the “woke” drug policy and he continued to speak for many concerned citizens recently when he excoriated the Trudeau government in Parliament for failing to reverse course on decriminalisation despite tragic consequences unfolding before our eyes.

Poilievre condemned the Minister of Mental Health and Addictions Ya’ara Saks for stalling on British Columbia’s urgent request to scale back its “decriminalisation nightmare,” as overdose deaths continue to skyrocket. Mind you this was a request that was issued back in Friday and several days later the Trudeau government has no immediate response and is only just starting to review the case.

Since the federal pilot project began in January 2023, allowing personal possession of hard drugs like cocaine and fentanyl, the addiction crisis in BC has gone from bad to worse.

Overdose fatalities are the highest anywhere in Canada, with six people dying every single day. Facing public backlash and an election, BC’s NDP government and premier was forced to beg Ottawa to restore bans on using drugs in public places. Still, the obtuse Liberals refuse to admit failure.

Poilievre is Attacked for Speaking the Truth

You know what they chose to do instead when the topic was highlighted as a key issue in the house of commons? They chose to veer away from the very important topic at hand as they attacked Poilievre’s right leaning views while screaming at his face to condemn whatever extremist daydream they cooked up in their empty heads.

Poilievre rightly brought the focus back onto the drug decriminalisation subject but not before mouthing off on the hypocritical liberals that are happily attacking Poilievre for made up extremist views while Canadians are dying everyday on the street as a result of Trudeau’s failed “woke” policies.

Meanwhile, children are exposed to brazen drug use in parks and bus stops. Addicts shoot up in hospital bathrooms and leave dirty needles strewn about. The destructive effects of addiction and accompanying crime spread into every corner of our communities. Does any of this sound like progress in addressing the very real harms of drug abuse?

Poilievre rightly argues that every day the Trudeau government stalls on reversing course, more lives will be lost to overdoses. And Poilievre is absolutely justified in his arguments because this isn’t some abstract policy debate – it’s literally a matter of life and death. The Liberals are enabling drug use even as the body count rises. Their inaction is morally reprehensible and quite shocking even with previous knowledge of their corruption.

The suffering wrought by addiction is heartbreaking, but treating it as solely a health issue is misguided. Drug abuse tears families apart, fuels criminality, and destroys lives.

The government cannot neglect the imperative of public safety and order in a misbegotten effort to be “compassionate.” Citizens have a right to live and work without fear of disorder and lawlessness on their streets.

Vancouver’s own police leaders acknowledge that decriminalisation occurred too hastily, before proper restrictions were in place. The failed experiment confirms that such radical measures must not be rushed into without due caution.

Yet still, the federal Liberals charge ahead with talk of expanding decriminalisation to other cities like Toronto, heedless of the real-world consequences.

The Liberals Still Want To Expand Their Failed Program

Yeah you heard that right. Even as the NDP B.C premier pleads for Ottawa to restore bans, even after all the hard data points against the continuation of such a corrupt and dangerous program, the obtuse Liberals consider expanding decriminalisation to Toronto. How many more lives must be lost before they admit this policy is a catastrophic mistake?

The “Toronto model” would allow open crack, heroin and fentanyl use on public transit, parks and other shared spaces. Only schools and daycares would be exempt.

This insane proposal doubles down on the failed policies that Premier Eby now admits went too far. It learned nothing from the preventable deaths and normalisation of drug abuse in B.C.

This is what Trudeau and the liberals were stalling for. It was never about a review and recall of a failed social experiment that took the lives of many Canadians. It was about stalling for time as the heat dies down because the liberals are already adamant about their “woke” agenda powering through even as the failed results slap them in the face. Canada is destined to be a bigger B.C. disaster because Trudeau is too stubborn to admit defeat.

Most Canadians understand that real compassion for addicts means getting them off the drugs permanently through mandatory treatment, not allowing them to self-destruct. At the same time, we must stop the flow of deadly narcotics like fentanyl into our country, increase penalties for dealers, and crack down on organised crime fueling the drug trade.

So of course the conservatives used up all the time they got at the house of commons and took turns lambasting and questioning the minister of health and the minister of mental health and addiction about the drug decriminalisation and how it is tearing apart the streets of Canada. Only for them to be met with the usual virtue-signalling and whining about how the Liberals are actually fighting the good fight and not relying on slogans and whatnot.

You could almost be fooled by their conviction in their speeches, if it wasn’t for the fact that we are 8 years into a costly, corrupt, and outright dangerous Trudeau government.

Canadians deserve to live in communities free of the open drug use zones that the Liberal-NDP’s decriminalisation approach creates. Let B.C. ‘s failure serve as a wakeup call against radical policies that enable societal harms under the guise of progress. Not a tutorial for other provinces to follow suit without any form of second thought.

Lives are on the line. It’s time to get serious and implement solutions that work for all Canadians. And it starts with the creators of the issue being removed from leadership in favour of common sense conservatives like Pierre Poilievre.

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