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Poilievre Goes Off On the Liberals regarding Drug Decriminalization


What does it take to Stop a Harmful Program?

Ten agonizing days have passed since British Columbia begged Ottawa to stop the madness. But only one man has said enough was enough. Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre stormed Parliament, lambasting the health and addiction minister’s deadly negligence.

Poilievre called out everyone from Trudeau to even Freeland, as he tries to understand the slow process that took 10 days just to approve the repeal of a dangerous drug program that claims victims daily.

The liberals however were on auto pilot answering questions with the same PR talk and following the same guideline of attacking Poilievre for his character and morals, not his arguments and facts. I guess they really are scared of the honest man.

They succumbed in the end and repealed the abhorrent program but not before ominously reminding us that this is not the end. Maybe Toronto is next on the hit list.

This is only the first victory in turning the tide against Trudeau’s radical policies. Poilievre’s determined leadership brought accountability and saved lives.

But more battles lie ahead. As long as men like him fight for citizens’ wellbeing over dangerous ideologies, Canada has hope for a better future.

Poilievre Calls Out the Trudeau Government

Ten days; That is how long it has been since the radical NDP B.C. begged Trudeau and the Canadian federal government – that is run by equally corrupt and inept liberals – to cut the drug decriminalisation program that has done more bad than initially thought.

Ten day; that is the number of days the bodies kept piling up due to overdoses and other nasty side effects, all while the federal government and the minister of health and addiction took their sweet time reviewing the “necessary” information and following all the “guidelines” or so they say.

This is a program that has gone off the rails and has been a “woke” and dangerous venture since its inception, but now we are supposed to wait for instructions and protocol while people are dying in the streets and in public places.

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre did not wait and kept lambasting every crooked liberal in power, including Trudeau himself, to wake the hell up and forget about partisanship and politics just to save all the innocent victims this corrupt decriminalisation program has affected and will continue to affect.

Poilievre stood his ground in the house of commons against the minister of health and addiction Ya’ara Saks, asking her about the nature of the Trudeau government’s hold up when it comes to fulfilling B.C.’s request to re-criminalise drugs in public spaces.

Wanna guess what her answer was? If you guessed the same old tired speech about the government doing everything they can to tackle the issue in the best possible way that benefits the Canadian people at large and especially the drug addicts, then you are absolutely right.

Poilievre is Attacked for his Character not His Arguments

It is very easy to talk the talk and continue to shamelessly paint yourself and your policies in the most positive of lights while bashing any form of opposition as nonsensical and not even up for debate at the moment. It is one of the many Trudeau specials when it comes to sleazy PR talk.

That’s why Poilievre brought the discussion back into the forefront and focused on the fact that the minister of health and addiction has been adamant for the past 10 days on needing more information to move forward with the re-criminalisation of drugs in B.C.; A very fine request indeed if only people weren’t dying every day and the fact that B.C. confirmed that they have delivered all the information that they could to the federal government and are just waiting on the approval.

Minister Saks seems quite reluctant to acknowledge the failure of drug decriminalisation as a whole, so maybe her request for more data from B.C. is nothing more than a stalling tactic to avoid having to walk back the Liberal government’s support for decriminalisation.

Her answer in the house of commons to Poilievre and his information question seems as a justified confirmation of her bias towards her liberal policies being complete success. Poilievre got her to go on a full PR speech as she described all the procedures and the so-called “guidelines” that she has to follow in order to re-criminalise public use of drugs and save lives once again. You see how this is not just embarrassing, but is outright infuriating?
And if that wasn’t enough for her, she goes on and adds the caveat of her ministry and the liberal establishment as a whole following science, facts, data and truths while the conservatives are just concerned about criminal justice and political posturing.

How ironic is it that a sitting minister that is responsible for the countless deaths that occur at the behest of a “woke” drug program, and is part of the Trudeau liberal government that is considered by many Canadians as the textbook definition of cronyism and corruption, is now trying to spin this same narrative against common sense conservatives like Poilievre?

It is funny how Poilievre never mentioned criminal justice throughout his pleas. Poilievre only focused on the innocent bystanders and the victims of addiction falling at the foot of a program that is harming them more than it is doing them any good for their lives.

But this is what you get in Trudeau’s liberal hellscape; Good and honest men like Poilievre trying to fix the woes of the world are met with obtuse actors of chaos that try to undermine him every chance they get.

And if they can’t beat him at the facts and data game, then they will absolutely try to attack his character and morals.

So when Poilievre tries to talk about disastrous discoveries made in children public parks and spaces, liberals like Chrystia Freeland will come out of nowhere and unprompted to take a swing at Poilievre and calling him out for trying to score political points and not actually caring one bit about the drug crisis and all the victims of it.

How do you respond to blatant lying exactly? What do you do when confronted with a crooked individual trying to debate your morals and not your positions and arguments? The answer is to keep fighting earnestly.

The Earnest Fight for Safety in Canada

Poilievre doesn’t have to entertain this circus especially when he has evidence and facts behind his back, but fighting this liberal clown show is at the core of solving many of Canada’s biggest issues.

And if we don’t keep fighting we get more “woke” and dangerous programs spreading to other cities and provinces. We already are seeing this with Toronto’s request to try their hand at the drug decriminalisation program, and how most officials there are trying to gaslight the public into believing that the B.C. situation won’t happen again.

Poilievre recognised the expected disaster that is slowly approaching the Ontario province and brought forth the issue to the house of common debating none other than Trdueau himself.

Only for Trudeau to somehow use the same tactics he taught the likes of Freeland and completely dismiss anything Poilievre has to say in favour of attacking his character and accusing him of trying to score political points again.

The same textbook insults, the same damn corruption. It doesn’t get different with Trudeau and the liberals.
But as long as Poilievre fights, Canadians will get what they deserve.

The government succumbed to his demands after 10 days of agony and are now rolling back the drug decriminalisation program in B.C. but not without reminding us that this is not the end of the program and that this failure is nothing but a misstep.

This is what fighting for what’s right gets us.

And Canadians are more than happy to tell the liberals to keep their missteps to themselves as Poilievre ushers in an age of common sense conservatism for all.

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