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Poilievre Goes Off Against Guilbeault


Liberal Hysteria

Poilievre is taking the gloves off and calling out every unhinged and “wacko” liberal for their hypocrisy towards the carbon tax.

In a series of fiery exchanges in Parliament, Poilievre has brutally destroyed Trudeau’s ministers for pushing a reckless agenda that hurts hard working Canadian families.

Poilievre shredded Guilbeault’s arguments as “wacko” and highlighted Trudeau’s own gas-guzzling private jet use.

Yet the embarrassed minister could only sputter lame attacks in response, proving himself no match for Poilievre’s rapier wit and facts.

Poilievre pulls no punches in the battle of ideas. His bold vision for freedom and family coupled with his courage to call out elite hypocrisy is inspiring a grassroots Conservative surge.

And Trudeau can’t do anything to stop the masses urging for some common sense and competence in the governing position. His time is ticking down rapidly.

Poilievre Stands Against the Liberals

Karma works slightly faster these days in Canada. One day you could be a staunchly corrupt liberal minister, shouting absolute nonsense and fighting against the prosperity of the people that you swore to protect and work for during your time in leadership. Other times, you are the same doofus liberal minister getting beaten down and humiliated verbally by a common sense conservative who has had enough of your “woke” propaganda.

Every dog has their day and the minister of health for Canada Mark Holland, alongside the minister of Environment and Climate Change Steven Guilbeault got their days handled by none other than the future leader of Canada and the conservative party’s current leader Pierre Poilievre.

But first, we have to understand a bit of context for how we got to this graceful point where Poilievre is openly mocking and putting the sleazy and incompetent liberal ministers in their place.

And it all started with a conservative MP by the name of Rachel Thomas that took the chance last week to express her disdain for the liberal’s carbon tax pressure exuded on struggling Canadian families.

She tried to appeal to any lingering or left over sympathy within the rotten liberals’ hearts, so that they may give a carbon tax break for Canadian families in the summer so that they can save up appropriately and go on family road trips without being anxious.

What Miss Rachel Thomas and every other conservative did not expect was for that rotten and hatred within the liberals’ hearts to come out in full force and in such a pathetically performative manner.

No one expected the minister of health – of all people – to stand up and give an unhinged speech about Canadian families rather taking road trips and burn the planet than actually conserve energy and save it for the future.

Bearing in mind that the minister of health here is talking absolute lies and nonsense just to virtue-signal and appeal to his leader Trudeau, it is honestly quite embarrassing the way he went about it. It is as if he is truly delusional and stuck m in his own headspace to recognize the bullshit coming straight from his mouth.

But alas, this hysterical meltdown was not met with silence and ignorance from the conservative camp. Because Poilievre took the time out of his day to break down the minister of health’s speech by simply calling it “wacko”. Because no matter what the liberals say, it will always be “wacko” to every common sense Canadian.

Poilievre Delivers a Verbal Beatdown

However, Poilievre did not just stop there. Oh no. He actually highlighted the hypocrisy of the minister of health having a meltdown because Canadian families are looking to have some semblance of a good time vacationing together, while he stays silent and supports Trudeau using his private jet all the time during vacations with his family.

The health minister’s response to this verbal beatdown by Poilievre was nothing noteworthy. He played by the classic Trudeau book and attacked the conservatives for things that have nothing to do with the current subject at the moment. His only noteworthy moment was when he doubled down on his egregious statements regarding family road trips and called into question the conservatives stance fighting for Canadians.

Imagine having your head so far up to where it never shines, and you end up thinking that it is malicious and suspicious that the conservatives are fighting for the Canadian people and their freedoms. Only in a complete wacko government will you find this line of thinking.

Only in a complete wacko government will you get someone like Steven Guilbeault thinking he is a grade A comedian by using the same language as Poilievre against him and trying to find faults in his mathematical data against the carbon tax.

No Liberal is Out for You

It only gets marginally more sane once Poilievre flips the script on the liberal line of arguments and continues to press them about Trudeau not giving up his “gas guzzling” private jet – as he likes to call it. The liberals are only jealous of the hard work the conservatives are doing to fight for the people, instead of wearing jumpsuits and climbing buildings for a vain cause like Guilbeault.

And coming from the man that was adamant to stop building roads and start removing some of the existing ones, Guilbeault should refrain from pushing his opinion and narrative regarding Canadian families taking peaceful and cost effective road trips.

But at the end of that day you start to wonder why are the liberals so suddenly hysterical in regards to the carbon tax; so much so that they are actively fighting and pushing narratives that cannot even be defended from whichever angle the liberals in Canada usually resort to.

Could it perhaps be that they don’t want the people to dig deeper and analyse their own maths to come up with the simple conclusion, that the carbon tax is completely unnecessary.

I mean we already have evidence of gag orders being put on government watchdogs because Trudeau does not want you to know what a secret analysis of the tax has resulted in.

Trudeau and his crooked gang of liberals know exactly what they are doing and what they are hiding from us. The carbon tax was never about the environment and the future; it was always about greed and control.

The recent theatrics and meltdowns from the Trudeau government is just them slightly breaking under pressure. So let us cheer for Poilievre to crack this egg and deliver justice for all.

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