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Poilievre Dissects Trudeau’s Failing Economy


The Truth is Just Facts

Poilievre is whipping up a storm of truth as he rips into Trudeau’s abysmal economic record.

Armed to the teeth with hard facts and a take-no-prisoners debating style, Poilievre’s latest weapon – the “Debtonation” video series – is systematically demolishing Liberal fiscal failures.

And the truth is ugly for Trudeau. Poilievre’s fiscal autopsy revealed debt now towering over our weak economy; Interest costs devouring billions as Trudeau nonchalantly shovels more borrowed money into failing programs.

Canada’s finances are in worse shape than countries that suffered total economic meltdowns and depressions.

Yet when confronted, all Trudeau can muster is feeble spin about the budget balancing itself.

No wonder the polling data is showing young Canadians are increasingly frustrated with Trudeau and are looking forward to Poilievre.

After all, only common sense conservatism can save us now.

Poilievre Slams Trudeau’s Economy

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre has come out swinging recently with all of his might and confidence debating and debunking all of Trudeau and the Liberals’ lies about the housing crisis and the Canadian economy.

Poilievre started a video series on his twitter page titled “Debtonation”. The series acts as a digestible melting pot for all the facts and the evidence that proves how much of a failure Trudeau has been.

It acts as a sort of an infographic about the state of Canada under the leadership of Trudeau and his corrupt gang of Liberal goons. And it is all narrated by the man himself.

The first episode talked about the housing crisis from all the different aspects while not shying away from addressing the root causes of the issue that Trudeau is so afraid to acknowledge and fix.

However, the second “Debtonation” episode aimed to dive deeper into the economical downward spiral that Canada is suffering through, and how Trudeau and the liberal establishment started and added onto a disaster that will cripple Canada and every day Canadians for years to come. Unless we somehow stop the leakage right now by booting Trudeau and his slimy liberal friends off the boat.

Poilievre puts into perspective how massive Canada’s national debt has become in terms of comparing it to a man hiking up a hill but with a massive bag that is three times his size.

You heard that right, Canada’s debt is about three and a half times the size of its overall economy. It does not take an economic expert to explain to you how debt that is overinflated in relation to the underlying means of payment does not predict a prosperous economic future for the country in question.

What about the value of our gross domestic product? Surely Canada’s businesses, producing all the goods and services, are doing their best to drive away any pressure and stabilise our intake rate with our debt payments. Well, this would be the perfect case scenario for a functioning Canadian economy that is not burdened with government incompetence feeding into the already gargantuan national debt.

Our GDP to national debt ratio is as abysmal as it can get. Except with Trudeau and his fiscal policies, things are seemingly just starting to get worse.

And the budget that Trudeau, Freeland, and all the other liberal goons are championing as the saviour of the economy is only going to make things much more dire for the average Canadian.

Poilievre Exposes Fiscal Disaster

As outlined in the recent RBC report, Canada risks losing its top rating if the Liberal government continues its spendthrift ways that are seemingly unending with the next and not so promising budget.

The federal government’s lack of fiscal discipline threatens Canada’s coveted AAA credit rating and will lead to higher costs for Canadian families and businesses.

Unlike other AAA-rated countries, Canada’s economic policies undermine its rating. While countries like Germany and Australia have shown spending restraint even with deficits from the pandemic, the Trudeau government seems intent on permanent expansions.

This irresponsible approach, along with Canada’s high household debt levels, jeopardizes our fiscal standing on the global stage even further.

The consequences of a downgrade would be far-reaching. Higher sovereign borrowing costs would trickle down to households and businesses, raising the cost of mortgages, loans and other credit. Canada simply cannot afford to test the limits of its AAA rating.

Yet, the deputy prime minister is happy to just outright lie publicly about the AAA rating or how the state of the economy is definitely gonna be stabilizing with the new proposed budget.

But there is no lying to hard data, backed evidence, and some common sense. That’s why Poilievre took the simple step of comparing other nations’ financial crises and what triggered them compared to the current state of the Canadian economy in terms of the debt percentage of the total GDP. Spoiler alert: It is not looking good.

Canada’s overall national debt is 357% of its GDP. Countries suffered total economic meltdowns and collapses for much less. The only comparable rate is the one that America suffered during the economic recession of 2008. Is Canada going to walk the same disastrous path?

So, if we are already on a collision course thanks to the liberals’ fiscally irresponsible policies, who should we blame for the state of things? Poilievre has the answer.

The blame lies with three actors that are somewhat equally damning and are almost all connected to government overspending and increasing of interest rates.

The liberal government’s overspending on vanity “woke” programs and initiatives have caught up with them. But poor and innocent hard working Canadians are going to foot most of the bill.

Every year the government spends some more in hopes to curb every crisis that they have started; only for the deficit to keep ballooning to insane measures. Right now, the deficit is about 64% bigger than what it was in World War One. Let that sink in for a second.

But will Trudeau ever fix all this mess with the new budget? Let past Trudeau answer you with his irresponsible and unaccountable statement about the budget balancing itself.

The federal budget is not going to save anything. It will supposedly not contain any direct tax hikes on the middle class, according to the Trudeau government if you would like to trust the corrupt prime minister’s words.

However, the massive spending increases that are already proposed and will be further proposed in the budget will inevitably require tax increases down the road that end up hitting the middle class one way or another.

While the budget may spare the middle class for now, the demands of the NDP and the corrupt coalition partner Jagmeet Singh mean higher taxes are imminent, especially on high-income earners and corporations.

Singh has been aggressively lobbying for what he calls an “excess profits tax” targeting companies. Sources within the NDP have openly boasted to the media about their plans to jack up corporate taxes to as high as 22%, a massive increase from the current 15% rate.

This is why some have referred to the upcoming budget as being “written in orange ink” – the NDP’s colour. It reflects their socialist ideology now dictating major economic policy decisions rather than sensible fiscal management.

What a fine way to absolutely not curb competition and encourage more businesses to invest in Canada. Every business will be delighted to know that they will be judged on socialist beliefs.

For over a century, Liberal and Conservative governments maintained lower corporate tax rates to attract business investment. Now, with the NDP backing the Trudeau coalition, this prudent economic principle seems to be out the window.

It bears repeating that it does not take a genius to understand that corporate tax hikes may provide a quick cash infusion to the government but will be counterproductive in the long run. Will the “not genius” Trudeau ever understand?

Maybe Trudeau will wake up in horror if it is shouted and debated endlessly by the likes of Poilievre, who have publically humiliated Trudeau and his housing minister in the house of commons by simply reciting statistical facts about the budget, the deficit, the high interest rates, and the state of Canada and every Canadian under Trudeau’s incompetent leadership.

The only rebuttal by Sean Fraser was to talk about failing programs that Canadians are not and will possibly never be seeing the fruits of.

Young Canadians are Running Away

No wonder young Canadians are flocking to Poilievre and his common sense conservative approach and away from the corrupt and slimy gripes of Trudeau and his crony Liberal-NDP coalition.

A new poll reveals a dramatic erosion of support for the Prime Minister among younger Canadians, sparking alarm bells for his Liberal government.

The poll shows the Conservatives with a commanding 2-to-1 lead over the Liberals among voters aged 18-29, a stunning reversal from 2015 when Trudeau swept to power backed by enthusiastic youth support.

After eight long years in office, Trudeau’s socially progressive rhetoric no longer resonates with young people facing economic struggles.

Trudeau’s failure on this core pocketbook issue for young people has opened the door for Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre to make historic inroads.

While Trudeau was the charismatic “selfie king” promising sunny ways, Poilievre is truly connecting through substantive policy proposals to make life affordable for the honest and hard working Canadian.

Conservatism is redefining itself for a new generation facing unprecedented economic adversity.

Limited government, personal freedom, equality of opportunity – these principles represent the best chance for Canada’s youth to achieve their full potential.

The future looks bright not just for the Conservative movement, but for Canada’s next generation.

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