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Poilievre Calls Out Trudeau for His Costly Budget


Trudeau in another round of Humiliation

Yesterday, Pierre Poilievre held an immediate press conference just to respond to the faulty and fiscally irresponsible federal budget.

The gloves came off as Poilievre ROASTED Trudeau’s reckless spending spree disguised as a federal budget. He called out the insane deficits and useless pet projects that will bankrupt our future.

Trudeau on the other hand sauntered to the podium, flashed his manufactured smile, and proceeded to put on an absolute disaster of a show, claiming he’s trying to heal an already broken nation.

The budget, oozing with frivolous spending and lacking fiscal sanity, perfectly encapsulates how the Prime Minister manages to frustrate all demographics, from young to old.

Neither Canada’s youth nor seniors are safe from Trudeau’s chronically tin-eared government. He crows about helping young people, yet heaps on massive future debt that they must shoulder

Young voters see through his platitudes, and every hard working Canadian is now flocking to common sense conservatism in hopes of fixing the budget and bringing it back home.

Poilievre Schools Trudeau

Another day in the hellish-scape that beautiful Canada has unfortunately become under Justin Trudeau and the Liberal-NDP corrupt coalition. This time a budget has been tabled by Trudeau and his equally corrupt deputy prime minister, and it gives off a glimpse into a costly and dire future for Canada and Canadians.

The budget was so bad that conservative leader Pierre Poilievre, held an immediate press conference just to respond to the faulty and fiscally irresponsible federal budget.

Poilievre expressed his disdain for Justin Trudeau’s sleazy talk about how the future is bright for young Canadians when the budget is set out to achieve the exact opposite scenario.

He talked about how the budget does not stop the egregious trend of over spending taxpayer money, that Trudeau and his Liberal cronies love to do so much that it has absolutely become a hobby for them.

The state of Canada’s streets with the homeless erecting tents everywhere; The housing crisis that has broken Canadians down and will, for the foreseeable future, act as a blockade for young Canadians looking to start their life; The awful healthcare plans and the waiting times that has put Canada at the bottom of the ranking when it comes to healthcare in wealthy nations; The atrocious economy that is down to its knees and continues to negatively affect quality of life and affordability for many day to day Canadians; All of these issues are simply ignored in favour of more spending on things like vanity climate projects and A.I technology that will help the Liberal government to better control your life in the future.

It is truly a sad state of affairs that Poilievre has to publicly speak for every downtrodden Canadian and ask Trudeau to “Just Stop”, only for Trudeau and the liberals to never care or attempt to circumvent the countless issues hard working Canadians face.

It is not a secret that the Trudeau government’s priorities are wildly out of step with the needs of average Canadians. While Canada faces rising inflation and economic uncertainty, Trudeau and his Liberals have delivered a budget filled with excessive spending and tax hikes that will hurt workers and businesses.

Poilievre Exposes the Budget

This budget represents a staggering $53 billion in new spending over the next five years. And how is Trudeau paying for these massive new expenditures? By gouging Canada’s businesses with higher taxes, of course.

The Liberals are increasing the capital gains inclusion rate, meaning those who have invested wisely and earned profits will now be punished with a bigger tax bill. This will affect hard-working Canadians, not just the super wealthy, as Trudeau disingenuously claims.

Small business owners in particular will suffer under the capital gains tax increase.

With inflation already squeezing family budgets due to higher prices for groceries, gas and housing, the last thing Canadians need is a government helping itself to more of Canadians’ hard-earned money.

And what are Canadians getting in return for all this spending and taxes? More wasteful Liberal pet projects and bloated bureaucracy.

The recent Liberal budget makes clear that Prime Minister Trudeau remains determined to waste taxpayer dollars on dubious artificial intelligence initiatives.

As previously discussed and publicly revealed, this budget allocates an astounding $2.4 billion towards advancing AI across government. While experts have raised serious concerns about the effectiveness and ethics of AI, Trudeau seems intent on plunging ahead with little regard for the implications.

And he is not even waiting a little bit before utilising the technology through his corrupt Liberal government, as recent reports have revealed that the government already used A.I technology to help with day to day politics and assist in new useless initiatives and programs.

Another wasteful area of spending is the $500 million being directed towards mental health initiatives for young people. This overlaps with existing provincial mental health services and supports.

The federal government seems unable to help itself from interfering in provincial matters, leading to overlapping services and wasted spending as multiple levels of government fund the same types of programs. Trudeau is apparently doing all he can to garner a smidge of the young vote that he lost.

The budget also allocates over $900 million towards green home retrofits and energy efficiency incentives.

This is essentially a replica of past failed programs that have seen low uptake and meagre results. There is no reason to believe that rehashing this same rebate program will yield better outcomes. The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Canadians are right to question if all this spending will lead to meaningful results, or if the country will be deeper in debt with little to show for it. Experience with previous Liberal budgets indicates much of this funding will be frittered away without proper oversight, analysis or performance metrics.

And as Poilievre has stated in his response speech to the budget, this Trudeau and Freeland budget is one of the most incompetent and corrupt government displays in a long while.

Truly, there has never been a worse budget since the 1980s.

While regular Canadians suffer under crushing inflation, the Liberals continue to run massive deficits and add to our ballooning national debt.

The budget projects deficits of at least $40 billion annually for the next five years. Canada is now projected to be $1.4 trillion in debt by 2028. This is fiscal lunacy.

The Budget Will Hurt Canadians

This is a budget that is not focused on taxing the wealthy like Trudeau and Freeland would have you believe. It is a budget that is more focused on making life for the average hard working Canadian and the middle class much worse.

When it comes to young Canadians, the budget is unlikely to move the needle. Despite some targeted spending, there is little in this budget to truly excite or inspire young voters.

On housing, the budget extends some first-time homebuyer programs but does little to make home ownership more affordable in the near future.

Most of the proposed policies have been announced weeks before the budget, but it mostly focuses on useless incentives for renters to give them a leg up when deciding to finally purchase a home. Except most of the policies are as wasteful as every other failing Liberal program since it focuses more on enhancing the credit score while not addressing affordability and job payments, you know – things that landlords actually look for and review.

With prices spiralling out of control in many markets, most young people see little benefit in measures that will not even help purchasers years down the road.

So with all this mess and how the great and definitely beneficial federal budget turned out to be a complete sham and a slap in the face of every tax paying Canadian, how would conservative leader Pierre Poilievre fix this embarrassing Trudeau budget.

Well, Poilievre vowed to inject some common sense into the budget. He promises to be fiscally responsible by axing the pointless and costly carbon tax, alongside reducing the income tax so that hard working Canadians can enjoy the fruits of their labour more.

Poilievre promises to build the homes and bring back affordability, and his message is obviously resonating with all Canadians young and old.

Because Canada is a hellish-scape during Trudeau, and common sense conservatism will make sure it is not after Trudeau.

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