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Poilievre Blasts Trudeau’s “Screaming” in House


Fireworks erupted in Parliament as Pierre Poilievre unleashed a blistering attack on Justin Trudeau’s unraveling leadership, with a rattled prime minister reduced to screaming fits under the barrage of criticism.

Poilievre lambasted Trudeau as “losing control” on issues from public safety to affordability, provoking howls of protest from the prime minister. But Trudeau’s unhinged hysterics only reinforced perceptions he has lost his grip, lashing out like a cornered animal when confronted with his policy failures wreaking havoc on Canada.

The unhinged prime minister flailed wildly, his screaming tantrum underscoring his utter loss of control and lack of solutions to reverse Canada’s deepening crises on his watch.

It’s only the third day back in session and Trudeau is already reduced to having screaming tantrums like a petulant child – how much more unhinged will he become as his failing leadership continues to unravel over the coming months?

In a new hearing session, the house was on fire after Poilievre repeatedly slammed Trudeau for the chaos that the country is in.

Poilievre attacked Trudeau for losing control as the auto theft crisis spirals under his watch.

Crime and public safety have taken a backseat under Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government like everything else.

Nowhere is this more evident than with the auto theft crisis plaguing cities across Canada. As vehicles continue to vanish from driveways at alarming rates, Pierre Poilievre is calling out Trudeau’s failed policies that have allowed this reckless criminality to fester and grow.

During a recent Parliament session, Poilievre grilled Trudeau over the rampant auto thefts that have skyrocketed 300% in Toronto since 2015, the year Trudeau took office.

Poilievre called out Trudeau’s incompetence to solve the crisis and slammed his approach, which has been an unmitigated failure.

When challenged on his floundering policies, Trudeau had no solutions, only empty slogans and finger-pointing.

A rattled Trudeau claimed Conservatives are just “whipping out empty slogans” while he rolls up his sleeves. But Poilievre shot back, asking why Trudeau doesn’t just reverse his soft-on-crime policies that opened the floodgates to this auto theft crisis.

Cornered by the surging crime rate under his watch, Trudeau pathetically claimed, “There’s more to do.” But Canadians have lost faith in his ability or willingness to get crime under control. Violent crime has skyrocketed 40% since Trudeau took office. And his policies are directly to blame.

Poilievre ruthlessly mocked the farcical press conference Trudeau’s bumbling ministers held in a pathetic attempt to cover up their failing efforts to combat this crisis.

Of course, 2015 was the year Trudeau came to power. And crime has exploded ever since. Trudeau ludicrously claimed his press release just shows he includes facts, something Poilievre retorted Harper never did. But continuously worsening crime speaks for itself.

Trudeau’s desperation led to unhinged histrionics in Parliament. As Poilievre detailed the government’s press release outlining the 300% surge in auto thefts under Trudeau’s watch, the rattled PM flew into a screaming fit.

His out-of-control emotional meltdown over his failed crime policies laid bare a leader who has completely lost his grip. Trudeau’s unprime ministerial screaming and hollering only reinforced his government’s ineptitude and lack of answers.

Trudeau tried to defend his record, shrieking that Conservatives want to bring back assault weapons, while he keeps Canadians safe. But the crime statistics expose this as an outright lie.

After years of muted responses and softly-softly policies have backfired disastrously, Trudeau is now reduced to throwing public tantrums when confronted with the consequences.

Poilievre exposed that Trudeau’s incompetence has mired the nation in a quagmire of escalating lawlessness, violence, unaffordability, and economic turmoil. Yet Trudeau snivels and finger-points rather than taking responsibility like an adult. His juvenile hysterics and lack of accountability for the dire predicament facing Canadians due to his ineptitude prove he does not have the maturity or capacity to lead.

Canadians are right to ask – what happened to the leader who promised real change back in 2015? Now we see only a floundering PM lashing out erratically as violent crime climbs unchecked.

Trudeau’s hypocrisy is astounding. His government claims auto thefts have tripled under their watch due to Stephen Harper’s budget cuts in 2015. But this is a transparent attempt to evade accountability.

His liberal MPs are confessing to the surge of car thefts under his watch.

In a stunning admission, Liberal MP and Treasury Board President Anita Anand revealed that Trudeau’s soft-on-crime policies are directly responsible for the recent surge in auto theft plaguing communities across Canada.

The auto theft crisis exploded after Trudeau implemented weak sentencing and prosecutorial policies centered on “rehabilitation” over punishment. Offenders now act with impunity, knowing they’ll likely never face serious jail time.

Trudeau also reduced penalties for serious crimes across the board. Crimes that previously carried 5+ year sentences were reduced below 2 years to avoid jail time. Mandatory minimums were eliminated for gun crimes. And house arrest became the default for violent offenses.

At the same time, Trudeau weakened our borders, diverting CBSA resources away from ports. This allowed stolen vehicle trafficking to metastasize, with thousands of cars now flowing undetected offshore yearly.

These disastrous policies created the perfect conditions for auto theft and organized crime to flourish.

Yet Trudeau wants Canadians to believe that minor budget reductions 8 years ago are somehow responsible for the uncontrolled crime wave under his government’s watch. This strains credulity.

By gutting sentences, allowing prolific offenders to walk free, leaving the borders porous, and refusing to crack down meaningfully, Trudeau’s bleeding heart policies have directly fueled the auto theft epidemic terrorizing our communities.

Once promising sunny ways and a new era of leadership, Trudeau has now been reduced to unhinged emotional outbursts and excuses in the face of his policy failures.

Increasingly unmoored from reality, Trudeau is lashing out wildly at critics, while showing little comprehension of the public safety crisis unfolding under his watch.

With no solutions beyond holding failed summits and trying to shift blame, Trudeau has clearly lost control. His unprime ministerial screaming fits in Parliament reveal a leader who was woefully unprepared for the realities of governing.

Trudeau seems more focused on theatrics and appearances than delivering results. His response to spiking crime rates – summit meetings and rhetorical flourishes – epitomizes this style-over-substance approach.

Meanwhile, the escalating auto theft crisis is wrecking lives and endangering communities across Canada. Citizens deserve better than a prime minister who postures and preens but fails to take responsibility or act decisively.

Trudeau’s policies have been a godsend for criminals. But eight years of avoiding tough decisions have left Canadians paying the price.

With violent crime spiraling out of control under Trudeau’s feckless leadership, his endless excuses ring impotently hollow.

The rampant lawlessness and disintegration of public order stems directly from his government’s short-sighted, bleeding-heart policies. It’s clear Trudeau is either unwilling or unable to take the difficult steps necessary to restore law and order.

The time has come for this floundering prime minister to step aside for a leader with the backbone to clean up the disastrous mess he created.
For eight years, Trudeau has gone out of his way to coddle criminals while neglecting victims and public safety. This misguided mindset has produced disastrous outcomes now plaguing communities across Canada.

Trudeau’s “hug-a-thug” mentality has empowered the worst offenders. Violent criminals now roam free, emboldened by the absence of consequences.

Police have been stripped of tools needed to target repeat offenders. Sentences are a slap on the wrist for serious crimes. And bleeding heart prosecutors regularly stay or withdraw charges, allowing criminality to go unpunished.

This systemic failure has nurtured an atmosphere of lawlessness. Offenders know they can steal, threaten, even stab or shoot with virtual impunity. Jail is no longer a deterrence under Trudeau’s catch-and-release policies.

Canadians now face rampant criminality, exploding addiction and mental health crises, and public disorder spinning out of control. This is the real-world impact of Trudeau’s naive soft-on-crime approach.

The escalating auto theft epidemic is just one example of the broader failure. Canadians deserve better than leaders who coddle criminals while citizens pay the price.

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