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Poilievre Blasts Freeland In Fiery Parliament Face-Off


Government Out Of Ideas And Credibility

Tempers flared across the house of commons as Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre and Liberal Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland clash in a bombshell parliamentary face-off. 

Poilievre came out swinging, blasting the government over skyrocketing mortgage rates breaking Trudeau’s promises. 

And Freeland couldn’t help but completely falter and fall apart in House as usual.

Each point Poilievre made was met with arrogant partisan brush-offs, triggering more blows from Poilievre targeting the government’s oblivious detachment from citizens’ real struggles.

This fiery exchange crystallizes the vast disconnect between the Liberals’ rosy view of their policies versus harsh realities for struggling Canadians. 

With Poilievre giving voice to citizens buckling under Liberal mismanagement, and Freeland clinging to hollow talking points, the stakes could not be higher for the country’s leadership.

Stick around as we analyze this bombshell parliamentary battle in detail. Can Freeland withstand Poilievre’s withering assault exposing her government’s shortcomings? Or will Poilievre finally break through the Liberal echo chamber?

Poilievre Slams Freeland Over Mortgage Rates And Broken Promises

In a recent fiery clash in the house of commons between Pierre Poilievre and Chrystia Freeland, Poilievre proved that he is the last standing man against Justin Trudeau and his government’s useless and reckless plans.

Igniting fiery concerns and allegations on the increase of the Mortgages which 76% of it will be increased within the next three years, highlighting the promise that Trudeau has made and the confirmation from the federal office that has been keeping an eye on Banking in Canada.

That’s after the government claimed the interest rates would stay low for Canadians, while at the same time the Bloc has voted in favor of $500 Billion of bureaucratic inflationist centralizing spending which will be doing the exact opposite of the hollow promise of Trudeau, leading to increased interest rates.

Imagine devoting hours and days raising awareness and addressing the Canadian’s concerns for the public and the liberal government to be facing a minister who clearly has no sense of reality or common sense, and all he does is claim the conservatives don’t care about Canadians. 

A statement only reeking of desperation over not being able to prove otherwise.

Freeland claimed that the conservatives don’t care about Canadians with her proof being that Conservatives dismissed the Liberals’ plans and programs which they have established supposedly to help Canadians, so self centered of the minister to think that everyone is on the Liberals’ side.

Moreover, the whole cut, cut and cut kind of a situation that the conservatives have been adopting is in favor of the Canadians and how to make their life better rather than the life they have had for nine years under the failed government.

Poilievre’s response criticizes Finance Minister Freeland by noting that according to a report from Montreal, citizens are being overtaxed without proper prioritization of spending by the government. Poilievre argues people are paying high taxes quietly while being neglected, and the government lacks fiscal discipline and wise prioritization.

And while a plan was tabled by Poilievre and other conservatives, Freeland ignored it and claimed that they don’t have any plan and only speak what they desire with no background or common sense. At this point it’s probably a job requirement for any Liberal to be blind and deaf to anything but their own agenda.

The reason has been revealed behind why Poilievre and the Conservatives have been voting against every measure and plan announced by Trudeau and his government. This is because they believe every plan has been failing miserably for years, and investing multi-billions in more programs will waste money and increase the cost of living for Canadians.

Poilievre has pointed out before his concerns over the food program and how people are now skipping meals and staying in lines for food every month, it’s time now to let the minister of finance also hear about it. Although it is useless nowadays to convince the liberals that they are doing something wrong.

Freeland Flounders As Poilievre Holds Government Accountable

Homelessness has increased 38%, with 25% of young Canadians going hungry and more than 250 homeless encampments have been set up in major cities across the country. How is the government going to assess this concern and why have they been ignoring it for so long? 

Freeland claimed that with the help of  their generous programs poverty rates have decreased from 14.5% to 9.9%, on what solid grounds does this government come up with such numbers? A government with no back check over reports and analysis is not a trusted government.

Poilievre has shot one last shot slamming each and every liberal calling them out as a failure, proving that before they came into power nine years ago, when the conservatives were the ones in charge. There was no such thing as poverty rates, doubled rent, or increased inflation and interest rates. 

In conclusion, this fiery exchange in the House of Commons has encapsulated the vast disconnect between the Liberal government’s rosy view of their policies and the harsh realities facing struggling Canadians. 

While Deputy PM Freeland dismissed valid criticisms as not caring about people, Poilievre exposed the failures fueling higher costs of living and deepening poverty.

Poilievre gave voice to the millions of Canadians buckling under the strain of Liberal mismanagement. His citations of increasing homelessness, hunger and despair directly challenged the government’s claims of uplifting people.

Rather than address Poilievre’s points, Freeland resorted to tired partisan attacks. This inability to recognize policy failures and change course highlights an arrogant, out-of-touch government that has lost touch with voter pain. Justin Trudeau continues believing his own lofty rhetoric while Canadians starve.

With no solutions beyond throwing more borrowed money at problems, this government has exhausted its ideas and credibility. Poilievre provided the wake-up call that better priorities and fiscal prudence, not endless spending, offer the path forward. 

Unless Liberal leaders acknowledge harsh realities, they cannot make the necessary policy changes to alleviate needless suffering. The time has come for an accountable, responsible government attuned to citizens, not political games.

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