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Poilievre Blasts Corporate Lobbyists Getting Rich Off Taxpayers


Introduction to Poilievre Attack

Pierre Poilievre just unleashed a fierce attack on corporate lobbyists who are sucking up Canadians’ hard-earned tax money and funneling it to greedy companies.

In a groundbreaking speech, the Conservative leader ripped into Justin Trudeau for allowing lobbyists to divert tons of public cash to special interests while regular Canadians are struggling.

Poilievre threw a grenade at the cozy ties between big corporations and Trudeau’s Liberals. He yelled that regular hard working Canadians won’t be ripped off anymore to make lobbyists rich.

Poilievre’s shocking attack suggests huge changes are coming for lobbyists who’ve gotten used to pigging out on taxpayer money.

With these fighting words, the Conservative leader fired the first shot in a new war against the elite lobbyist gang exploiting everyday people. The political big shots just got put on notice – Poilievre is coming to mess up their game.

All those quietly getting rich off the current system have been served notice. A huge shake-up of politics as usual in Canada seems unavoidable with Poilievre marching ahead.

Poilievre Criticizes Corporate Lobbyists

Conservative boss Pierre Poilievre launched a huge attack on “useless” corporate lobbyists getting rich off Canadians tax money, while inflation is killing family budgets.

He admitted to the audience that this was his first time speaking to a chamber of commerce or board of trade since he became leader of the federal Conservatives 18 months ago. And he did not beat around the bush.

In an angry speech, Poilievre ripped into corporate friends of the Liberals who get special perks and contracts from the government while regular Canadians can’t afford their basic needs. His fiery words show this is the start of the end for corporate bigwigs getting a free ride on the public’s dime.

Poilievre’s blast against insider privilege comes after new stories exposed outrageous wasting of tax dollars on projects like the ArriveCan app. The Conservative leader loudly condemned Liberals giving special treatment to lobbyists at the exclusive Rideau Club, as working people fall further behind.

Poilievre fumed about corporations exploiting government connections as struggling citizens tighten their belts.
Poilievre had a strong warning for corporate bigwigs – the free ride on the gravy train ends if he becomes Prime Minister.

While Trudeau’s Liberals have given special treatment to lobbyists wining and dining politicians at the fancy Rideau Club, Poilievre will make them take their case directly to the public.

No more secret backroom deals and gifts to corporations that are Liberal-friendly.

Poilievre also said the same principles would apply for energy projects as for the rest of business in Canada, but said he was in favor of granting permits to “environmentally friendly and strategically important” projects like liquefied natural gas facilities and would speed up mine approvals.

This is the dramatic change Canadians need after years of scandals involving organizations like SNC Lavalin, Winnipeg lab breach and more.

Conservative MP Andrew Scheer mocked industry lobby groups praising the government’s minor rollback of a planned alcohol tax hike.

In a scathing tweet on X, Sheer said: “This is exactly what Pierre Poilievre was talking about.

These useless lobby groups are gushing over the fact that Trudeau is STILL raising their taxes; just not quite as much as he originally threatened.

“Thank you sir, may I have another?”

His tweet targeted associations like WineGrowersCA and Beer Canada, who applauded capping excise increases at 2% rather than 5%.

This exposed how lobbyists are out of touch like the Liberals. With raging inflation crushing Canadians, the government plows ahead with an alcohol tax hike on April 1st. Worse still, lobby groups thank them for just slightly reducing the pain.

Pierre Poilievre understands this patronizing attitude angers citizens. While households agonize over ballooning bills, corporate lobbyists cheer tax hikes on working people’s simple pleasures.

Poilievre pledges bold relief like eliminating alcohol taxes on small purchases. His vision puts citizens first.

Scheer’s mocking tweet pointed out one example of the buddy-buddy relationship between fancy Liberal bigwigs and corporate influence peddlers. This disconnect from the daily struggles of regular Canadians is common in Trudeau’s government, as we saw with the ridiculous ArriveCan mess.

While Scheer called out alcohol taxes, ArriveCan displays the same lack of proper oversight when funneling boatloads of cash to their connected pals. Just like with tax plans, the Liberals talk about being financially responsible while blowing huge amounts to benefit their privileged friends.

Liberal Ties in ArriveCan $100 million Contracts

While initially sold as a $80,000 project to ease COVID border restrictions, the final cost ballooned to an astronomical $60 million!

Even worse, the recent news exposed that over $100 million has been doled out in government contracts to the two companies at the heart of this mess – GC Strategies and its predecessor Coredal. All this for an app riddled with glitches that provided little value to Canadians.

Where was the oversight and accountability while consultants and cronies cashed in on pandemic fear?

This unacceptable failure is more than just incompetence – it stinks of cronyism and corruption among the Liberals.

Contracts were handed out without any competition, breaking the rules, to companies friendly with Trudeau.

The Auditor General found a “glaring disregard” for even the most basic procurement safeguards while Liberals looked the other way.

If Poilievre’s Conservatives had been in power, you can bet these corporate freeloaders would never have received a penny without proving their worth.

While ArriveCan contractors raked in millions, everyday Canadians saw their cost of living skyrocket thanks to Trudeau’s runaway spending and ballooning deficits.

Working families have tightened their belts and made difficult sacrifices during the pandemic, only to see their tax dollars funneled to Liberals and their corporate pals.
Justin Trudeau’s promise of sunny ways has turned into a bad dream for struggling Canadians everywhere. With each passing day, more people wake up to the harsh truth that everything is a mess under Trudeau’s tax-and-spend Liberal government.

And in a hilarious display of obliviousness, Trudeau previously claimed “Canada is not broken” while a recent poll revealed that the vast majority of Canadians believe the country is utterly shattered and are fuming with rage at his government’s mismanagement.

Decades of progress have been undone as Canadians deal with crazy inflation, housing they can’t afford, increasing crime, and failing infrastructure. People are really angry, with 70% in a recent poll saying the country is completely broken.

Even worse, this scathing criticism comes from Canadians across the political spectrum, not just frustrated Conservatives. A shocking 43% of Liberal voters themselves admit Canada is off course under Trudeau’s clumsy leadership.

The NDP and Bloc Québécois supporters also strongly join this chorus of disapproval as families have a hard time getting by. NDP and Bloc voters lean negative – 58% and 67% respectively are unhappy with Ottawa.

The mandate Trudeau is hanging onto is crumbling amid deep national worry.

The poll paints a gloomy picture – 59% of Canadians are angry about how the country is being run, a 9% increase over just one year ago. Approval of Trudeau’s government splits sharply along party lines.

No wonder support for Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives is surging by the day. Poilievre is the cure Canadians desperately want to fix Trudeau’s big government mistakes.

His bold plan to cut harmful taxes, get spending under control, and put citizens first resonates deeply. No surprise Poilievre beats Trudeau by 10 points on who should be Prime Minister.

The Conservative firebrand offers the cleansing change so many disillusioned Canadians now demand.

Poilievre’s vision puts regular people first, not lobbyists and big corporations. He’ll axe the carbon tax, get homebuilders back to work, stop runaway inflation with responsible money management, and take back Canada’s streets from increasing crime. This common sense approach gives power to citizens, not Liberal cronies.

Trudeau has shown he doesn’t deserve the public’s trust with money matters. His government has added over $400 billion in new debt since taking power. All while wasting billions on corporate handouts, bad projects like ArriveCan, and a bloated bureaucracy.

The days of lobbyists schmoozing politicians at ritzy Rideau Club at the taxpayer’s expense need to end now.

Voters have a clear choice – keep funding wasteful spending that benefits Liberal insiders or take back Canada for hard working folks.

In the next election, kick out these Liberal lapdogs and bring back accountability. Canadians deserve better than a government that serves its own interests while nickel-and-diming regular people.

It’s time for big change in Ottawa. Canadians have put up long enough with this corrupt government that serves the elite.

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