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Peterson Exposes Trudeau’s “most authoritarian law ever”


Peterson Exposes Trudeau

Peterson unleashed total hellfire on Trudeau’s authoritarian online harms act, calling it straight-up Chinese-style thought policing and the “most oppressive law ever conceived.” He exposed our phony feminist PM’s dark scheme to silence his critics and control the narrative. 

Peterson left no doubt – the act is Trudeau’s desperate ploy to clamp down on dissenters before his endless lies and scandals are exposed. 

And Peterson blew the lid off Trudeau’s fake progressive front. He revealed our virtue-signaling PM’s true authoritarian nature. Trudeau’s ignorant dishonesty fuels his obsession with manipulating Canada. He knows his house of cards will fall if citizens access real truth.

Peterson’s fiery smackdown is the wake up call we need. Trudeau wants sheep – instead he’s unleashed lions. Now people are mad as hell and ready to roar. The online harms act sparked a revolution against trudeau’s oppressive regime.

The bombshell truth is out – Trudeau is a power-hungry authoritarian fraud out to censor dissent. but freedom-loving Canadians are done with his lies and bullying. 

Peterson Slams “Most Authoritarian Law Ever”

Peterson didn’t hold back in his latest rant against Trudeau’s authoritarian streak. Our PM is so obsessed with China that he’s bringing their entire playbook to Canada. His online harms act? It’s just a sneaky way to control the narrative and silence the angry public that’s fed up with everything Trudeau has done and keeps on doing.

The Liberals claim this proposed legislation is about harmful online content, but let’s be real—it’s all about shutting down anything that makes Trudeau look bad or exposes his endless scandals.

In a fiery public statement, Peterson ripped into the Act as “not only the most authoritarian law ever thought up in a Western democracy, but truly the most authoritarian law imaginable.” He accused the Liberals of trying to impose “Orwellian ‘Thought Crime'” penalties for “the mere possibility of a thought crime.”

Peterson’s words match the growing outrage among Canadians who think Trudeau will do anything to cling to power and win the next election. It’s like he’s so desperate that he’s proposed this legislation, equating hate speech to speech he simply doesn’t like.

The Act would hand the government crazy new powers to censor what we say online and punish stuff like “hate speech,” which is so vague it could mean almost anything, depending on who’s deciding.

And get this, they want to set up a digital safety commission to make and enforce rules without anyone being able to hold them accountable. Dr. Peterson is telling all us freedom-loving Canadians, including Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre, to stand up against this big-time attack on our rights.

The Liberal government’s saying the Act will actually “boost free expression” by cutting down on extreme stuff and getting more people involved online. But honestly, their words don’t mean much.

This law would slap broad speech rules and secret reporting systems in place, just begging for misuse. It treats all “online harms” as equally bad, no matter if it’s a major deal or not.

During House talks, the Conservatives totally slammed the Act as going way too far. MP Michelle Rempel Garner tore into its messed-up ideas and huge bureaucracy. She pointed out how it could squish our right to say what we want, even things like disagreeing with the government. And get this, it could even mean someone going to jail for what they might say in the future.

Rempel Garner also called out how the Act would set up this unaccountable, three-headed monster to control what we do online. And no one’s even sure how much it’ll cost or how big it’ll get, which has folks worried about our tax dollars going down the drain. Giving so much power to unelected tech people? No way, that’s not how democracy should work.

Yet the Liberals seem deaf to these compelling arguments. Justice Minister Arif Virani platitudinously invoked child victims to paint opponents as heartless. He refused to meaningfully engage the Conservatives’ principled critiques. Instead, Virani falsely smeared dissenters as “partisan” obstructionists.

This good faith debate over fundamental freedoms proves that Virani’s partisan finger-pointing rings hollow. All parties acknowledge the need to combat revenge pornography and protect children online. But the Act’s overbroad provisions on hate speech and lawful content raise serious civil liberties issues that demand robust discussion.

Peterson Warns of Trudeau’s “Orwellian Nightmare”

It’s no coincidence that Peterson even thinks Trudeau is not only dumb but also a compulsive liar. Peterson argues that Trudeau’s lack of intelligence and constant dishonesty are exactly why he’s so keen on pushing this online harms act.

Trudeau knows that if people had unrestricted access to the truth, his incompetence and lies would be exposed. That’s why he’s desperate to control online content, to keep the narrative in his favor and silence any dissenting voices. 

According to Peterson, this legislation is just Trudeau’s latest attempt to cover up his failures and maintain his grip on power by manipulating public perception.

Peterson’s perspective is clear: Trudeau’s ignorance and dishonesty are driving his authoritarian tendencies. The online harms act isn’t about protecting Canadians; it’s about protecting Trudeau from the consequences of his own ineptitude and deceit.

It’s no surprise then that Jordan Peterson nailed it when he said Trudeau has never uttered a true word. All his talk about compassion is just the manipulations of a snake, drawing in the useful idiots who might actually be genuinely compassionate. 

It’s a classic Trudeau move—using sweet-sounding rhetoric to hide his real agenda and keep everyone fooled.

Canadians see through this facade. Trudeau’s ultra-progressive agenda isn’t about empathy or inclusivity; it’s about controlling the narrative, suppressing dissent, and clinging to power no matter the cost. His so-called compassion is nothing more than a strategic ploy to maintain his grip on Canada.

Peterson’s words resonate with those of us who are fed up with Trudeau’s deceit. We’re tired of being manipulated by his fake compassion and are ready to push back against his authoritarian tendencies. It’s time for real conservatives to stand up and expose Trudeau for what he truly is.

That’s exactly why everyone who cares about democracy and free speech needs to shout loud and clear against the Online Harms Act. This law is a classic example of Justin Trudeau’s over-the-top, controlling liberalism.

Trudeau seems hell-bent on controlling what we can say and hear, all while pretending he’s some progressive hero. It’s all about making himself look good, even if it means silencing anyone who disagrees with him and turning Canada into a dystopian nightmare.

Canadians deserve way better than having their basic freedoms taken away just to boost Trudeau’s ego. He’s willing to trample over liberty and democracy to satisfy his hunger for power and praise. His so-called progressive vision is really just a cover for a controlling state where everyone has to fall in line.

Dr. Peterson’s warning should wake us all up to the threat against our individual freedoms. The Online Harms Act needs to be stopped before it turns into a tool for punishing people for their thoughts and silencing any dissent.

Now is the time for all Canadians to stand up and say no to the Orwellian nightmare Trudeau is trying to create. His polished, TV-friendly progressivism is just a front for a controlling regime fueled by his woke ideology and desire for total control.

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