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O’Leary Slams New York AG’s Seizure of Trump Properties


Introduction To The Attack 

In a blistering broadside, celebrity businessman Kevin O’Leary slammed New York’s Attorney General for an unprecedented, authoritarian seizure of former President Donald Trump’s private property holdings.

O’Leary didn’t hold back, exposing what he believes are purely political motivations behind this legally questionable action. His blunt remarks have sent shockwaves through the political sphere and provoked strong reactions.

The intensity of this war of words raises many unanswered questions about the legal merits on both sides. But O’Leary’s forceful accusations make it clear this battle between famous figures won’t go away quietly.

O’Leary has dramatically increased public attention on this case. His bold remarks ensure many more people will be watching to see if one state Attorney General’s actions set a precedent for how much power the government can wield over any citizen’s property and assets.

This feud is just getting started, but O’Leary has already landed some verbal blows against New York’s top legal office and showed immense support for Trump.

O’leary Blasts Letitia James In Support Of Trump 

In a stunning attack, businessman and Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary blasted New York Attorney General Letitia James’ authoritarian overreach in seizing former President Donald Trump’s properties.

O’Leary did not mince words, calling out James’ actions and saying “This is the United States of America under siege.”

The political persecution of former President Donald J. Trump has reached new lows with this New York Attorney General Letitia James’ disgraceful attempt to seize Trump properties. This is nothing more than a partisan witch hunt by a radical leftist who promised to “get Trump” when campaigning.

O’Leary rightly attacked the New York case led by James who is a petty tyrant drunk on power and cares nothing for the rule of law or due process.

This $454 million judgment is absurd on its face and reeks of personal animosity. There are no damages, no victims, only the hurt feelings of a partisan hack in the New York AG’s office.

Trump’s properties are key assets for his 2024 campaign. Seizing them cripples his ability to fundraise and strategize. Make no mistake, that is the endgame here. Not justice, but the naked abuse of power to torpedo Trump’s return to the White House in 2024.

O’Leary was absolutely right to compare this to “dress-up court for kids at some kind of a Halloween party with no adult supervision.” Clown shows are more apt. The rule of law is being trampled to carry out a political hit job.

Also in solidarity with Trump, O’Leary has vowed to never invest in New York again following Judge Engoron’s sham $454 million ruling against President Trump. O’Leary showed tremendous courage by making this principled stand against the tyranny of a judiciary run amok.

The entire business community rallies behind O’Leary and Trump against this unjust persecution. Engoron’s politically motivated witch hunt undermines the rule of law and chills the investment climate of New York. O’Leary gave voice to the outrage felt by entrepreneurs nationwide at this banana republic attempt to destroy Trump.

As Trump rightly declared on Truth Social, “Numerous businesses have ended plans to relocate into New York because of the fabricated Witch Hunt against me. They see what is going on, and want no part of it!” The former president speaks truth to power once again, exposing how Engoron’s judicial misconduct directly harms the economic prosperity of New Yorkers.

James wants to torpedo Trump’s finances and business prospects so he drops out of the 2024 race. Her actions blatantly undermine free and fair elections by burdening the former president with excessive judicial cases, so they hinder his prospects for November 2024.

Tyranny often arrives under the guise of “rules.” History is littered with autocrats who abused legalisms to destroy political opponents. Letitia James is cut from the same sinister cloth. Her only standard is raw power in service of partisanship.

Like the good businessman he is, O’Leary recognizes this banana republic behavior will have disastrous consequences if left unchecked. Targeting a former president with bogus charges chills free speech and equal justice for all.

James’ unhinged hatred for Trump has turned a once-respected office into a laughingstock. Even liberal legal experts agree James has wildly overreached and poisoned the well of justice with partisan animosity.

O’Leary spoke for tens of millions of citizens when he said: “This is the United States of America under siege.” Our cherished birthright of liberty and equal treatment under law is under assault by power-hungry ideologues like James.

Trump’s Son Supports Him 

Eric Trump also expressed outrage at the staggering $454 million bond slapped on his father, former President Donald Trump, by a New York court. In an interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, the younger Trump exclaimed, “No one’s ever seen a bond this size.”

He went on to detail how the amount is virtually unprecedented, saying, “Every single person, when I came to them saying, ‘Hey, can I get a half-billion-dollar bond?’ They were laughing. Top executives of large insurance companies had never seen anything of this size.”

When questioned on the reasoning behind the sky-high bond, Eric called it “a crooked number.” He emphasized, “There are no victims; there is no number. The number should be zero.”

Eric staunchly defended his father’s business record, asserting, “My father has run a great company. I run a great company. We’ve never had a default. We’ve never missed a payment.”

He accused New York authorities of trying to “put my father out of business” and cripple his 2024 presidential run. Eric claimed it’s “not ‘physically’ possible” for his dad to pay such an exorbitant bond.

Eric remained defiant, predicting his father will ultimately prevail, stating, “It’s going to backfire because he’s going to win this in November, and everybody in this country universally knows exactly what these people are doing.”

The Former president also took to his social media platform “Truth Social” and attacked New York Judge, Arthur Engoron and Attorney General, Letitia James, saying: “Why should a Crooked, highly political New York Judge, Arthur Engoron, working in concert and coordination with an even more Corrupt Attorney General, Letitia “Peekaboo” James, his Puppet Master, and the White House, be allowed to take away, and sell off, very successful properties and assets that took me years to zone, build and nurture into some of the best of their kind anywhere in the World – WHEN I HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG! These Radical Left Lunatics and Communists ask me to pay a ridiculous and completely unheard of fine of over $450,000,000 only because they saw a similar amount in my bank account. I had intended to use much of that hard earned money on running for President. They don’t want me to do that,”

Trump also called out Fox News for not properly covering how ridiculous and fraudulent this fine is saying he doesn’t ” Like the way FoxNews is reporting the Letitia James Election Interference Scam. They don’t want to discuss how ridiculous the Corrupt Judge’s fine of 450 Million Dollars is. It should be $ZERO. The only fraud was the valuation of Mar-a-Lago at $18,000,000 by the Crooked Judge in order to help his already fully debunked narrative. They should pay me damages for what they have done, and ultimately will. THESE ARE NOT THE PEOPLE THAT MADE AMERICA GREAT, THESE ARE THE PEOPLE THAT ARE DESTROYING AMERICA!”

Frighteningly, James is typical of today’s “progressive” authoritarians who disguise their lawlessness with self-righteous platitudes. They spit on the Constitution while claiming to defend it. This hypocrisy must be called out and rebuked at every turn.

This double standard cannot stand. Weaponizing the justice system as an arm of a political party is banana republic tactics. James is far more corrupt than any accusation she has leveled against the ex-President. Her partisan abuse of power is the real crime against American democracy and justice.

Trump will continue fighting this baseless persecution all the way to the Supreme Court. All good-hearted citizens who want to preserve American greatness and liberty must rally to the side of justice and call out this trial and insane amount of money for what it is – an attempt to cripple Trump’s ability to continue with his presidency campaign.

With steadfast courage and faith in Divine Providence, Trump and all Americans will prevail over these agents of injustice. By exposing the corruption and bias of the New York authorities, Trump is doing the country an invaluable public service.

This is not just a battle over one man or one presidency. It is a moral struggle to determine if America remains a constitutional republic or slides irrevocably into the same tyranny our Founders fought a revolution to escape.

By calling out James’ authoritarian overreach in no uncertain terms, Kevin O’Leary has joined the ranks of heroic citizen-rebels.

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