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NPR is Exposed for Liberal Bias by Enraged Editor


Tax Funded Liberal News

A brave whistleblower just ripped the mask off NPR to showcase its liberal bias for all to see. But the truth may prove too hot for NPR’s band of propagandists to handle.

Veteran editor Uri Berliner penned a nuclear exposé blowing up his employer’s cozy leftist echo chamber. After decades of drinking the progressive Kool-Aid, Berliner finally saw the light and revealed NPR’s daily duplicity from the inside.

He spilled the tea on how top brass twisted coverage to protect Democrats, even spiking stories that could hurt their election chances. All while lapping up any dirt on conservatives as gospel.

Berliner refused to bow before NPR’s liberal orthodoxy, resigning in protest after revealing how the news organization is receiving federal funding. And now republicans are looking to fight back.

Leading the charge is Republican Rep. Bob Good.

Good’s new bill would cut off the spigot of federal subsidies to NPR’s partisan programming. Americans’ paychecks must stop padding the pockets of manipulative propagandists posing as objective journalists.

The time has come to pull NPR’s plug. Doing so upholds true journalistic integrity. Berliner took the critical first step by fearlessly speaking truth to power. Now the torch passes to grassroots activists and righteous lawmakers.

NPR is Tax Funded

The partisan charade at National Public Radio has been exposed yet again. But this time even their own editors are blowing the whistle.

Veteran NPR editor Uri Berliner recently penned a scathing op-ed outlining the organization’s overwhelming liberal bias.

He detailed how NPR repeatedly bungled coverage of major stories that may have harmed Democrats because they were funded by the federal government.

NPR has long downplayed the taxpayer funds propping up its liberal media empire. But financial records reveal federal subsidies remain essential to NPR’s operations, despite dubious claims to the contrary.

On paper, NPR insists it receives only about 1% of its funding from federal sources.

In reality, a complex web of federal dollars sustains NPR through local affiliate stations dependent on public broadcasting grants.

These stations pay “programming fees” to NPR in exchange for content. In 2021, these fees accounted for over $90 million in revenue – nearly a third of NPR’s budget.

Thus federal funds still provide the foundation for NPR’s partisan programming, even if the money does not go directly from Washington to NPR itself. Taxpayers bankroll smaller public stations, which then funnel cash back to NPR.

This clever scheme was mandated by the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967 requiring stations to use federal grants for NPR content.

As one expert explains, public stations are “required by law” to purchase NPR broadcasts with taxpayer money. They cannot spend it on local journalism or other priorities instead.

So despite NPR’s smoke and mirrors, government handouts remain the lifeblood of its operations. This contradicts smug assertions of independence from public funds. In truth, NPR could not exist in its current form absent sweeping federal subsidies.

NPR Exposed for Liberal Bias

With all of that in mind, Berliner has resigned in protest after being suspended for revealing the truth about the liberal organization

His courageous stand has renewed calls by Republicans to finally defund this taxpayer-subsidized mouthpiece for the left.

Rep. Bob Good has introduced legislation blocking any federal grants from reaching NPR affiliates. Americans should not be forced to fund partisan propaganda masquerading as news.

For decades, conservatives have complained about NPR’s systemic bias while the majority of its budget comes from the federal government. These well-founded accusations were dismissed by the mainstream media echo chamber as right-wing conspiracies.

But now the bias is being confirmed from inside the very halls of NPR itself. Like a Soviet-era newspaper, the organization is beset with an extreme ideological imbalance.

In NPR’s DC newsroom, Democrats outnumber Republicans by an astonishing ratio of 87 to zero according to records. Is it any wonder their coverage favors one side and one side alone?

This profound disparity manifests itself in the news product. Berliner revealed how NPR refused to cover the Hunter Biden laptop scandal weeks before the 2020 election, likely over fears it could damage Joe Biden’s campaign.

While burying a story that impacted national security, NPR eagerly amplified dubious claims about Trump colluding with Russia. Just stating how ironic this action is would be a massive understatement for the sleaziness on display.

The network gave credence to any rumor or innuendo that reflected poorly on conservatives. But even a whisper of controversy surrounding Democrats was dismissed as improper to air.

And it doesn’t have to be said after all this evidence but even their reporters were obsessed over January 6 ad nauseum while largely ignoring violence from the radical left. The naked partisanship grew so unbearable that Berliner felt compelled to speak out against this blatant hypocrisy and bias.

For his honesty, NPR brass suspended the veteran editor without pay. Because there is no honor or respect when it comes to the Democratic side of this country.

CEO Katherine Maher disparaged him in a chilling message to staff which blew up immediately in her face as Berliner refused to bow to her bullying, resigning the week after in protest.

Katherine Maher Wants To Curb Freedom

Which is funny considering Katherine Maher claims to value “active and robust debate” within her newsroom. But when asked point blank about ideological diversity, she dodges the question. Maher’s evasiveness speaks volumes about the partisan culture plaguing America’s taxpayer-funded media.

During a recent public forum, Maher was asked whether NPR should prioritize “viewpoint diversity” among its staff.

Rather than embrace the chance to address this bias, Maher sidestepped. She vaguely asserted that “diversity” is reflected in NPR’s stories and audience size. But she refused to commit to hiring more non-liberal journalists to broaden perspectives.

Her non-answer reveals the fundamental problem. NPR’s progressive CEO has zero interest in fixing the blatant ideological imbalance Berliner exposed. She pays lip service to welcoming debate while avoiding any meaningful steps to encourage it.

Maher’s comments are even more dubious given her own partisan background.

Social media posts reveal Maher is a committed left-wing activist sporting Biden campaign paraphernalia. All while dismissing the First Amendment as a “challenge” to fighting “disinformation.” Does anyone believe such a partisan operative will enact real change at NPR?

When you attack free speech – the basis on which true journalism is built – you should have no right running a news organization.

Rep. Good’s legislation would rightfully and justifiably cut off the spigot of taxpayer dollars flowing to this partisan operation masquerading as neutral news.

NPR affiliates receive federal grants and other public funds. They use this money to pay membership dues and purchase content from NPR’s national arm. In effect, citizens are subsidizing partisan propaganda.

Why should productive Americans be forced to fund NPR’s Democratic Party pep rallies? If liberal donors wish to support their own media ecosystem, that is their right. But they should pay for it themselves instead of picking taxpayers’ pockets.

Defunding NPR is also prudent fiscal policy. With over $31 trillion in debt, Washington has no business bankrolling leftist media. Every dollar spent propping up NPR is borrowed, to be repaid by future generations.

Critics will predictably accuse Republicans of attacking press freedom. This is false. NPR is welcome to continue operating as it pleases, free of government strings. It simply cannot keep feeding at the public trough while serving as an arm of the Democratic Party.

Conservatives do not wish to silence any viewpoint. But taxpayers should not have to amplify voices they vehemently disagree with.

Americans on all sides deserve an honest press covering issues fairly and objectively. NPR abdicated that role long ago.

Other left-leaning outlets like the New York Times and MSNBC do not depend on federal handouts.

They sink or swim based on attracting consumers in the free market. NPR must learn to do the same. Its success should derive from quality content, not coercive public subsidies.

For decades, Republicans decried about NPR’s bias while sticking with the status quo. Berliner’s courage in speaking the truth should be a clarion call for action. The time has come to pull the plug on funding this partisan charade.

NPR will predictably wage a dishonest campaign portraying itself as the victim of censorship. But do not believe the hysteria.

NPR can continue saying whatever it wishes on the airwaves. It simply will no longer receive tax dollars to do so.

The cause of press freedom is not served by siphoning tax dollars into organizations like NPR that utterly discredit journalism.

True reform requires defunding partisan mouthpieces so honest reporters can regain the public’s trust. Berliner took the brave first step. Now Congress must follow through.

The American people deserve a press they can trust to report facts without partisan distortion. Defunding National Public Radio will move us one step closer to that ideal

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