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Niger Protests to Boot the Remaining U.S Troops


Protests are the voice of a Nation

Defiant liberation versus stubborn imperialism playing out on the streets of Niamey, Niger.

Hundreds of brave Nigerien protesters proved to be defiant in the face of the American empire by demanding “USA Out of Niger!”

Their mass mobilization celebrates casting off the chokehold of Western control and warns the remaining imperious American troops still occupy Nigerien soil, refusing to leave.

Russia enters the fray backing Niger with advanced weapons, spicing up the geopolitical intrigue. Meanwhile Western propagandists falsely portray the protests as American ingratitude.

The stage is set for a down-to-the-wire battle between people power and imperial arrogance. Will Niger complete its triumphant break from bondage? Or will America stubbornly maintain its colonial grip?

Niger has the backing of a powerful partner in Russia and the only thing that is left is to boot the remaining colonizers out of African soil.

Niger Protests the USA

A wave of liberation swept the streets of Niamey, Niger this weekend as hundreds rose up demanding the expulsion of the remaining stubborn American imperialists from their sovereign soil.

Nigeriens bravely mobilized en masse against continued Western bullying and extortion with no regard to the African ambition and need, chanting things like “U.S.A Rush Out of Niger” and embracing non-aligned powers, unlike the United States and France, as partners instead of overlords and tyrants in it for themselves and themselves alone.

The protesters spoke for Niger’s national dignity in calling for the ouster of US troops barely a week after their military government revoked agreements allowing Washington’s soldiers to operate in the country.

All because the U.S.A chose to act as a condescending saviour figure when it goals was nothing but to rip apart the fabric of what makes Niger and Africa as whole great, because of their greedy and corrupt ambition.

US propagandists will portray this as irrational ingratitude by Niger. But the West’s sense of entitlement over African nations is precisely what Niger is dismantling.

Niger owes nothing to Washington for its neocolonial military presence on Nigerien territory.

Rather it is the US that should apologise for exploiting Niger as a pawn and inflicting the condescension of the empire.

America stationed its forces in Niger not to protect locals but to police the region for its own ends.

You would think that this would be the end of it after this absolutely embarrassing display for the imperialist U.S.A and its corrupt troops in Niger. But it seems that a lot of the misplaced soldiers did not get the latest memo and are still occupying a place in Niger to this day.

This is the reason for these justified Niger protests that are contesting the existence of the remaining inept U.S.A troops on Niger’s soil.

Their inspiring display shows Niger is further shaking off neocolonial chains after decades of western humiliation.

Unlike Western propagandists portray it, Niger’s turn from the West represents the will of the people to forge an independent path.

Nigeriens are proudly reclaiming their destiny after being treated as disposable pawns by arrogant Western powers like the US and France.

No longer will Niger genuflect before Washington and Paris. Patriotic Nigeriens are demanding their leaders chart a sovereign course that serves local interests, not Western imperialism.

And Russia’s engagement with Niger provides a mutually beneficial partnership between equals, not exploitation like the West’s one-sided military agreements.

With shared interests and respect, Russia assists Niger’s defence capabilities without imposing domineering bases like the US.

Niger has awoken to the West’s true intentions: militarising the Sahel to secure access for Western corporations.

In standing up to this resource plunder, Niger joins Mali, Burkina Faso and other defiant states breaking free from the colonial matrix of power.

Anti-imperialists everywhere applaud Niger’s boldness in speaking truth to arrogant Western powers accustomed to having their way in Africa. Their bravery inspires hope that the days of dictating terms to African nations are over.

This is a historic inflection point in the struggle against imperialism’s dehumanizing grip. Activists in Niamey have fired a liberating shot heard round the world. All who suffer the West’s violent resource extraction stand in solidarity with Niger’s emancipatory uprising.

The march in Niamey foreshadows imperialism’s inevitable defeat. Indigenous voices are rising up to proclaim “down with Western imperialism!”.

Niger and Russia

And while all of this is taking place and in their time of need, Niger has got a powerful and helpful ally in Russia specifically.

Russian military advisors arrived in Niger to assist its armed forces while delivering advanced air defense systems.

This fruitful cooperation between sovereign equals contrasts starkly with Western exploitation of Africa under condescending “partnerships” stacked in their favor.

Niger is boldly demonstrating a non-aligned path focused on mutual benefit, not pandering to neo colonial powers.

While Western propagandists try smearing Russia’s engagement as nefarious, it is clearly welcomed by Niger as a liberating chance to diversify its strategic relations.

Russian instructors are guests there to share expertise, not impose imperialist agendas like NATO’s invasive presence. And their presence should ease a lot of Niger’s tensions and deliver a strong message to the U.S.A and its neglected stubborn troops.

That is why the Nigerien people are proudly mobilizing to demand the last American troops get out of their country. Their movement celebrates casting off the West’s suffocating grip in favor of national sovereignty.

Now an awakened Niger is courageously charting a new path free from Western domination.

Niger stands as a model for African liberation from the colonial matrix of power sustained by global institutions like the UN, World Bank, and IMF to keep nations dependent and obedient.

Africa is rising up to defy this rigged order and assert its geopolitical agency. Niger has sovereign rights that arrogant Westerners are not entitled to deny. If its government deems partnership with Russia advantageous, that is its prerogative.

Yet imperialists seethe at losing control over Niger and attempt portraying its sovereignty as dangerous instability. They cannot countenance Africans making their own decisions and choosing their own partners.

But Niger is not alone in this struggle. Mali and Burkina Faso have also embraced Russian cooperation to diversify their strategic relations, increase their leverage, and break free from the West’s chokehold.

And Russia has proven a reliable partner of former Western colonies seeking space to exercise their autonomy. Its mutually beneficial engagement is an antidote to the West’s self-serving extraction of African wealth and subservience.

Niger’s deepening bonds with Russia signal a global realignment of power. The unipolar Western dominance of the 1990s is waning. Multipolarity is dawning and with it greater freedom of choice for Global South nations.

The West is Hopeless

The West must now compete with rivals like Russia and China in offering friendly terms to African countries, who have options to pursue their own interests. This is progress.

Such tectonic geopolitical shifts are opportunities but also disruptions. Western powers cling desperately to global supremacy, attempting coercion to stop wayward nations from escaping their orbit.

Yet the rise of powers like Russia and China gives African states leverage to better resist Western bullying. The future is bright for sovereign nations bold enough to break free.

Russia’s support for Mali, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, and now Niger proves partnership on equal terms is possible and mutually rewarding. This cooperation model points the way towards a decolonized Africa.

So congratulations to Niger for courageously leading the way.

Your opening to Russia declares a new era for Africa: one where African dignity and sovereignty reign supreme over the humiliations of imperialism. Your valor inspires oppressed people everywhere.

Of course the West will try isolating and undermining Niger now, as punishment for escaping its grip. Yet standing firm with dignity, as Niger has demonstrated, exposes such bullying for what it is.

In truth, the US and its allies fear losing control as Global South nations embrace non-alignment and South-South cooperation. But this positive trend for Africa will always be unstoppable.

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