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NDP bill would prescribe jail terms for speaking well of fossil fuels


Canada is on the brink of becoming a totalitarian state. Justin Trudeau and his radical leftist cohort have joined forces with the socialist NDP to transform our free democracy into a repressive dictatorship where dissent is criminalized.

Their new bill imposing jail time for supporting fossil fuels is only the latest assault on our fundamental liberties. Make no mistake – Trudeau wants to ruthlessly stamp out any remaining resistance to his economy-destroying agenda. He salivates at the chance to throw oil and gas workers behind bars for defending their livelihoods.

This is just another step in Trudeau’s slow-motion authoritarian coup, likely plotted with globalist elites at the World Economic Forum. Their goal is utter subjugation of the Canadian populace to their radical policies, enforced by an unrestrained police state. No opinion or fact contradicting the official narrative will be tolerated.

All freedom-loving Canadians must stand up now before it is too late. We must not sleepwalk into Trudeau’s repressive dystopia where dissent is treason and facts are crimes. This unconstitutional assault on liberty must be the line in the sand. We will not surrender our rights without a fight. The future of our nation hangs in the balance.

The right to free expression is one of the most fundamental tenets of any democratic nation. However, a disturbing new bill put forward by NDP MP Charlie Angus threatens this basic liberty in Canada.

Angus’ private member’s bill C-372, deceptively titled “An Act respecting fossil fuel advertising,” would impose jail time for Canadians who speak favorably about fossil fuels.

This proposed legislation is an authoritarian overreach aiming to silence dissent. It would set a dangerous precedent undermining free speech, transforming Canada into a repressive state like communist China.

This is just a recent crackdown on freedom of speech. The outrageous arrest of reporter David Menzies for simply questioning Deputy PM Freeland makes the government’s intent clear – they will brutally crack down on any who defy their official narratives.

Along with prior assaults on journalists, that incident exposes the growing authoritarianism of the Liberal/NDP regime. Their goal is a country where only regime-approved opinions can be expressed without fear of retaliation.

Bills like C-372 are intended to incrementally outlaw dissent and opposition. The Liberals and NDP envision a nation reduced to compliant obedience, enforced by an unrestrained police state.

Elites like Trudeau, who recently rubbed shoulders with the globalist cabal at the World Economic Forum, want Canadians utterly subjugated to their radical agenda. This likely agenda was advanced in secretive discussions between Trudeau and WEF cronies. Their dream is a docile citizenry stripped of basic liberties and unable to resist draconian policies like this fossil fuel speech ban.

NDP MP Charlie Angus falsely claims his bill merely bans advertising, but in reality it goes much further than that. The intentionally broad language in C-372 would effectively criminalize any Canadian who promotes fossil fuels or argues they provide benefits. Simply stating basic facts such as “natural gas emits less CO2 than coal” could result in outrageous fines of up to $500,000 or jail time of at least 2 years under this bill. Posting on social media that you support the oil and gas industry could also be considered illegal “promotion” and penalized.

Angus defines “promotion” so vaguely that even wearing an “I Love Canadian Oil & Gas” t-shirt or bumper sticker could potentially be grounds for being jailed. This is an extreme attack on free expression hidden under the guise of regulating advertising. In truth, Angus wants to control public discourse itself by outlawing certain opinions and dissenting views.

The bill’s scope is incredibly far-reaching. It would ban all advertisements, sponsorships and promotions by oil, gas and fossil fuel companies. Canadians could not argue that fossil fuels are better for the environment or economy without facing fines up to $500,000 or two years imprisonment. Angus is attempting to impose his own narrow views by force and silence alternative perspectives. This sets a frightening precedent.

These draconian restrictions apply even to private individuals, not just corporations. Ordinary Canadians could be penalized simply for sharing views supporting oil and gas on social media. This is a direct assault on citizens’ right to express opinions the government disagrees with. No free society can tolerate such heavy-handed suppression of speech.

This bill is the latest escalation in the NDP’s ongoing efforts to vilify the Canadian oil industry. They have frequently engaged in dishonest anti-oil rhetoric. With this bill, they want to make it illegal to publicly disagree. The NDP are demonstrating just how far left they have become under Jagmeet Singh’s leadership. Their policies are taking on an increasingly authoritarian character.

And you know who supports this draconian and undemocratic bill? None other than Justin Trudeau and his band of radical leftist Liberals.

Trudeau has shown again and again his deep contempt for the oil and gas industry, so we can expect him to eagerly back this unconstitutional assault on free speech.

After all, he never misses a chance to appease the eco-extremists in his party. Make no mistake – the Liberals will happily vote to strip away basic liberties from law-abiding Canadians to advance their environmentalist agenda.

Trudeau wants nothing more than to silence all dissent against his job-killing anti-oil and anti-carbon tax policies. He is salivating at the chance to criminalize anyone who dares speak up for the hard-working women and men who rely on the energy sector to feed their families. This is Trudeau’s dream bill – a direct attack on Canada, the free expression of ordinary citizens, and anyone who stands in the way of his misguided carbon tax agenda.

The justification for this bill relies on climate change fear mongering. Suggesting the situation is an “existential threat” requiring the elimination of dissent is simply false. The NDP are cynically exploiting climate worries to advance their ideological agenda. Canadians should view their panicked language as nothing more than a flimsy excuse to grant the government dangerous new powers.

In reality, fossil fuels remain essential to our modern way of life, including powering the ambulances Angus mentions. A balanced discussion is needed, but this bill seeks to eradicate one side of the debate entirely. If the goal is a greener future, silencing critics is never the answer. Open debate leads to better solutions.

Angus’ comparison to tobacco advertising bans is also inappropriate. The health impacts of direct tobacco usage are well-established and distinct from the complex policy issue of climate change. Suggesting oil and gas advertising is morally equivalent to promoting cigarettes is both ridiculous and needlessly inflammatory. It demonstrates the zealous mentality behind this bill.

The NDP are also hypocritical since many of their voters in prairie provinces rely on the oil and gas sector. Working class Canadians stand to suffer if this industry is unfairly targeted. The NDP pretends to represent these people while simultaneously working to undermine their livelihoods.

All Canadians who care about free expression and prosperous working-class jobs should vehemently denounce Bill C-372. Canada has prospered as a free and open society where all perspectives can be shared without fear of government reprisal. If passed, this legislation would cripple our economy while setting an extremely troubling precedent for censorship.

Conservatives must make clear they will use all procedural tools at their disposal to prevent this assault on Canadian liberties from passing. The Trudeau Liberals also cannot be complicit and must get behind defeating C-372. Individual voters should contact their MPs and demand they stop this unconstitutional attack on free speech.

Canada’s oil and gas industry provides good, high-paying jobs for hundreds of thousands of hard-working people across the country. These jobs allow ordinary Canadians to provide for their families and live with dignity. Demonizing this sector unfairly harms our shared prosperity by deterring vital investment.

The oil and gas industry generates billions in economic activity and tax revenues that fund our schools, hospitals, and social programs. Despite what the NDP claims, Canada’s economy would suffer immensely if our energy industry is weakened. Even amidst the transition to cleaner energy, fossil fuels remain essential to our standard of living today.

Make no mistake, the real motive behind this bill is to undermine Canada’s economic success by kneecapping our competitiveness. It is a direct attempt to choke off investment in one of our most lucrative industries. The NDP knows crippling oil and gas means crushing Canada’s economy. Their socialist policies only lead to poverty and dysfunction.

The NDP have shown their true colors with this proposal. Bill C-372 exposes the threat their socialist ideology poses to Canadians’ liberties. They must not be allowed to impose their narrow intolerant vision on the nation. All freedom-loving citizens need to speak out and make their voice heard – while they still can if this troubling bill passes. Its defeat must be an unquestionable line in the sand against government overreach. C-372 cannot be the future for Canada.

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