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NBC Hosts Throw a Tantrum Over Trump Supporting Co-worker



The mask has been ripped off, exposing the authoritarian leftist tyrants who control NBC and the rest of America’s hopelessly biased mainstream media.

NBC enraged its progressive puppet masters by hiring conservative Ronna McDaniel as an analyst. The RNC chair committed the crime of backing former President Trump.

On cue, unhinged anchors lost their minds, comparing McDaniel to mobsters and thieves while throwing a public tantrum over allowing diversity on their “sacred” network.

Within days, NBC obeyed the liberal outrage mob and banished the principled patriot McDaniel. Her only sin was representing over half the country.

This chilling censorship makes the network’s sinister agenda clear as day. NBC is a fascist propaganda arm ruthlessly silencing dissent. Its partisan hacks perpetuate hoaxes and lies with impunity.

NBC’s betrayal makes abandoning the lying corporate press a patriotic duty.

NBC Hosts’ Meltdown

NBC News’ abrupt hiring and subsequent firing of former RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel within a few days lays bare the far-left hive mind that now controls America’s mainstream and political media landscape.

What may have been once a respected news organisation is now dominated by partisan activists who are doing absolutely nothing of value or substance, alongside viewing the great practice of journalism as a weapon against conservatives.

When NBC announced McDaniel’s hiring on Friday, the network likely saw it as a minor sop to critics accusing them of anti-Republican bias.

But the liberal outrage mob swiftly delivered a scathing rebuke, unable to tolerate anyone connected to Trumpism sullying their progressive sanctum.

By Tuesday, NBC Universal Chairman Cesar Conde was grovelling to the liberal hive mind in apology, announcing McDaniel’s dismissal to appease his unhinged talent and staff.

The shameful episode exposes the authoritarian censorship now driving legacy media, where dissent from leftist orthodoxy cannot and will not be tolerated.

NBC hosts howled their objection at McDaniel like rabid dogs with no purpose or reason.

Rachel Maddow, for instance, mocked the hiring by NBC and compared it to hiring the likes of thieves and mobsters at a “well respected” institution. Other hosts acted as if it was the first time in their life that they were flabbergasted by a decision and tried taking the moral high ground while peddling casual lies about conservatives.

Some hosts, like Nicole Wallace, took to gospel about the “sacred airwaves” of NBC news and how it is a “horrifying situation” that “liars” and conservative bias is being rewarded and accepted at NBC. She then went on to remark about the uncomfortableness of having such a mythical concept as a trump loving conservative carrying the NBC badge.

How ironic is it to attack an individual with a different and opposing opinion while whining and crying about bias from said individual? Clearly Miss Nicole here is blind about many things that do not concern her very limited and truly bias worldview.

Some were embarrassingly hypocritical in their call out, like former White House Press Secretary turned media personality herself, Jen Psaki, who dared pitting this debacle as a matter of truth versus lies and working for your country versus working for one man. Funny coming from the woman that fought tooth and nail to defend Biden every chance she got. Very professional and unbiased individual to comment on the matter.

So while silencing McDaniel and ultimately outing her, NBC and MSNBC hand-wringers had no issue hiring vocal Biden partisans and ex-administration officials like Jen Psaki.

NBC Hypocrisy

The hypocrisy is galling but unsurprising. Big media has no interest in ideological diversity, just fortifying the left’s monopoly on allowable opinion.

All of this is laughable gaslighting. As head of the RNC, McDaniel’s “sin” was wholeheartedly backing the Trump agenda and questioning 2020 election conduct.

In today’s media, such conservatism and standing for the truth is branded dangerous extremism.

MSNBC blowhards like Mika Brzezinski claimed they’d welcome mainstream Republicans, just not “anti-democracy election deniers” like McDaniel.

But their definition of “democracy” is simply code for leftist and democratic power. To corporate media, any challenge to liberal dominance is sedition.

McDaniel’s exile simply confirms the lack of real ideological range at NBC and MSNBC.

A bevy of Republican strategists do populate their airwaves, but all are vehement Trump-bashers regurgitating Democrat narratives. They are the “good ones” according to the democrats.

The network’s “conservatives” exist solely to provide a phony patina of balance while rubber stamping a progressive and “woke” agenda.

Whether it’s Bush-era retreads like Nicolle Wallace,anti-Trump grifters like Anthony Scaramucci, or Lincoln Project charlatans Rick Wilson and Stuart Stevens, NBC’s GOP voices are carefully curated to reinforce the left’s universe of propaganda.

Authentic conservatism is barred, leaving only token sycophants parroting Democrats’ favorite anti-MAGA talking points.

The same blacklisting applies to former intelligence officials who fueled anti-Trump conspiracies now rewarded with NBC jobs, like former CIA Director John Brennan and disgraced FBI lawyer Lisa Page.

The situation reflects a totalitarian mindset overtaking old-guard media institutions.

Just as social media platforms regulate content via partisan “fact checkers,” editorial control is handed to activist cadres intolerant of dissent.

This explains NBC hosts’ self-righteous blowback against McDaniel. Figures like Rachel Maddow see their mission as woke enforcers, not reporting facts. In their quasi-religious zeal, it is sacrilege to allow “heretics” like McDaniel into their “sacred” studios as Nicole Wallace would embarrassingly state.

And let us take a quick tour of this so-called “sacred” place that only airs hard truth and never veers into laughable virtue signalling and outright lies.

NBC and the History of Lies

MSNBC stars have repeatedly spread dangerous misinformation and hoaxes without consequence. Their sanctimonious uproar showed that “disinformation” concerns are mere pretext to censor conservatives.

A glaring example is MSNBC’s years-long promotion of the bogus Trump-Russia collusion narrative. Anchors like Rachel Maddow breathlessly pushed the conspiracy theory night after night, lending credence to the Hillary Clinton-sourced smear. Maddow touted the notorious Steele dossier, as did Nicolle Wallace and other hosts who claimed it was not “disproven.”

What a lovely little lie that just slipped in accidentally for years onto the “sacred airwaves”.

Of course, Special Counsel Mueller’s extensive probe concluded there was no Trump-Russia conspiracy. But by then, the damage was done, with MSNBC feeding Democrats’ sabotage for years.

In October 2020, the network joined the rest of liberal media in immediately dismissing Hunter Biden’s laptop as “Russian disinformation.”

Nicolle Wallace again with unfounded confidence declared that we probably shouldn’t look at it as anything other than a Russian disinformation operation. They love this buzzword over there but it will never prove true to their sick wishes.

The laptop however, proved 100% authentic and remains one of the biggest media scandals in modern history. But MSNBC stars suffered no blowback for their election meddling and suppression of factual reporting.

This is banana land where chaos reigns as hosts act unhinged and rabid like how – the forever giving and embarrassing – Nicole Wallace recently reacted to the simple news of Trump defending himself by throwing a her script and a tantrum to boot.

These are not professionals and they are certainly not people that you should listen to when it comes to political advice and analysis. And it becomes even more brazen and rage inducing when you witness these sick and twisted individuals running scott free with no repercussions.

The hypocritical hosts denouncing McDaniel operate in a consequence-free environment.

They can smear innocent god fearing Americans, push dangerous conspiracy theories, interfere in elections or brazenly lie without repercussion. It’s only conservatives like McDaniel facing cancellation for challenging liberal propaganda.

But this overreach will only accelerate the mainstream media’s downfall, as citizens flock to independent alternatives committed to honesty over propaganda and power politics.

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