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Nancy Pelosi Smears MSNBC Anchor as “Trump Apologist”


A Democrat Meltdown

The Queen of Hypocrisy has struck again as Nancy Pelosi delivers her latest unhinged rant; this time? Directed at an MSNBC anchor.

Madame Speaker stumbled into an interview to blast an MSNBC anchor as a “Trump apologist” for daring to mention how the pandemic devastated the economy and that’s why Trump’s record may seem bad on first glance.

Nancy Pelosi wants us all to forget how she and her fellow power-hungry Democrats cracked down on businesses and crushed the working class with their draconian lockdowns. But we remember.

Pelosi’s meltdown shows the left is terrified of Trump speaking the truth and exposing their failures as the country spirals into chaos under Biden. So like the petty tyrants they are, the Democrats want their media lapdogs to ramp up the censorship and banish any facts that puncture their flimsy narratives.

The real apologists are Democrats still shilling for failure as the nation cries out for new leadership. Pelosi’s panic reveals she’s already got one high-heeled foot out the door.

Nancy Pelosi Attacks MSNBC Anchor

Once again, Nancy Pelosi has demonstrated her partisan blindness by blaming former president Donald Trump entirely for Americans losing their jobs during a global pandemic. I guess she, like all the democratic cronies in the senate, chooses to be obtuse about the negative effects of a global pandemic that affected the whole world. 

In a revealing interview, the elitist Democrat smeared an MSNBC anchor as a “Trump apologist” simply for mentioning the unprecedented economic impacts of COVID-19 under his presidency.

Nancy Pelosi started the line of talk with her – dubious at best, claim regarding the increasing amount of jobs that Biden has created during his term in the presidency, while lambasting Trump and regurgitating false facts about Trump’s record in losing millions of jobs compared to other presidents. 

Pelosi kept hammering down how Biden is totally better compared to Trump and how they have invested trillions into communities and public services. As if Trump never cared about Americans and their communities and benefits. Just a bunch of democratic talking points that have no basis in facts and servs no meaning beyond vehemently attacking and putting down the former president’s efforts to regain back the office he lost undeservedly.

Her laughable position is that pumping more trillions into Washington bureacracies would have solved everything. But we know bloated liberal stimulus bills don’t create real, lasting jobs – they just devalue our currency and drive up prices, as we see today.

Pelosi’s comments expose the left’s refusal to acknowledge simple facts that don’t fit their political narrative. 

The pandemic wreaked havoc on the economy, forcing sudden business closures that eliminated millions of jobs. Yet the former Speaker rejected this undeniable reality because it clashed with her mission to vilify Trump.

While Nancy Pelosi enjoys a lavish taxpayer-funded lifestyle immune from real-world hardships, she scolded Americans who endured financial devastation. 

The smug liberal acted outraged that anyone dare mention the real pain caused by radical lockdowns – which, irony of ironies, were imposed by Democrat politicians like herself.

Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Care about the People

This arrogant dismissal of suffering citizens reveals the left’s true attitude. Workers are just pawns to exploit, not real people deserving of compassion. 

Nancy Pelosi and her elite ilk seem to believe COVID’s economic carnage can be memory-holed to serve their partisan agenda. Funny how they can choose the level of devastation that a pandemic can cause as long as it fits around their given narrative at the time.

Trump and conservatives are being cautious about the pandemic and making sure citizens are safe and sound while not stepping on their freedom? You attack Trump for not believing in science to begin with. 

There is an opportunity for Trump and conservatives to be lambasted for troubles and job losses they have caused as long as you downplay the pandemic? Now the democrats are silent on the effects of the pandemic as they accuse Trump of personally costing Americans their jobs during his tenure as president.

But Americans who lost it all during the pandemic know the truth. Nancy Pelosi wants everyone to conveniently forget that job losses also skyrocketed under Joe Biden’s leadership.

However, the livelihoods upended transcended any one president. Pelosi’s sleazy attempt at historical revisionism won’t work on those who lived through the turmoil.

But why the unhinged attack on an MSNBC anchor? MSNBC is literally in the midst of a bias scandal against conservatives and Trump, so why would Nancy Pelosi think that an anchor’s simple added context to the insane statements she keeps spouting live on air is somehow a sign of shilling for the former president.

The Democrats Are Afraid

It is because the Democrats are deeply afraid of the very real reality of Biden being seen as crooked and weak if he goes one on one with Trump in a debate. That’s why you will start to see an increasing number of democrats using mainstream media to bolster Biden’s presidential policies and effort in an unfair comparison to Trump’s own accomplishments.

With his disastrous policies sending America into decline, Biden hopes demonising his predecessor will distract voters from his incompetence. 

But bellowing at the media to ramp up their biased anti-Trump coverage reeks of weakness, not strength. It is the pathetic plea of a flailing leader who knows the actual facts vindicate Trump’s tenure even as Biden’s flounders.

This partisan bullying of the press would not be necessary if Biden had real accomplishments to tout. 

But his record is one of pain for the American people – raging inflation, economic stagnation, uncontrolled borders, and rampant crime. Attacking the “free press” he claims to support exposes Biden’s hypocrisy and insecurity.

His diatribes reveal a simple truth: Trump’s continued popularity despite Democrat lawfare and vitriol punctures the left’s propaganda. 

Americans remember the prosperity and security of the Trump era compared to today’s crises. Biden’s solution is not to fix his failures, but to demand the media ban dissenting coverage that exposes them.

Tellingly, Biden ranted about the press to partisan hacks like Howard Stern and Colin Jost rather than sitting for serious interviews – because his record cannot withstand real scrutiny. He wants joke sessions where he can spew Democrat conspiracy theories about January 6th and whine about critical coverage without being challenged on his catastrophic policies.

Stern’s fawning interview allowed Biden to grouse that the media has gone soft on Trump compared to his supposed glory days in the White House. 

Yes, the same media that carried water for Democrats for years while smearing Trump as a fascist cannot be tough enough on Republicans to satisfy rabid liberals today. Such delusion would be comical if it wasn’t so dangerous.

This reveals what truly motivates Biden – not serving citizens, but destroying his rival. He obsesses over Trump more than solving real problems. 

The press itself bears responsibility for this situation after years functioning as Biden’s PR firm. Coddling Democrats while vilifying Republicans has only emboldened the left’s authoritarian tendencies. 

Now Biden essentially dictates coverage to obedient reporters at cosy dinners as he dismantles the free speech he claims to champion.

Biden’s insecure bullying of the press and tired attacks on Trump expose his desperation as 2024 nears. He hopes amplifying partisan rancor will distract from his failure to govern effectively. But voters see through such witch hunts. They want leaders focused on improving lives, not distorting facts to gain power or self-esteem.

With Biden sinking and Democrats’ prospects gloomy, the left grows more unhinged and autocratic.

The time has come to break free from blind partisanship and reclaim honest dialogue as the lifeblood of liberty. However Biden rants, the people’s voice cannot be suppressed forever. Their just verdict on his flailing presidency will be delivered at the ballot box. And our democratic republic, powered by free minds, shall endure.

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