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Minister ‘s Lobster Feast Met with Outrage


Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay had the nerve to post a photo on X bragging about a lavish $62 lobster feast in Malaysia that Canadian taxpayers were forced to pay for – all while money troubles batter Canadians back home.

This out-of-touch display of excess offering no sense of job duties comes after multiple government travel and meal extravagances by Trudeau’s Liberal ministers.

Canadians queue at food banks while Liberal ministers enjoy fancy dinners abroad. Struggling families shiver in underheated homes while Trudeau’s team enjoys luxurious tropical vacations on the taxpayer’s money.

MacAulay’s lobster lunch is just the latest ethical mess for a government crippled by insensitive entitlement. Trudeau once promised sunny ways and responsible government. Now his ministers live in the lap of luxury while Canadians live with unaffordable inflation.

A lobster feast in Malaysia may seem small, but it shows the bigger hypocrisy, ethical problems and elite excess rotting Trudeau’s government from day one. Canadians deserve accountability, not more lobster lunches and island vacations.

Trudeau’s crooked liberal minister Lawrence MacAulay recently swindled hardworking Canadian taxpayers by jetting off on a lavish vacation to Malaysia.

While regular Canadians struggle to put food on the table amidst soaring inflation, this minister gorged himself on $62 lobster dinners and sipped champagne in a luxurious 5-star hotel suite.

This kind of outrageous abuse of power and taxpayer money is exactly what’s wrong with Trudeau’s corrupt government.

MacAulay’s tone-deaf tweet bragging about his expensive lobster lunch in Kuala Lumpur while back home food banks face record demand shows how completely out of touch he and the rest of the Liberal cabinet truly are.

While Canadians queue at food banks, Minister MacAulay spewed carbon traveling halfway around the world simply to dine at Burger & Lobster in Kuala Lumpur.

He then had the audacity to brag about feasting on a $62 lobster lunch using our hard earned money while many hard-working Canadian families try to stretch out a $62 grocery budget for an entire week.

The hypocrisy and elitism of MacAulay’s actions are astounding. As he enjoys the warm tropical weather in Malaysia, reaching highs of 34° Celsius, many Canadians must keep their heaters set at just 16° to save money this winter.

This is due to the soaring inflation and heavy carbon taxes imposed by Trudeau’s government, the same government MacAulay represents.

Yet he feels no shame jet setting to exotic vacations on the taxpayer’s dime while the citizens he serves shiver in their homes and rely on food banks to survive.

Trudeau and his liberal ministers have the audacity to lecture Canadians on carbon emissions while jet-setting abroad and living a lavish lifestyle.

This junket to Malaysia cost Canadian taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars at a time when Trudeau’s mismanagement of the economy has led to skyrocketing inflation and increasing economic hardship for average families. Food, housing, and energy costs have all risen dramatically under Trudeau’s watch.

Rather than addressing the pocketbook issues that matter most to Canadians, Trudeau and his ministers seem focused on living a jet-setting lifestyle on the taxpayer’s dime. MacAulay’s lobster lunch is just the latest example of the Liberal government’s culture of entitlement and excess.

Trudeau once claimed he would return ethics and responsibility to Ottawa. Yet 8 years into his government, Canadians have witnessed multiple ethics scandals, flagrant disrespect for taxpayer dollars, and tone-deaf indifference to the struggles of working people.

MacAulay’s extravagant lobster lunch in Malaysia is not an isolated incident either. It follows a long pattern of entitled behavior from Trudeau’s Liberal ministers. Who can forget former Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s lavish vacations to his villas in France or Environment Minister Catherine McKenna spending $127,000 to fly to the Paris Climate Conference?

Trudeau’s cabinet seems to view taxpayer money as their personal slush fund for first-class travel, luxury hotels, and expensive meals. All while implementing policies like the carbon tax that make life increasingly unaffordable for the middle class.

As Conservative MoP Michael Barrett succinctly put it, “Liberal agriculture minister brags about dining on lobster during taxpayer-funded trip to Malaysia. Canada has record smashing food bank usage of 2 Million people per month after 8 years of Justin Trudeau. To the hungry, this Liberal minister says: Let them eat lobster! Trudeau’s Liberals aren’t worth the cost.”

Barrett is absolutely right. At a time when food bank usage has reached record highs, it is unconscionable for Minister MacAulay to be wining and dining on lobster half a world away on the taxpayer’s dime. This is Marie Antoinette levels of disconnection and elitism from a government supposedly committed to supporting the middle class.

Clearly Trudeau’s promise of sunny ways and real change was nothing but empty rhetoric. Behind closed doors, his Liberal government carries on with the same culture of corruption, entitlement, excess, and disregard for public money. Only they seem even more shameless about flaunting their lavish lifestyle.

MacAulay should be let go right away for his careless lobster lunch tweet that perfectly shows how little the Liberal government cares about regular Canadians who are struggling. He should also be made to pay back every cent of taxpayers’ money that he wasted on his fancy Malaysian vacation.

But of course Trudeau won’t hold his incompetent ministers accountable because he cares more about privileged access for Liberal insiders than responsible government.

Trudeau is the most ethically bankrupt PM in history, repeatedly abusing public office for personal gain like his outrageous vacations at the Aga Khan’s private island and “free” Christmas Jamaican vacation.
His empty slogans about transparency are meaningless when his ministers act like spoiled trust fund kids jet-setting around the world on the taxpayers’ dime while the people who pay their salaries can barely afford to put food on the table.

But come election time, Canadians will remember the long pattern of entitlement from Trudeau’s Liberals – from Morneau’s villas to McKenna’s Paris photo-ops to MacAulay’s lobster. A government that arrogantly thumbed its nose at taxpayers while hiking their cost of living with policies like the carbon tax does not deserve to be re-elected.

Trudeau’s carbon tax is yet another example of his government’s staggering hypocrisy and elitism. While his ministers enjoy globetrotting vacations and lobster lunches, Trudeau hammers regular Canadians with higher gas prices and home heating bills via his so-called green plan. He claims it is necessary to fight climate change but provides exemptions for big corporate polluters.

The burden of Trudeau’s carbon tax falls squarely on the middle and working classes who can least afford it. He is actively making life more unaffordable for average people already struggling with inflation and the rising cost of living. And his deeply flawed, loophole-ridden carbon tax does little if anything for the environment. It’s all economic pain for no climate gain.

As one concerned citizen noted, “Tone-deaf Liberal Minister proudly boasts about chowing down on a giant lobster in hot Malaysia, after traveling 20+ hours on a carbon-belching jet, while he increases the carbon tax punishing modest-income Canadians with higher food prices while many struggle with housing costs.”

Trudeau cannot credibly claim to stand with the middle class while his government fleeces them with rising taxes and reckless spending that has fueled inflation. His lobbyist-driven, corporate-friendly carbon tax epitomizes this hypocrisy.

While MacAulay enjoys exotic vacations abroad, the carbon tax makes driving to work and heating your home increasingly unaffordable. While McKenna stays in 5-star hotels, the carbon tax jacks up the price of groceries and hurts farm families across this country. Trudeau’s Liberals impose sacrifices on ordinary Canadians that they would never accept themselves.

And still Trudeau marches forward with plans to increase the carbon tax again on April 1, even amid double digit inflation. He is tone deaf to the struggles of the working poor and middle income earners who form the backbone of Canada’s economy.

The cost of heating your home and commuting to work keeps going up while Trudeau thumbs his nose at taxpayers and plows ahead with his ideological carbon schemes.

Conservative leader Poilievre has it right when he says “Trudeau & the NDP plan to go ahead with a 23% carbon tax hike on April 1, on their path to quadrupling it on heat, gas and groceries.” At a time when Canadians are already stretched thin, Trudeau is pouring fuel on the inflation fire by hiking the carbon tax yet again.

This massive April 1 carbon tax increase represents an unconscionable tax grab that will further erode Canadians’ quality of life. Yet Trudeau and his fellow frequent flier ministers don’t feel any impact because they just expense their lavish lifestyles to taxpayers. It is regular people working paycheck to paycheck who will bear the brunt of this wit.

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