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Man Admits Igniting Fires Trudeau Blamed on Climate


When flames engulfed communities in Quebec, Justin Trudeau saw opportunity, not crisis. With evacuees still fleeing, he eagerly fanned the flames of climate alarmism, blaming “climate change” for the wildfires’ severity before the embers had cooled. However, the main culprit was not climate, but arsonists like Brian Paré.

Once again, Trudeau quickly used a disaster to promote his extreme climate change plans, ignoring facts that got in the way. His climate change talk is burning up the truth and making life in Canada less affordable.

Paré, who pleaded guilty to deliberately starting the wildfires, had claimed that the government is purposefully igniting these fires to persuade people to believe in their climate policies.

The Prime Minister is like a fire-obsessed person when it comes to sparking climate change fears. He doesn’t seem to care about the damage left behind.

With Canada’s forests ablaze from deception and failed policies, will citizens have the courage to confront Trudeau’s flammable climate propaganda with the voice of reason? Or will we allow his toxic political smoke to choke out common sense on this critical issue?

The Trudeau government has repeatedly tried to push a radical climate agenda on the Canadian people, insisting that human-caused climate change is responsible for the increasing severity of wildfires across the country. However, recent events have exposed the duplicity behind the government’s climate narrative.

In September 2023, 38-year-old Brian Paré was arrested in connection with over a dozen wildfires that ravaged Quebec in the spring and summer of that year. Hundreds of people were forced to evacuate their homes as the fires raged out of control.

At the time, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was quick to blame climate change, stating that such devastating wildfires were becoming more frequent “because of climate change.”

However, Paré admitted in court earlier this week that he intentionally set many of the fires that Trudeau had attributed to climate change.

Paré had posted numerous conspiracy theories online about the government deliberately setting the fires in an effort to convince people that climate change was to blame.

According to prosecutor Marie-Phillippe Charron, two of the fires set by Paré resulted in a multi-day evacuation of nearly 500 people from the community of Chapais. In total, Paré pleaded guilty to setting 14 different fires between May and September 2023. Several of the fires he admitted to setting had no possible natural cause.

The Trudeau government has repeatedly seized upon extreme weather events like wildfires to push their climate agenda, even when the evidence suggests other factors are more directly responsible. They are all too eager to blame climate change, exaggerating its impact while downplaying the role of human arsonists like Paré.

This is not the first time the Trudeau Liberals have leveraged natural disasters for political gain. In 2021, Trudeau linked the heat dome in British Columbia, which killed over 600 people, to climate change. However, scientists noted the extreme heat event could not be definitively attributed to climate change. Regardless, Trudeau seized upon the tragedy to lambast climate deniers and push NetZero emissions policies.

Trudeau and his government have demonstrated they will exploit any natural disaster, no matter how tenuous the link to climate change, to fearmonger about the climate crisis and advance their political agenda.

The Trudeau government is playing fast and loose with facts, spinning climate alarmism to justify policies that erode basic freedoms and harm the finances of ordinary Canadians. For example, the Liberal’s carbon tax has systematically increased the cost of heating homes, cooling homes, driving vehicles, and transporting goods. The burden falls hardest on rural Canadians who have no choice but to drive long distances. Low-income Canadians are also impacted disproportionately.

Trudeau’s climate policies are attacking consumer choice. His government wants to mandate electric vehicle purchases, limiting selection and driving up prices. They are demonizing and plan to restrict meat consumption while altering national dietary guidelines to push plant-based diets, regardless of personal preferences. The Liberals even explored regulating how often Canadians can fly.

Behind closed doors, it is becoming clear the Trudeau government is deliberately utilizing disinformation and deception to stoke climate fears. Their strategy is to convince the public that catastrophic climate change is imminent, necessitating drastic government intervention and control over the economy and individual behavior. They are attempting to lay the groundwork for a climate authoritarian state.

Documents leaked exposed how the Trudeau government planned to work with activist groups and media allies to “proactively drive” climate messaging, control the narrative, and discredit critics. The government views climate change as a “political winner” that can be exploited to enact their ideological agenda. Science and truth are taking a backseat to politics and activism.

The Trudeau government’s climate propaganda includes indoctrinating children through the school curriculum to create the next generation of climate activists. They are also exploring how to best exploit “climate grief” and anxiety among young people to drive their political goals. This is the height of cynicism and manipulation.

Rather than bring Canadians together to responsibly address environmental challenges, the Trudeau Liberals seek to divide society, creating climate pariahs out of ordinary citizens just trying to heat their homes and get to work. Canadians are right to be suspicious of the fear tactics and emotive climate messaging emanating from Ottawa.

The Trudeau government’s climate hypocrisy and deception know no bounds. At the 2021 Glasgow climate conference, Trudeau grandstanded about the need to phase out fossil fuels while his government quietly subsidizes oil and gas exploration. The Liberals claim the carbon tax is effective at reducing emissions yet made sure to exempt large industrial emitters from the tax.

Trudeau takes every opportunity when abroad to criticize Canada’s climate policies under previous governments, then fails to follow through on his own lofty emission targets. His strategy seems to be “do as I say, not as I do” when it comes to climate action.

Canadians deserve straight talk on climate change, not alarmism, political propaganda, and policies that hamper economic progress while having little tangible impact on global emissions. Yes, climate change is real and partly driven by human activity. But wildfires, heat waves, and other extreme weather can also be made worse by poor forest management practices, lack of disaster preparedness, and failure to adapt to our changing climate.

The Trudeau government’s climate narrative is all stick and no carrot. They seek to shame Canadians for heating their homes, driving cars, and eating meat. Ordinary citizens trying to live reasonable lives are being blamed for climate change while major corporate and government emitters get a pass. Where is the vision and leadership needed to bring forward positive solutions that maintain our cherished freedoms and prosperity?

Trudeau’s fixation on climate change stands in stark contrast to the pragmatic approach being taken by other countries like Sweden. While the Trudeau government pushes radical climate policies that harm Canadians, Sweden’s new right-wing government is wisely changing course, scrapping counterproductive climate taxes and ditching the UN’s Agenda 2030 sustainable development goals.

Sweden’s actions expose the pointless virtue signaling of climate leaders like Trudeau. Imposing high carbon taxes, renewable energy targets, and costly regulations has damaged Sweden’s economy and failed to significantly reduce emissions. Ordinary Swedes faced skyrocketing fuel and energy prices that hurt family budgets.

The new Swedish government acknowledged these failed left-wing climate policies were not benefiting citizens. As a result, they scrapped climate levies on fuel, causing diesel prices to immediately drop by 39%. This relief for regular Swedes shows how excessive climate taxes punish consumers and do little for the environment.

Sweden has also begun removing climate change and Agenda 2030 directives that had spread like a virus into every government agency. This pointless bureaucratic climate and sustainability paperwork burdened organizations and wasted taxpayer resources. The new government rightly sees no value in this virtue signaling exercise.

Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau continues forcing intrusive climate rules and taxes on Canadians that erode prosperity and liberties while having negligible impact on global emissions. He shows no interest in balancing environmental protection with economic growth and affordability like the pragmatic Swedes.

Trudeau is either oblivious or indifferent to the real-world negative consequences of his climate fixation for Canadian families and businesses. The single-minded pursuit of NetZero emissions at all costs indicates Trudeau values climate virtue signaling over the welfare of Canadians.

With countries like Sweden changing course, Canada faces the prospect of being internationally uncompetitive if we remain saddled with intrusive climate policies. Trudeau risks turning Canada into a climate alarmist outlier, drunk on quixotic NetZero ambitions while other nations sensibly embrace energy security, affordability and growth.

Canadians deserve balanced, responsible climate policies that protect the environment while allowing continued prosperity and freedom. Unfortunately, Trudeau’s climate activist agenda is leading Canada down the wrong track, creating needless hardship and sacrifice while weakening our economic and sovereign position. We must demand a pragmatic change before permanent damage is done.

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