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Liberals want to ban calling Trudeau corrupt


Trudeau’s Authoritarian Word Ban

Just when you thought Justin Trudeau and the liberals couldn’t get any more desperate, he pulls a stunt that threatens the foundations of Canadian democracy.

What simple word does Trudeau want banned from Parliament? The answer will shock you.

With his endless scandals and ethics violations piling up, the last thing Trudeau wants is accountability. So he’s using authoritarian tactics to muzzle criticism.

Conservatives are crying foul over Trudeau’s unbelievable censorship attempt. What they’re saying will infuriate any Canadian who values free speech.

Think dictators like Putin or Xi when you hear about Trudeau’s latest ploy to shield himself. He truly doesn’t want Canadians knowing the truth.

If Trudeau gets his way, even uttering this one word to describe him in Parliament could land MPs in jail.

But the Conservatives aren’t backing down from exposing Trudeau’s misdeeds, banned word or not. You’ll cheer on how Poilievre and other conservative MPs slammed Trudeau over his insane ban.

How is Trudeau justifying this undemocratic ban? His laughable reasoning will drive you mad.

Liberals Move to Censor “Corrupt” Talk Amidst Ethics Scandals

In an outrageous assault on free speech, the scandal-plagued Trudeau Liberals have moved to ban Conservative MPs from calling the Prime Minister “corrupt” in Parliament.

The stunning censorship attempt came today in the House of Commons after months of justified criticism over ethics scandals.

Liberal MP Mark Gerretsen urged the Speaker to ban the term “corrupt” when referring to Trudeau or his government. Gerretsen claimed such language violates decorum in the House, despite the well-documented history of corruption and rule-breaking by the Liberals.

The Conservatives rightly erupted in outrage at Gerretsen’s motion. Conservative MP Corey Tocher stated the obvious—that Trudeau and the Liberals have been caught time and time again engaging in corrupt activities.

Tocher said: “Madam Speaker, if you ask the Ethics Commissioner about all of the infractions that the Prime Minister has been charged and convicted with on corruption, you will find the truth to be that this is a corrupt government and Prime Minister.”

Conservative MP Branden Leslie added, “Madam Speaker, I would like to add that, as you move forward in your deliberations on this, given we had a historic event happen earlier this week with historic corruption once again in this country, combined with the numerous ethics violations, “corruption” is the appropriate word for the Prime Minister.”

The attempt to ban the word “corrupt” is a new low, but nothing new from the Trudeau Liberals.
It shows just how thin-skinned they have become and how desperate they are to silence criticism of their ethical lapses.

This newly emerged video highlights Trudeau’s blatant hypocrisy as he discusses the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

He clearly knows nothing about what he was saying in this video because he is the one now advancing his political agenda and grasping for power fiercely, without caring about people’s rights and freedom of speech.

Trudeau also voices his frustration over the deliberate undermining of mainstream media, which serves as his propaganda machine, disseminating his messages to further his political agenda and conceal his numerous scandals.

Poilievre Exposes Liberals Corruption

While the desperate Trudeau Liberals try to ban the word “corrupt,” the Conservatives under Poilievre continue to fiercely expose the government’s misdeeds. As Leader of the Opposition, Poilievre has been relentless in his criticism of Trudeau’s scandal-ridden government.

In a recent inspiring speech responding to the Liberals’ bloated new $53 billion budget, Poilievre blasted Trudeau for wasteful spending that will drive up inflation and cost of living.

Poilievre rightly accused Trudeau of breaking promises on affordable housing, doubling housing costs, and driving millions to food banks.

Taking aim at NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, Poilievre suggested Singh is propping up Trudeau to collect his MP pension rather than serving Canadians. “It’s a greedy position,” Poilievre charged about the costly Liberal-NDP alliance.

On housing, Poilievre called out Trudeau for recycling old promises instead of fixing the crisis he created. He touted the Conservative plan to cut red tape, free up land, and build homes – in contrast to the Liberals’ failed big bureaucracy approach.

Poilievre paints a vision of Canada where hard work is rewarded, taxes are low, homes are affordable, streets are safe, and Canadians can fully use their skills. He vows to restore the country we knew and loved before Trudeau’s reign of waste, inflation, and corruption.

Poilievre has used his powerful platform to relentlessly hold the Liberals to account. While the government wants to silence the word “corrupt,” Poilievre keeps using it to describe Trudeau’s ethical lapses.

Poilievre’s fierce but disciplined style has proven effective against Trudeau in Parliament. He slams the Liberals with facts and mockery, showing Trudeau’s true colors and out-of-touch spendthrift crushing working Canadians with inflation.

One thing is clear – Poilievre has clearly gotten under the Liberals’ skin. Their thin-skinned attempt to ban the word “corrupt” shows the opposition leader has landed many telling blows.

While Trudeau wants to silence dissent, Poilievre gives voice to Canadians frustrated with arrogant Liberal rule. He presents a populist vision that resonates with many people left behind in Trudeau’s Canada.

With the consistent pattern of ethical lapses and scandals that has been the norm for Trudeau’s government, it’s no wonder the Conservatives have gotten into the habit of referring to Trudeau as “corrupt.”

Who doesn’t agree that Trudeau is corrupt?

The term clearly strikes a nerve with Liberal MPs, who fear the damage it is doing to the government’s reputation.

Banning the use of a simple, accurate word like “corrupt” is the desperate action of a government that has lost the moral high ground. The Liberals know they can’t credibly refute the facts behind the accusation, so they want to ban the accusation itself. This assault on free speech in Parliament is antidemocratic and beneath contempt.

Could it be that the private lessons Trudeau and his liberal pals are taking at the CCP are finally paying off?

Trudeau first won power by promising he would be different – more open, more transparent, more ethical. Now his battered government wants to ban people from even talking about his corruption. They want to make the truth illegal.

The Liberal record of scandal and rule-breaking has shredded Trudeau’s claim to ethical leadership. The Ethics Commissioner’s reports read like a rap sheet – violation after violation, scandal after scandal, for eight long years.

No wonder the Liberals cringe when Poilievre calls them “corrupt.” It reinforces what too many Canadians are already thinking.

Banning a word won’t make the facts disappear. It will only confirm what we already knew – that this is a corrupt government led by an ethically compromised Prime Minister. Trudeau may not want to hear the word “corrupt” but it resonates because it is true.

The Liberals have only themselves to blame for their loss of moral authority. Apologies don’t cut it when the violations just keep happening over and over. Canadians expect better from those who govern them.

Trudeau promised real change but instead delivered more of the same old political cynicism. The Liberals urges us to “do better” even as they themselves repeatedly fail to meet ethical standards. Their hypocrisy is galling.

This is a government that has badly lost its way when it comes to ethics. The frequency of Trudeau’s lapses suggest not mere accidents but a fundamental flaw in judgment. Banning words won’t fix what is broken in the Prime Minister’s moral compass.

The Liberals need to take a long hard look in the mirror instead of lashing out against the Conservatives for speaking uncomfortable truths. Their attempt to ban the term “corrupt” reeks of desperation. It will do nothing to rebuild public trust in a government that has repeatedly abused it.

Trudeau promised transparency but delivers secrecy. He promised new ways but clings to old habits of entitlement and privilege. He promised ethical leadership but too often puts his own political interests ahead of principle. In the face of this record, is it any wonder Canadians see corruption?

The Liberals have made their bed and must now lie in it, no matter how uncomfortable. The Conservatives are right to continue shining a light on this government’s ethical blind spots. Sweeping corruption under the rug won’t make it disappear. Better to confront it openly and clean the house.

Trudeau Scandals Pile Up

After eight years of scandals, coverups, and breaches of ethics, Justin Trudeau clearly hopes Canadians have a short memory. His thin-skinned attempt to ban the word “corrupt” in Parliament shows the desperation of a tainted leader trying to rewrite history.

But years of misconduct and ethical lapses cannot be erased with censorship. Trudeau’s legacy of corruption is carved in stone thanks to multiple guilty verdicts by the Ethics Commissioner.

This is a Prime Minister who treated ethics laws like a joke and oversight as a mere inconvenience. His repeated violations displayed an arrogant disregard for the rules and standards meant to govern his conduct.

Each new ethics probe provided another disturbing window into the dark world of backroom deals, insider access, and conflicts of interest Trudeau inhabits – despite his lofty rhetoric.

After being personally rebuked by the Ethics Commissioner more times than any PM in Canada’s history, Trudeau’s credibility is shot.

Clearly, Trudeau believes he should be held to a different standard than other leaders – one where pesky things like ethics laws don’t apply. His chronic sense of entitlement is why he attracts scandals like a magnet.

Banning words won’t rehabilitate Trudeau’s tattered reputation or restore Canadians’ trust. The only cure for his ethical malaise is completely voting him out.

After so many betrayals, Canadians deserve a Prime Minister who respects common sense, democratic principles and accountability. Trudeau has repeatedly proven he is not that leader.

No wordplay can change the fact that Trudeau’s legacy will be defined by scandals rather than accomplishments. When his name is mentioned, Canadians will remember SNC-Lavalin, WE Charity, the Aga Khan, Jamaica trip, Arrivcan app, Winnipeg lab preaches and the list goes on.

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