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Liberal MP Pam Damoff Admits Trudeau Government Is Corrupt


Introduction To The Statements

In a Jaw-dropping move, a Liberal Member of Parliament has openly confessed that Justin Trudeau’s government is plagued by corruption.

One of Trudeau’s own MPs has turned whistleblower – bluntly acknowledging the misconduct that has defined this Liberal party.

Her shocking confession confirms what Canadians have long known about the culture of entitlement and shady dealings under Trudeau’s leadership.

For one of the Prime Minister’s loyal parliament members to publicly expose corruption at the highest levels shows just how Shameful the Liberals have become.

They don’t even try to hide their scandals anymore – now they openly admit to it!

This Liberal MP’s bluntness has left Canadians stunned.

Yet her admission is just the tip of the iceberg. What comes next reveals the Liberals’ utter lack of remorse or accountability.

This bombshell confession straight from the MP’s mouth reveals how corrupt the Liberals have become under Trudeau’s watch.

Liberal MP Pam Damoff Make A shocking admission

In a new low, the Liberal MP Pam Damoff made the shocking admission that the Trudeau Government is Corrupt But “Not as Bad as the Taliban” or Russia.

Well are you as a Canadian even surprised?

Her bold admission of deeply rooted corruption within the Liberal Party, MP Pam Damoff told a parliamentary committee that while the Trudeau government may be corrupt, Canadians should be grateful they don’t live under terrorist regimes like the Taliban.

She said: “Take a look at what is going on in the Middle East right now if you actually want to see countries where there are terrorists running a country.”

The arrogance and tone-deafness of this Liberal government truly knows no bounds. Damoff was providing a painkiller to Canadians angry with the Trudeau government. She was essentially telling Canadians that things could be much worse, but thankfully she is reminding us that we are not a third world country, even though we may feel like we are under this government.

Her disturbing comment shows just a glimpse into the distorted mindset of the Liberals.

Rather than expressing humility or remorse for the endless scandals rocking the Trudeau government, Ms. Damoff effectively told Canadians to lower their standards.

In her view, Canadians should apparently overlook misconduct in Ottawa simply because things could be worse. This is a completely unacceptable perspective from an elected official. It is not up to citizens to be complacent about unethical behavior from their leaders.

Ms. Damoff’s comments expose the sense of entitlement and lack of accountability that has come to define Trudeau’s Liberal government. Justin Trudeau famously promised “sunny ways” and a new era of transparent, ethical governance. Instead, Canadians have gotten closed-door dealings, fancy trips funded by taxpayers, and repeated interference in the justice system.

Yet Liberal MPs, like Ms. Damoff, remain utterly unhinged. They belittle and dismiss the very real concerns of taxpayers by essentially saying “sure, we’re bad, but not as bad as the Taliban!” This is a pathetically low bar for an elected government in a G7 democracy.

As Damoff confessed, is the government situation really so bad that they are starting to compare us to the Taliban and Russia? What’s next, should we be thanking Trudeau he’s not Kim Jong Un?

Ms. Damoff’s offensive comparison only serves to reinforce the culture of corruption Canadians have seen from the Trudeau Liberals. Whether the SNC-Lavalin affair, ArriveCan app scandal, or the winnipeg lab breach, this government believes it can get away with endless scandals as long as it claims to be better than repressive dictatorships and terrorist organizations.

This outrageous statement made by a Liberal MP shows just how corrupt the Liberals have become. For an elected official to make such a link between a democracy like Canada and extremist countries like the Taliban and Russia is unacceptable.

By Ms. Damoff’s logic, no government could ever be criticized as long as somewhere, something worse exists. This is an absurd standard unworthy of a minister speaking on behalf of Canadians.

Ms. Damoff needs to apologize immediately for those totally insensitive comments she made.
And it’s not just her – the whole Trudeau liberals have got to own up to breaking their promises and having one ethics scandal after another.

Canadians deserve representatives who uphold the highest standards of transparency, accountability and decency in public life.

The sheer arrogance reflected in Ms. Damoff’s comments is yet another reminder that this government has become disconnected from and dismissive towards the very citizens it is supposed to serve. Canadians do not send politicians to Ottawa to act in self-interest or cling to power by any means.

The Liberal MP With Bad Track Record

And actually, this is not the first time she has had a weird attitude or said something so unhinged like this. That’s because she is so familiar with corruption, given her own sketchy track record.

Last year, she landed in hot water for lobbying on behalf of a corporate donor in apparent violation of federal ethics laws.

Records show that in June 2019, Ms. Damoff appeared before the Commons Agriculture Committee to argue against a farm bankruptcy bill on behalf of Earth Fresh Farms.

It was not explained how or why Damoff’s unexpectedly appeared at the Commons Agriculture committee on June 19, coinciding with Earth Fresh’s chief financial officer Brad Wiseman’s scheduled testimony.

Damoff was not a member of the Agriculture committee. At that time, the MP was parliamentary secretary for public safety.

Damoff told the hearing back then: “Earth Fresh Farms is in my riding, I am very proud to have toured there many times.”

She spoke immediately after the company’s Chief Financial Officer, who was a witness opposing the bill. At no point did Ms. Damoff mention that Earth Fresh’s executives had donated thousands to her local Liberal association.

Ms. Damoff’s efforts directly violated the Conflict of Interest Act, which prohibits preferential treatment for donors. Yet the MP cared little, dismissing the legislation as potentially “harming a company like Earth Fresh.” Her only concern was protecting a donor’s interests, not upholding ethics.

Ms. Damoff was the sole MP to vote against the farm bill, even as all major farm groups supported it. Her attempts to cover up for a corporate contributor from reasonable legislation showed where her true priorities lie.

Well, it’s no surprise that an MP with her own questionable ethical past would shamelessly tell Canadians not to worry about corruption in Ottawa. Just like the Prime Minister she works under, Ms. Damoff seems to think the normal rules don’t apply to Liberals. Her condescending remarks about the Taliban only reinforce this government’s arrogance and sense of entitlement.

Rather than lecturing citizens on how much worse things could be, Ms. Damoff and her fellow Liberal MPs should reflect on their own misconduct in office.

Secret Report From The RCMP Reveals Shocking News

Another shocking confession written in a secret report from the RCMP reveals the miserable state of Canada under Justin Trudeau’s failed leadership and the liberals’ rotten corruption Liberal MP Pam Damoff was telling us we could have it worse.

Right from the get-go, it warns that “whatever Canada’s current situation, it ‘will probably deteriorate further in the next five years’.” How much more evidence do we need that the Trudeau Liberals have sent Canada down a slippery slope?

The report highlights today’s younger generations facing a relentless decline in living standards compared to previous eras. It warns that “many Canadians under 35 are unlikely ever to be able to buy a place to live.”

How can Trudeau sleep at night knowing his policies have crushed the dreams of young people across this country?

That’s the harsh truth about Trudeau’s Canada – but instead of fixing the real issues, he keeps trying to mislead people. The RCMP is warning that citizens are getting more and more fed up and losing trust in the government.

Of course the bureaucrats blame “misinformation” and “conspiracy theories” rather than admitting their own failures. It is much easier to scapegoat freedom of speech than take responsibility, isn’t it Mr. Trudeau?

Those excessive Censoring really show how the Liberals are obsessed with secrecy and controlling information. What are they so desperate to hide about how they’ve messed things up?

This report backs up what the Conservatives have been saying all along. Under the Liberals, Canada’s on a downhill slide – costs are going up faster than wages while jobs and industries are struggling.

How much longer will regular Canadians have to pay for the Trudeau government’s attempts at ideological experiments that just aren’t working?

Canadians are right to be frustrated and concerned. The RCMP report signals that civil unrest may be on the horizon as this unsustainable status quo reaches a breaking point. From paralyzing protests to civil disobedience, people will demand the change that Liberals refuse to deliver.

The Trudeau years have really dragged down Canadians’ standard of living and unity, all while racking up massive debts.

So if Liberal MP Pam Damoff has reached the point of comparing the Liberals to the Taliban just to look good, you should know for a fact that she has failed horribly. There is absolutely no justification for such nonchalant comments.

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