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LeBlanc Grilled for Refusing to Expose Traitors


Shielding Treason

In a jaw-dropping move, Minister of Public Safety Dominic LeBlanc is outright refusing to name Liberal MPs reported to be colluding with hostile foreign powers.

Yes, you read that right – sitting government politicians are potentially betraying Canada’s interests to foreign actors, yet the Liberals want to keep their identities secret.

LeBlanc hides behind pathetic excuses that intelligence might be “uncorroborated,” as if treason without absolute proof shouldn’t set off screaming alarm bells.

But we shouldn’t be surprised. The Liberals never take responsibility, even with evidence piled against them. Sweeping scandals under the rug is their go-to move to dodge accountability.

Yet this latest debacle is no mere “mistake.” With our national security and sovereignty at stake, these weaselly spin tactics risk untold harm to Canada.

Canadians need real leadership ready to make tough choices, even if it exposes uncomfortable realities inside the halls of power. LeBlanc and the rest of the crooked Liberals will not give us this future.

LeBlanc Refuses to Expose Traitors

The liberals’ way of avoiding any and all accountability even when all the objective evidence and information is piled up against them should be commendable in a perfect world. But they end up being tasteless, ignorant, corrupt, and abhorrent in the real world. Because the mistakes that the liberals make on a daily basis often end up being insanely harmful to everyday Canadians. So when someone talks about “mistakes” you know they are trying to allude to the abhorrent liberal history of scandals with a tone that is as light as possible.

But the truth of the matter is that nothing Trudeau and the liberals ever do should be taken lightly or brushed off. Because then you end up with liberal MPs being accused of colluding with foreign powers to serve their personal interest above Canadian ones. And all the liberals have to say about that, is that the names of these traitors will not be released to the public.

Yeah, you heard it right the first time. The Minister of Public Safety Dominic LeBlanc was questioned this past Thursday before the House of Commons standing committee on public safety and national security, about the MPs that were reported to have helped foreign powers’ interests.

Conservatives pressed LeBlanc to reveal identities of MPs linked to hostile foreign meddling per a worrying report from the National Security Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians (NSICOP).

And he bluntly stated that he has important information regarding the identities of the treasonous MPs and who they might actually be, but he refuses to share that “highly sensitive intelligence to the public”. No I am not kidding, that is exactly what he stated, but do you want to know his reasoning behind that?

Leblanc thinks that the intelligence report may contain information and evidence that is not verified or corroborated, and that is why he is choosing to avoid naming any potential traitors in fear that some of them might be innocent and receive unwarranted backlash and intense political targeting.

Despite the grave situation of a foreign government’s infiltration in our own Canadian government; Despite all the possible leaked information that has happened and is probably continuing to happen; Despite the liberals publicly vowing to protect and make sure that Canadians are safe and secure from outside meddling, LeBlanc chose to tell every Canadian to piss off, just because he wants to protect his elite liberal friends. And we are the bad guys for wondering if most liberals – including LeBlanc himself, were part of this interference scandal?

LeBlanc Doesn’t Want to Acknowledge the Dire Situation

This level of uncaring and ignorance coming from the liberals and from LeBlanc is absolutely insane given the context of the dire situation at hand. I mean when you have Canada’s former ambassador to China, Guy Saint-Jacques, warning that Beijing’s meddling in our democracy has hit alarming new heights, then you know that this is not just a passing matter to wait for until it dies down.

Saint-Jacques says he’s unsurprised by revelations of politicians colluding with China, as worrisome signs were apparent even a decade ago when he served as ambassador. However, he finds it mind-boggling that so little has been done since by the Trudeau government to counter escalating Chinese influence operations targeting Canadian democratic institutions.

Saint-Jacques’ only solution is swift action and prosecution to the MPs who are found with clear evidence to have sold Canada and its interest in favour of foreign superpowers. And honestly, the conservatives couldn’t agree more.

Debate on National Security

As the house of commons was up in arms over the foreign interference scandal for a few days now and everyone – including the often corrupt and equally incompetent NDP – is pressuring the liberals to release all the information to the public and shame these treasonous MPs.

Just recently, conservative MPs have been turning the heat up on the liberals in terms of giving up names and addressing the issue head on without dancing around it. LeBlanc was asked a very simple question, could you reveal the names of the compromised MPs so that the Canadian people are aware of who sold them out to foreign powers and who didn’t? His answer? Complete and total rejection while giving out the same bullshit confidential reason as before.

The conservative MP clarifies to LeBlanc – who is the minister of public safety need I remind you – that it was never about releasing names and shaming them with no purpose, it was always about the safety of Canadians who want to be in the know when it comes to politicians working against them. It is something that he should be aware of, but I guess he is a public safety minister in the name alone.

However, the conservative MP – while trying to gouge an answer out of LeBlanc – replaces his previous question with a simple yes or no one; are any of the MPs who colluded with foreign powers currently sitting in the government cabinet? LeBlanc responded as offended as ever by showcasing how he was aware enough to understand the conservative want him to say indirectly what he can never say directly. Yet, he is ignorant enough to dismiss the gravity of the situation entirely and goes back to posturing about the liberal efforts and how the conservatives somehow were not doing enough.

Ironic since we are in the middle of the third recent foreign interference scandal under the Liberal establishment, and the only ones asking for justification and accountability happen to be the conservatives.

But this is what you get with the likes of LeBlanc and the sleazy corrupt liberals, they will always try to find a way out, or rather push away any form of confrontation to their absolute power.

It is absolutely pathetic and indicative of a government on its last dying legs, yearning for any credibility. Good Riddance.

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