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Labour Leak Reveals Rishi Sunak Repeatedly Misled The Public


Sunak’s Broken Promises Exposed

An absolute political bombshell just dropped that could totally shake up this election. In an unreal move, Labour got its hands on some top secret documents that blew the lid wide open on Rishi Sunak’s house of lies.

These confidential files are seriously damning. They straight up prove Sunak has shamelessly misled the public to get power, making promise after promise he never planned to keep.

The timing of this could not be more crucial. With the election around the corner, Sunak’s lies have been dragged into the harsh light of scrutiny. The evidence against him is overwhelming and impossible to deny.

His facade of competence has been shattered beyond repair. Make no mistake – Sunak’s chickens have come home to roost in spectacular fashion. His political future is now hanging by a thread.

How much more betrayal can the British public reasonably take? The leaked docs reveal in painstaking detail just how dishonest Sunak has been. Labour’s own investigation has further demolished his financial credibility to dust. Sunak’s numbers simply don’t add up – his welfare savings are a total myth and his manifesto spending is pure fantasy.

Sunak Numbers Don’t Add Up

In a totally wild and shocking move, Labour got their hands on some top secret documents that expose the real truth about Rishi Sunak’s failed leadership and broken promises. 

These confidential files reveal how Sunak has repeatedly misled the public, and provide solid proof that he’s unfit to keep being Prime Minister.

This news drops just days before the general election, and has left Sunak scrambling big time to control the damage. But the cat’s out of the bag now – Sunak’s lies and hypocrisy have finally been exposed, and it’s obvious he lacks the integrity and competence to lead the country.

According to Labour insiders, these documents came from whistleblowers who couldn’t stand by anymore while Sunak puts his political ambitions above the people. They paint a picture of a power-hungry dude who made promise after promise with zero intention of keeping them.

Labour’s revelations about Rishi Sunak’s fantasist manifesto pledges have been bolstered by further proof that the Tories’ numbers simply don’t add up. Shadow Paymaster General Jonathan Ashworth demolished Sunak’s claims that billions in welfare savings can be redirected to other promises. 

As Ashworth stated, “If they claim that they have £12 billion of welfare savings to spend elsewhere, that is a flagrant lie. It must be understood and called out.” He asserted the Tories’ tax and spending plans amount to a “fraud on the electorate” filled with “unfunded commitment after unfunded commitment.”

Ashworth pointed to concrete examples like changes to Work Capability Assessments which analysis shows will produce zero real-world savings. he hammered home: “When they make more desperate promises, funded by £12 billion of imaginary welfare savings or £6 billion of inflated and already spent tax avoidance savings, that is alarming.” 

The Labour frontbencher was equally scathing on the issue of National Service, saying independent number-crunching proves the 2.5 billion pound figure trumpeted by Sunak is pure fiction. 

Ashworth revealed: “Based on data from the Ministry of Defence itself and analysis from defence experts, it is clear that it would cost at least double that amount.” 

He expressed incredulity that Mr. Sunak could have arrived at such a low estimate, saying “Labour number-crunchers had struggled in vain” to make the figures work.

Ashworth’s demolition of the Tories’ financial credibility comes on the heels of Labour leaking secret documents that expose Sunak’s real record. He said, “The Tories sums do not add up. The money is simply not there.” 

This is not the first time Ashworth has called the veracity of Conservative claims into question. On their widely disputed assertion that Labour policies will cost families £2,000 extra in tax, Ashworth previously stated it is a “ridiculous figure” designed to “wilfully mislead the British public.”

He doubled down on that rebuttal, saying unequivocally that under Labour there will be “no increase in income tax, no increase in national insurance, no increase in VAT.” 

Ashworth said the Conservative spending promises amount to nothing more than “desperate promises, funded by £12 billion of imaginary welfare savings.”

Sunak can prevaricate all he wants, but the numbers do not lie. Ashworth has laid bare how Sunak’s manifesto relies on smoke and mirrors rather than sound fiscal planning.

While Ashworth has thoroughly debunked the financial trickery in Sunak’s manifesto, the leaked documents provide further examples of specific promises Sunak never intended to keep.

Take the Conservative Party manifesto in 2019 – it was filled with pledges that Sunak had no ability or will to fulfill. One of the biggest was a promise not to raise income tax, national insurance or VAT. But as Chancellor, Sunak hiked National Insurance to its highest level in April 2022, before later being reversed by Liz Truss in her infamous mini-Budget.

He clearly never intended to keep his word – he simply said what would get him elected and then abandoned those promises as soon as he could.

The same pattern can be seen across major policy areas. On housing, the Tories said they would build 300,000 homes a year by the mid-2020s. Unsurprisingly, they are nowhere close to that figure. When confronted, Sunak could only mumble empty excuses, claiming “No government gets everything right.” 

But these weren’t just idle chit chat – they were solid manifesto promises to the British public. Sunak looked voters in the eye and swore up and down he would deliver, while knowing it was all lies and deception.

Take the broken promise on homelessness. In 2019, the Tories said they’d end the “blight” of rough sleeping. Instead, homelessness has risen for two years straight under Sunak’s watch. Over 3,898 peeps were estimated to be sleeping rough on a single night in autumn 2023. The hypocrisy is maddening – Sunak pretended to care about the homeless just long enough to gain power.

Labour Exposes Sunak’s Sham

The same disregard for honesty can be seen on foreign aid. The Tories promised to maintain spending 0.7% of national income on overseas development. But as soon as he became Chancellor, Sunak slashed it to 0.5%, depriving the world’s poorest of desperately needed support.

When questioned on this shameful decision, he casually said he had to make “tough choices” – as if it was a minor budget issue rather than a matter of morality and keeping his word.

The list of lies goes on and on. A pledge to uphold pension triple lock abandoned by Sunak at first chance. A vow to reform social care betrayed, leaving the neediest unprotected. Critical landlord reforms shelved to appease his backbenchers. Even a promise to ban trophy hunting endangered animals wasn’t fulfilled – too unimportant for Sunak to bother with.

After years of this, for Sunak to now claim he’ll deliver if given another chance is farcical. As BBC interviewer Nick Robinson rightly stated, he is like “a guy in a pub who borrows 50 quid and keeps saying ‘Don’t worry, I’ll pay you back’ and never does.” Nobody who has paid attention to his record should believe a word he says.

And it’s not just on domestic issues where Sunak has misled people. On immigration, Sunak has demonstrated his inability to effectively manage Britain’s borders. In this same interview, Sunak shamelessly admitted his failure to uphold his promises of border control.

Robinson threw down a blunt question about the insane amount of people entering the UK illegally under Sunak’s watch. A whopping 685,000 extra people flooded into the country, a crazy high number that dwarfs even the population of Coventry. Sunak’s weak response? A pathetic admission: “No, the numbers are too high.”

It’s mind-blowing that a dude who campaigned hard for Brexit, claiming he’d regain control of Britain’s borders, now stands exposed as an empty shell of promises. Sunak’s big talk falls apart when faced with reality, revealing nothing but empty assurances and a stunning lack of foresight.

Sunak’s lame attempts to save face by boasting about his supposed “strict reforms” ring hollow against the backdrop of record-breaking immigration stats.

Thanks to the whistleblowers, we now have solid proof of what many already suspected – that Rishi Sunak is a total fraud who tried to scam his way into power. He told the public whatever they wanted to hear, knowing he’d never follow through. It’s frankly incredible he still has the gall to ask for another chance after all his lies got exposed.

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