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Justice Minister’s Outburst Reveals Government Contempt


Using words is now the policy of Trudeau and his government in the house of commons. The recent outburst by Minister of Justice Arif Virani, in which he hurled profanity at the Leader of the Opposition for questioning the government’s handling of the car theft crisis, demonstrates the utter lack of decorum and civil discourse under Justin Trudeau’s leadership. 

For the highest legal authority in the nation to resort to vulgarity and name-calling when faced with straightforward policy questions reveals the weakness of Trudeau’s government.

Rather than rely on reason or data, Virani reacted with blind partisan emotion. His actions suggest narrow political interests have become more important to Trudeau’s government than seriously addressing the needs of Canadians.

Trudeau seems unwilling or unable to discipline his ministers or demand that they rise above the fray with evidence-based positions.

In allowing his government to degenerate into partisan bickering and neglect of pressing policy problems, Trudeau has utterly abandoned the sunny, positive vision that first got him elected.

Trudeau’s government is now using profanities and insults to defend how they can’t fix the issues that have bled Canadians dry.

Aeif Virani, the Liberal Justice Minister, decided to curse Poilievre out in the house of commons because the Liberals have yet to find any precisive solution until now on the car theft issue, which Poilievre has pointed out, thus came the insults.

The car theft crisis is having a real and detrimental impact on Canadians’ increased insurance rates, violations of personal property, and a breakdown of law and order. Yet instead of researching the scale of the problem, investigating root causes, and proposing evidence-based solutions, the Trudeau government has buried its head in the sand.

Minister Virani’s crude outburst at the Opposition Leader for simply requesting more accountability on this issue reveals the government’s apathy and lack of policy vision. Trudeau has clearly failed to equip his ministers with facts, policy briefings, or adequate preparation to have an informed debate.

After this scandal, and it is a scandal because I don’t think it’s acceptable from anyone to call the other names on cameras, in front of 338 members of parliament, Virani decided to apologise but was it a sincere one ?!

The Honourable Minister Virani has graciously apologised for his profanity-laced outburst after only being pressured into doing so. How sincere and heartfelt. It’s almost as if he prepared for hours to ensure he exhibited the proper degree of regret and reflection.

And the way he withdrew his uncivil comments “without emotion” – why, you could feel the genuineness dripping from each sterile word. Clearly this was a man broken up about disrespecting the Leader of the Opposition and debasing his office. No doubt he’ll have trouble sleeping tonight, wracked with guilt over his lack of composure.

But the best part was, he didn’t even acknowledge what vile remarks he was apologising for. The Minister expects us to be grateful for this vague non-apology, without him even admitting his specific wrongdoing. I guess when you’re demanded to act contrite on the spot, the details don’t really matter.

The House Speaker declaring the matter settled was the cherry on top. There’s nothing like an authority figure deciding the Minister’s force-fed regrets have fully rectified his outburst. Never mind that there was no sincerity, reflection, or commitment to improved conduct. As long as the forms of apology are observed, no further action is warranted.

Yes, Minister Virani’s reluctant, emotionless non-apology makes it clear he is deeply remorseful and has learned an important lesson. Canadians can rest easy knowing our highest legal authority didn’t really mean the profane insults he hurled in Parliament, and certainly won’t repeat such behaviour anytime soon. His 30 seconds of robotic “sorry” truly reflects changed conduct going forward.

This incident even had Melissa Lantsman MP commenting on X “ Here’s Canada’s Justice Minister unable to handle a policy question without losing control of himself. 

The “we should all do better” people are often the ones that can’t control themselves. But sure, let’s hear another lecture about decorum in Parliament.”  

This situation or action isn’t new for Trudeau or his Government as Trudeau himself recently called Conservative Durham candidate Jamil Jivani “twofer”.

It seems Justin Trudeau’s famous promise of “sunny ways” has given way to petty insults, as evidenced by his recent derisive reference to a Conservative candidate as a “twofer.” The Prime Minister labelled Jamil Jivani this way, reducing the man to his race and religion rather than engaging with his experience and ideas.

This disrespectful language exposes the hypocrisy at the heart of Trudeau’s self-professed progressivism. On one hand, he claims to champion diversity and tolerance. Yet on the other, he tosses around racialized epithets casually behind closed doors. Trudeau seems to believe his “woke” posturing gives him permission to punch down at minorities when politically expedient.

Even more disturbing is the two-facedness of Trudeau’s personal attacks compared to the high standard of conduct he demands from others. His Justice Minister berated an Opposition Leader for asking reasonable policy questions. Yet Trudeau feels entitled to belittle private citizens in demeaning terms without consequence. It appears a different set of rules applies to the Prime Minister and his inner circle.

Such double standards reveal the emptiness of Trudeau’s public image. His lofty rhetoric about inclusion and social justice rings hollow when juxtaposed with his and his ministers’ mean-spirited slurs toward political opponents. If Trudeau wants to represent Canadian values, he must start by rooting out the hypocrisy and disrespect that have infected his leadership.

Canadians deserve genuine leaders of principle, not performers who preach kindness while practising contempt. Trudeau’s own actions make the case that his Liberal government’s “sunny ways” are but a distant memory.

If a Conservative candidate had dared to use a racially charged term like “twofer” to describe a political opponent, can you imagine the uproar? The nation would come to a standstill.

Op-eds galore would declare the Conservative party morally bankrupt and systemically racist. Protests and calls for resignations would ring out endlessly until the politician was rightly banished from public life. Progressive leaders would line up to condemn the obvious bigotry on display.

But since it was Perfect Prince Trudeau who let slip this racial epithet, clearly it’s no big deal. The media will give it a pass faster than you can say “liberal privilege.” After all, they reason, it was just an innocent, off-the-cuff remark from everyone’s favourite Woke Monarch. He didn’t really mean anything by it.

And we know Trudeau hardly has a track record of speaking ill of minorities, women, indigenous people, or any other vulnerable group. Well, except for that other time…and that one occasion…and a few times before that. But no true Scotsman – I mean, progressive activist – has his heart in the right place like Trudeau.

So of course there’s no need for him to apologise or reflect on how his language demeans the very people he claims to support. Our irreproachable PM gets to play by different rules, as his condescending hypocrisy keeps demonstrating. What lucky subjects we are to bask in his unlimited righteous grace!

Adding on all of this, Trudeau’s government repeated incidents, Trudeau and his government working on harassing Poilievre in almost every press meeting.

Once again, Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre found himself barraged with questions from the media about Alberta’s policies on children. For the third time within a 24-hour period, journalists pressed Poilievre to take a stance on policies that fall under the jurisdiction of Premier Danielle Smith.

Rather than address policies outside the federal scope, Poilievre rightfully called out the reporters’ incessant questions as an attempt to spread disinformation and unfairly demonised Premier Smith and parents. He accused the journalists of coordinating with Trudeau to peddle vague controversies meant to trap conservatives.

According to Poilievre, those who oppose Alberta’s policies are intentionally refusing to cite specifics, instead opting for broad condemnations. He contends they are doing this to easily mischaracterize the policies and malign conservatives by association.

Poilievre realises Trudeau’s motivation is to cling to power through rhetorical tricks meant to vilify opponents without substance. Yet the parliamentary press gallery seems all too willing to play along as pawns of the Liberals, abandoning journalistic standards for partisan politicking.

The barrage of repetitive questions about provincial policies shows the media’s bias against conservatives. Poilievre cannot even hold a press conference now without fielding a disproportionate focus on Alberta matters outside federal jurisdiction. This harassment reveals an unethical press more invested in attacking conservatives than seeking truth.

In the end, Trudeau’s government continues to rely on insults and vagueness to avoid substantive policy discussion. Minister Virani’s profane outburst and non-apology show bad faith. Trudeau’s own racial epithet toward a Conservative exposes his hypocrisy. 

The barrage of biassed questions Poilievre faces highlights media acting as Liberal pawns.

Trudeau preaches lofty rhetoric but governs with contempt and double standards. Conservatives face coordinated rhetorical attacks meant to demonise without basis. Empty apologies have replaced principled discourse and accountability.

Canadians deserve better from leaders and institutions meant to inform policy and serve the public good. Until truth triumphs over politicking, our democracy will continue to suffer. Voters must see through these disingenuous tactics that sacrifice integrity for power.

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